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Frances Bean to Kendall Jenner

Nobody Wants to Hear About Your Pity Party

5/25/2013 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525_Kendall-Jenner_bean_cobain_gettyFrances Bean Cobain ended one war with Kendall Jenner, but then started another ... calling KJ a self-absorbed rich kid who complains about her problems on Twitter to get attention.

The war of words started earlier this week when Frances called Kendall a "f**king idiot" after Kendall complained on Twitter that she wished "things could be easier sometimes" -- Frances taking offense to someone as well off as Kendall complaining about life to total strangers.

Kendall responded rather eloquently, saying she was aware she is "very privileged and blessed" but asking, "who are u to judge me?"

Well it took Frances a few days to consider that question, and last night she apologized (sort of) by saying "I don't know you nor do I think ur a bad person" ... while also slamming Kendall again by writing, "Publicly complaining about how hard your life is is completely self serving ... I believe that venting about ones problems via the Internet is a blatant cry for attention. "

She also offered this piece of advice, which also served as another insult toward Kendall: "I try to deal w/ pain in a manner that pertains to my real life not in a way where strangers throw me a pity party."

So we ask ...


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She's an attention whore just like their sisters.... Anything to say look at me... Look at me!

482 days ago


This is Obama and his class warfare agenda. Yes we can, create scandals then deny any knowledge of them. The empt suit in the Whitehouse.

482 days ago


Sure, the rich should be allowed to complain. It's a whole different set of problems, but problems are problems when you got 'em. Just complain to people with similar problems who understand, or you sound like a fool.

482 days ago


Kendall seems like a nice young girl, and she is blessed and she knows it. But she wrote her first comment the day after the tragedy in Oklahoma, where people died, were seriously injured and many lost everything. The night the tragedy was going on, Kim was twittering about her "bronzer". I suggest that all the Kardashians need to become more engaged in the world around them, and maybe help make the world a better place. Stop looking for cameras and mirrors everywhere they go, and get involved in the real world.

482 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

I've never heard of either of these two cry baby idiots.

482 days ago


"who are u to judge me?"…Really? "K.J." wouldn't listen to any of us regular people; she'll only listen to somone who has just as much or more money. Let's not forget that she's a Kwhore in training and as such she only cares about money and material things. Frances Bean is right about this.

482 days ago

Truth is    

If you are rich off of doing something,..Kendall and em are rich off of nothing. Team Frances bean

482 days ago

just sayin    

I legit think that Frances was looking for attn here. Everyone has their own lives to live and no one has it easy all the time. Just because the girl is rich and privilaged doesn't mean she's not going to have a bad day.

482 days ago


LOLZ @ Frances using words like "pertain" in a tweet to a Kartrashian. Kendall is probably staring at it saying "what in the hell does that mean? Life is so hard"

482 days ago


KJ is just like her family. FB is just like her Mom. Kendall is 17, hot and showing off her body at any given chance (thanks to her momager) and that is what pisses FB off. FB may be estranged from her mom, but she picked up a few of her habits like attacking people on twitter like a rager. Both have no money worries and should focus a little more on helping there fellow man or woman instead of petty bashing back and forth. A lot going on right now in the world where help is needed girls. Be nice!

482 days ago


I think all the Jennier and K trash 15 minutes should be up by now. I am sick of hearing and seeing them. they are not news worthy.

482 days ago


Blame their f^cked up mommies.

482 days ago


Being rich is relative. I'm pretty sure most of us commenting are rich compared to those poor people in the place we see on Feed the Children. They both aren't relatively rich compared to Bill Gates. Therefore , the "rich" can complain... Having money doesn't exempt you from complaining, it possibly exemplifies the complaining.

482 days ago


I'd say Francis knows far more about real problems despite also being rich. A crazy mother and a father that killed himself trumps any little problem this Kardashian has.

482 days ago


Nobody actually knows what Kendall was complaining about in the first place. Who was Frances Bean to judge without knowing all the facts first? Everybody has a right to complain if they want, it's another story on whether we listen to the complaining...

482 days ago
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