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Wade Robson

Demands Joe Jackson

Shut His Trap ... OR ELSE

5/28/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
is going after another Jackson family member -- this time threatening legal action against Joe Jackson if he continues to spread vicious lies ... this according to legal docs.

Wade's lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to Papa Jackson on May 25, accusing him of slander and warning JJ to stop dragging Wade's name through the mud.

The letter cites a video TMZ posted​ ... in which Joe tells our photog Wade is being PAID to lie about the whole "Michael Jackson molested me" thing ... as part of some giant conspiracy.

Wade's lawyers unload on Joe for the accusation, writing, "Your statement is particularly reprehensible in light of the fact that [Wade] has only recently been able to come forward which is so typically characteristic and tragic for so many survivors of sexual abuse."

It continues, "Any trier of fact would conclude your statement was malicious, intended to further injure our client." 

Then come the threats ... Wade's lawyers say they will not hesitate to "take any and all appropriate legal measures to vehemently protect the truth and commence legal action."

Translation -- giant lawsuit.



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Or he will dance on him.

521 days ago


Wade Robson
Demands Joe Jackson
Shut His Trap ... OR ELSE..................Such a Loving Couple

521 days ago


Wade Robson made a wrong demand, he needed to say shut your old pirana mouth, not your trap when reffering to Joe Jackson.

521 days ago

King of TMZ    

Attack is the best way of defense mentality. Boohoo Wade Lieson you so traumatised poor you Ever heard of freedom of expression or you give yourself the right to call mj evil pedophile outside of court judgement yet want people to call you an angelic poor little heart even all you re proven is that your a money-desiring liar.

521 days ago



So Wade can drag Michaels name and go to various mediaoutlets but Michaels own familymembers are not allowed to defend their own son from lies?

This has to be a joke!!!! Wade has officially LOST IT!!!!!!

521 days ago


Seriously... this is complete bs.

Michaels own familymembers has every right to defend their son from lies.

If Wade goes around PUBLICLY and trashtalks Michael then his fammembers has every right.

521 days ago


Frankenstien familly and their victoms...

521 days ago


So, Wade isn't in fact, going after Joe. Rather, Joe Jackson has been going after him according to this.

521 days ago


I agree, how come Wade thinks he can spread vicious LIES attacking Michael Jackson without any proof WSE but doesn't think anyone in the Jackson's family should do the same-- which in fact, I believe Joe this time for once in his miserable life is telling the truth. Wade is a habitual broke bad face liar and only after three things, ATTENTION - MONEY and REVENGE against Michael Jackson estate! Still say Wade false accusation is a slap in the face to all victims of sexual abuse, unless he actually can prove otherwise which he hasn't been able to do. Again... It is not right to accuse someone of such horrible acts when they are no longer on this earth to defend themselves. It's disgusting!

Wade mind as well sue the vast majority of the whole world including a good many who posts on TMZ calling him a greedy broke ass liar, we all believe he's a lying sack of dog poop.

521 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

So proud of you, Wade! What a fighter! Love it.

521 days ago

Never you mind.    

Wade sounds like he is becoming increasingly desperate for some cash. Has he figured his chances of getting money from MJ's estate are very slim for this *abuse that supposedly occurred, so he is taking all the routes possible he can for some money.

Going for money off a dead mans family , especially his children is just pathetic and disgusting! ..IMO

& what about freedom of speech? ... or even some kind of fairness in speech.

He is free to say horrendous things about a dead man who is unable to defend himself and able to cause his family especially MJ's children and elderly parents undue stress and grief, but they cannot defend their dead relative against these allegations?

Somebody please stop this planet I want to get off!.

521 days ago

Brigha from UK    

So Wade can say anything about MJ because it is legal to defame a dead man.
On the other hand, Joe can't call Wade a liar because that is legally actionable.

Some justice!

521 days ago

Brigha from UK    

It is a mistake to compare Wade to other abuse vicitms.
Wade has 'Hollywood abuse' which can be 'cured' with TV interviews, a book deal and a lucrative legal settlement.

To link him to REAL victims is a disgrace.

521 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

If MJ's children are hurt by this, that is MJ's fault. Wade is not the one hurting them. Speaking out is always the right thing to do. He thinks MJ molested others who are suffering in silence. Therefore, Wade may be helping them and even saving someone's life, since some victims even kill themselves.
The truth sets EVERYONE free.

521 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

WTF? How many stories has TMZ done with video or quotes from several celebs calling him a liar? Why go after Joe?

521 days ago
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