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Tim Samaras

'Storm Chasers' Star Dies

Chasing Oklahoma Tornado

6/2/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0602_tim_samarasTim Samaras -- one of the stars of the Discovery Channel show "Storm Chasers" -- was one of the nine people who died Friday in the tragic tornados that hit Oklahoma. 

Samaras' son Paul, and colleague Carl Young, died with Samaras while chasing a tornado, relatives told CNN.

Samaras' brother Jim posted on his Facebook page, "Thank you to everyone for the condolences. It truly is sad that we lost my great brother Tim and his great son, Paul. Our hearts also go out to the Carl Young family as well as they are feeling the same feelings we are today. They all unfortunately passed away but doing what they loved."

Samaras and his team were part of the show for its final three seasons, before being cancelled in 2012.


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(◉_◉) Brush Your Teeth (◉_◉)    

That Blows.

516 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Why do people say "He died doing what he loved"? He probably died in terror while he was flying through the air being ripped to shreds by shrapnel and impacts from heavy flying objects. I'm sure he wasn't happy about it.

516 days ago


I live in Oklahoma and very close to where Friday's Tornadoes happened.. Heck the streets around my house are still flooded.. Storm chasers here have been getting more and more bold over the years.. getting closer and closer to try to get the best shots and not being careful like they should.. it's not a contest or a race and they need to stop the foolishness...

516 days ago


Ah, the risk of stupidity, sorry to say it, but it's true.

516 days ago


Haven't seen/heard a word of this on the weather channel or what a bunch of douchebags.

516 days ago


Tim Samaras was one of the most respected and knowledgeable chasers around.

He always conducted himself in a responsible manner, but that didn't change certain realities in his pursuit of scientific research.

Sometimes the bear gets you.

RIP Tim, Paul, Carl. You will be missed.

516 days ago


This is why it's a stupid idea to run around chasing tornadoes!! We have radar, helicopters... we don't NEED storm chasers to tell us where a tornado is now.

516 days ago

Squatting Thunder    


516 days ago

train wreck    

stupid is as stupid does...

516 days ago


For all of you who calls them idiots, they are heroes, they saved lives

516 days ago


This is heart breaking news!! Anyone who saw him on "Storm Chasers" knows Tim Samaras & his team worked so hard to get scientific information to help people & prevent loss of life & homes. He was so cautious. Not a big risk taker....well other then doing the chasing. My condolences to their families.

515 days ago


They weren't invincible. What they did for a living killed them. For what? To get a getter picture of a tornado? When mother nature is pissed, she will get whoever is in her way. Is it sad? Yes. Could it have been prevented? Yes.

515 days ago


Is chasing a storm anything like chasing a gang member?

515 days ago


You pieces of **** wouldn't understand what he has done scientifically because you're too caught up with your Pop Star bull****. This guy did what he did to help as a way to better understand them and save lives with earlier warning systems. He wasn't a waste of life like you pieces of ****. **** off, that man still is a hero, even in death.. You're on your couch like a bitch with no set of balls.

515 days ago


They knew there was a risk to it yes, but it doesn't make it any less sad! If everyone were big *****s and never chased storms then we would not have gotten as advanced and knowledgeable as we are about tornados! Sirens wouldn't be going off in time and they would be a lot harder to predict so we wouldn't have the warnings that we do! Honestly some of their research could have saved your lives, so instead of critizising them how about thanking them for risking their lives for everyone else!

515 days ago
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