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Ad Mogul Charles Saatchi

'Cautioned' By Cops After


6/18/2013 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Advertising mogul Charles Saatchi -- one of the biggest art collectors in the world -- was given an official "caution" by London police after photos emerged showing the 70-year-old CHOKING HIS WIFE with his bare hands.

The story is exploding in the U.K. ... after photos surfaced showing Saatchi with his hands wrapped tightly around the neck of his wife Nigella Lawson -- a celebrity chef who recently appeared on "The Taste."

The photos were taken while Saatchi and Lawson were having dinner last week at Scott’s in Mayfair -- a very posh London restaurant.

Saatchi insisted he wasn't trying to hurt Lawson -- claiming they were merely in the middle of a "playful tiff." The look of sheer terror on Lawson's face says otherwise ...

Saatchi also said, "The pictures are horrific but give a far more drastic and violent impression of what took place. Nigella’s tears were because we both hate arguing, not because she had been hurt."

Lawson has reportedly left the couple's home with her children -- though Saatchi insists he sent her away to escape the media blitz until "the dust settled."



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Donka Do Ball    

Gotta hand it to him, it takes a Real Man to do that.
It takes a Real B!tch to deserve it too !

490 days ago


This man is disgusting!!! If he is doing this in public then I can only imagine what he does behind closed doors. I can't believe no one did anything to stop him. It's not a joke he is choking her and you see the fear and pain in her eyes. There are pictures waking out of the restaurant crying. I'm glad she moved out with her kids and pray she doesn't go back. It's a joke that he got a "caution" from the police especially when there are pictures of his choking her.

490 days ago


I suspect the Chef has done this before. But it is reported he was set free, to end up killing her, before law enforcement arrest him. He will choke her again, most likely to death.

490 days ago

jus do it    

Hate rich people wen they do dumb **** n not even going to jail.o wait he is WHITE diferent laws for ppl with money.**** this dude

490 days ago

Truth is    

A jerk with money, and she loves it

490 days ago


Anger managment........or a grip of b.slaps??

490 days ago


Wow Ad exec really can put a spin on it can't he? Amazing what denial can do, even change history.

490 days ago


The fear in her eyes looks genuine, not at all like an act. Even if this is a "playful tiff", keep it out of public places. Most of my guy friends, if they saw this, would've ripped him off of her.

490 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

She doesn't complain about the choking & slapping when he's banging her...

490 days ago


A picture can say a 1,000 words. Pictures don't lie. RIch people problems-because they can get away with practically everything. She probably dropped charges and he paid someone off. She could've easily kicked his old a-ss.

490 days ago


You don't choke someone in a "playful tiff". The fear in her eyes says it all. His statement shows what a narcissistic pig he is. He thinks he can just blow this off until "the dust settles"? Even if it was just a tiff, you DON' T EVER put your hands on someone you love. Police should investigate for his kids sake. If not, I hope the media hangs this guy.

490 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

luckily it was do***ented by a papparazzo I hope she wises up and divorces the trash and takes him for MILLIONS

490 days ago


Really Heart breaking :(

490 days ago


"Breaking news"? It's a 2-3 day old story.

490 days ago


I see nothing wrong with this. Sometimes we need to be put in line and some more than others. I bet she doesn't do whatever she did wrong again.

490 days ago
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