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Cee Lo

Please UN-BAN Me

From Chattanooga!!

6/19/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

061913_cee_lo_launchCee Lo tells TMZ ... he feels terrible after being banned from a music festival in Chattanooga, TN for dropping too many f-bombs on stage -- and now he's begging for forgiveness.

It's a pretty crazy story ... the organizers of the Riverbend Festival blasted Cee Lo after his June 8 performance, claiming the singer completely ignored an agreement he made to put on a clean show for the "family" event. Instead, they say, Cee Lo cussed like a sailor.

Cee Lo also took heat for being late to the show ... though event organizers said there were delays at the airport that were beyond Cee Lo's control.

Still, when Cee Lo arrived to Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood last night, he had a message for Chattanooga -- "I apologize."

Cee Lo acknowledges the profanity ... but says, "[It was] just a little cursing. The song IS called 'F**k You.'"

He adds, "Forgive me Chattanooga ... have me back, OK?"

So, we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


Dwarf toss him into the Grand Canyon.

428 days ago


Riverbend was mostly pissed because he mooned the audience. So, yeah...

428 days ago


stupid people who listen to his music. why would anyone pay to hear a song called "**** you"

428 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

You failed to honor a pre-concert agreement, so you SHOULD be banned.
And if you don't like it, 'F**k You'.

428 days ago


Cee Lo should read his contracts before signing them.

428 days ago


I can not stand this guy. I never liked him but ever since he demolished a John Lennon song on NYE I really can't stand the site of him.

428 days ago


It's a shame how you people attack kim kardashian. You should be ashamed. Karma is a MFer and you're gonna get it in the end.

428 days ago


Just like Lil Wayne, Two used to have Chains" and now Cee lo. Don't you guys get it yet
We are no longer tolerant of pukes who defame our country, spew filth as freely as asking for a glass of water
Grow up jerks. Somebodies kids might be in the area and they don't need to hear it

Go to throw one at Little D**k, aka Lil Wayne, I'd like to see you pull your flag stomping stunt in front of a bunch of Vietnam vets
Yee ha!

428 days ago

Jay W.     

Douche bag with money.

428 days ago


Why book someone with a provocative mouth if its a family event? His music isn't family friendly.

428 days ago


Do you also beg forgiveness of all the animals you tortured for pleasure in your youth, you sick evil f*ck?!

428 days ago


Know Your Audience.

428 days ago

Tiff Bee    

Ceelo begs for forgiveness (lol) these rich mogul only beg for the Pilgrim Soap Company,,, you have to love rich people

428 days ago

BB not bb    

Why did they book a man who sings F you if they don't want cussing in front of the kids? I think some Baptist got up in arms at the last minute and nixed the act. These Bible belt people like to act all holy by not letting any F words taint their childrens' ears. Meanwhile the area is full of pedophilic satanic sex and ritual sacrifices.

This is like booking Marilyn Manson and expecting him to lead the church choir. If you want family music, book a family act, not some guy who is a rapper or hip hop or whatever he is.

428 days ago

BB not bb    

Next year they are going to have Alice Cooper and have him sing the Mary Poppins soundtrack.

428 days ago
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