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Paris Jackson

My Nanny Snuck into

Michael Jackson's Bed

6/19/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson told a creepy story about one of her former nannies and Michael Jackson ending up in bed together ... and she said it under oath during a deposition taken for the wrongful death suit against AEG.

Video of Paris' deposition was played in court Tuesday ... and the highlight was her description of Michael's relationship with ex-nanny Grace Rwaramba.

In the depo ... Paris explained to attorneys for AEG that Michael warned his children about Grace, telling them ... "She was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot."

Paris said she didn't know specifically what she lied about -- but then seemed to suddenly remember one freaky detail about Grace sneaking into Michael's bed while they were staying in hotels.

Paris starts out saying ... "This is gonna freak you out."

She's right. You gotta hear it, and really interesting to hear it in Paris' words.


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Party is a bust again, rabids must be all arrested!!!

467 days ago


She is such a delightful girl to listen to. She sounds like she's got a good head on her shoulders despite all the strange stuff she may have seen growing up. I also think her laugh is a typical Jackson laugh! Could have sworn I heard Janet there!

467 days ago


The Insane word has no meaning for the rabid bitter fangirl. A rare type. Not the normal fan.

Katherine's favorite cash cow MJ had to avoid Joe's greed.
Katherine supported Joe as he drew up a contract then they begged MJ to designate Joe as his manager so that they could do the Jackson family concert.

MJ began shooting up Propofol, wore Cover Girl lipstick, got drunk before announcing "the concerts", dressed up as a transexual with facial hair
& wandered around with his kids in a store, dressed up in pajamas adorned with the gay green jacket that he stole from Dr. Arnold "Facelift" Klein.
He then visited the plastic face injection office with his kids & hoped no one noticed that he was comatosed on Propofol every day.

Even if he didn't die from Propofol, he would've died on stage with no real sleep.
True MJ fans would care about his kids & stop denying that he used Propofol.
HIS kids don't depend ON YOUR MJ worship.

You & your Jackson Family worship will NEVER save MJ's "PERFECT LEGACY".
There are celebrities who don't need perfect legacies & infinite happiness to enjoy their lives.

If ONLY little boys gave MJ happiiness & REAL SLEEP, MJ would NOT have been crying in a court room & he would
NOT have been on TV whoring out regurgitated Godlike Child Love lessons from Katherine.

467 days ago


Im sure she is a good kid at heart but seems to be a bit full of herself. She seems to be saying things without thinking about the consequences. This is a child who is not famous but is the daughter of a celebrity, yet she has just a many twitter followers as Justin Bieber or Demi lavato. Additionally, I have a hard time believing that the nanny was creepy and obsessed with MJ. If MJ didnt trust Grace so much so that he felt he had to worn his children against her than why keep her around? MJ could've easily replaced her for another nanny. Or he simply could've been totally honest with Grace and said "hey your not respecting the boundaries between employer/nanny and its freaking me out and my kids as well". Instead he keeps her around for many years until his death and probably still would be the kids nanny if he were alive today. Furthermore, Grace has always spoken kindly of the jackson family. Particularly during the whole granny kidnapping scandal and Paris and Prince pretty much trashed their relatives. Grace came to Paris's defense and basically asked the public to back off and have compassion and understanding for a young girl coping with her fathers death and at the same time going through growing pains in the public eye. Recently Grace visited Paris in the hospital after her suicide attempt. She didnt have to visit her if Paris really felt creeped out by her. If I were Grace I would consider all my legal options. Paris's claims can prevent her from gaining employment and ruin her reputation. Who wants to hire a nanny who has the potential to be the nanny from hell? Does anyone know what Grace has to do with the law suit anyway? I'm not understanding why Paris even brought it up.

467 days ago


Paris knows this Katherine lawsuit is a joke.
She mocks Grace but she doesn't really hate her.
AEG lawyer questioned Paris about Grace because Kai Chase the chef contradicted the depositions of both Paris & Prince.
Kai said Grace was the popular nanny & she saw MJ getting mentally weaker & easily distracted.

Prince didn't think MJ needed help after rehearsals.
He is more protective of MJ than Paris is.

Paris is willing to accept the facts about her father.
She's not taking the AEG blame seriously.
She clearly knows she can have a relationship with Debbie & remain friendly with Grace, no matter what MJ or Prince said.

Prince hopes to do whatever MJ wanted for the kids & says MJ was a victim of AEG too.

467 days ago


lmfao © Frank Cascio 2011

"Michael grew close to some fans and occasionally had girlfriends. We tried to embarrass each other in front of women.
Sometimes we’d be standing in a lift behind an attractive hotel maid, and I’d feel Michael trying to nudge my hand toward the girl’s bottom.
Sometimes Michael invited members of his fan clubs to Neverland. One time I was driving Michael’s Bentley and he was in the back seat, kissing a fan.
‘Easy back there,’ I said.
‘Just keep driving,’ Michael said, in a joking way. ‘Just keep driving.’

Michael tended to like tall, slender women. He knew an Emily, who visited the ranch regularly. She was a nice, cute girl, slender, with brown hair, in her early to mid-30s. It was a romantic relationship and the longest I saw Michael have.

One spring night in 1994, Michael told me he had just married Lisa Marie Presley. I was incredulous. ‘What? We never even knew you were dating anyone!’
He had told us that when the Jackson 5 were performing, Elvis would sometimes drop by at their shows, bringing Lisa with him. Even as kids, it seemed, Michael had a special place for Lisa in his heart. But I hadn’t seen this coming.
At the time, Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was his business partner in a newly formed company called Kingdom Entertainment.
According to Michael, the prince and his colleagues liked to do business with family men, so he wanted Michael to be married –
especially after the Jordy Chandler allegations the previous year. The prince was investing a lot of money, so Michael had married Lisa Marie. Or so Michael’s story went.
Did he love her? Thinking back, I have to say if he was going to marry anyone, she was the one. He adored her and her young children, Benji and Danielle.
I’m sure he opened his heart to her and they certainly slept together as a married couple. But it wasn’t hard to see the issues he’d brought to the marriage, and the trouble he had being a husband. Michael did not like confrontation. ‘She likes to fight,’ he said. ‘When she complains, I start clapping my hands and smiling.’
‘Does that work?’ I asked.
‘Well, it makes her stop, and then I ask her if she’s done arguing.’
The union lasted until the end of 1995. He did not seem entirely heartbroken.
In 1999, he invited me to work for him as a personal assistant. I was only 19 but ready to seize the day. I flew out to Seoul to meet him and from then on would be his friend and employee for ten years.
The massive Michael Jackson industry was already in a mess, however. Michael was paying 500 mobile phone bills a month – for people he had never even heard of.
There was another problem: his growing reliance on prescription drugs. Various doctors prescribed a menu of pain medications including Vicodin, Percocet and Xanax. At times Michael would ask me to bring in one doctor, and then, hours later, a second doctor, to give him more of the same medication. Then an anaesthetist started turning up.
I paid the doctors in cash, because Michael’s medical issues had to be kept from the public. One doctor was straightforward with me.
‘What I do,’ he said, ‘is put Michael to sleep for a couple of hours. Then I ease him out of sleep.’
The doctor would set up equipment including an intravenous drip in Michael’s room and would stay with him for about four hours.
I told Michael: ‘You’re taking too much Demerol.’
‘You think I have a problem,’ Michael replied, ‘but I don’t. You have no idea what it’s like to be in this much pain. I have to work tomorrow. If I don’t sleep, how am I going to go to the studio?’

Then, in 1993, came the first shock of our friendship.
‘Do you know a guy named Jordy?’ my mother asked me one day.
‘I hung out with him at Neverland,’ I said.
She blurted out: ‘Well, he is accusing Michael of child molestation.’
What Michael didn’t explain was that his suite at Neverland had a family room downstairs and a bedroom upstairs. Michael didn’t explain that people hung out there, and sometimes stayed over. He didn’t explain that he always offered guests his bed, while he slept in the family room.
Michael said: ‘Yes, I share my bed. There is nothing wrong with it.’
When he was ‘sharing’ his bed, it meant he was offering it to whoever wanted to sleep in it. Michael never spoke to Geller again.
Nearly a year later Neverland was raided by police investigating allegations from the Arvizo family that Michael had committed ‘lewd and lascivious acts’ with a minor under the age of 14. They were lying – they were after money. Michael went ballistic. Just before Christmas 2003, Michael was charged with seven counts of child molestation. The Arvizos’s story was that Michael and I had formed a conspiracy in which I helped him gain access to Gavin, then covered it up.
The lawyers banned us from communicating in the run-up to the trial, which began in January 2005 and finished with Michael’s acquittal on all charges in June. After the verdict, Michael called me. I asked him if he was all right.
He replied. ‘We got through this, but it wore me out, Frank. I want to get out of the country. They don’t deserve me. Every one can go f*** themselves. I’m never coming back.’
He did, of course. Michael was determined to get back to performing, and planned This Is It, a gruelling series of 50 concerts at London’s O2 Arena to start in July 2009. He expected to perform with the same energy as before. And once again he turned to the doctors. Propofol, a powerful medical anaesthetic, was not a safe way to find sleep, but it was the only solution he had found.

Knowing Michael as I did, I can say with confidence that as he waited for that last, fatal dose from his personal doctor, Conrad Murray, all he wanted was to be fresh for rehearsal the next day. That day never came.

© Frank Cascio 2011
The Neverland Wasteland money didn't roll in for the Jacksons, so he had to give it up. If he had cared about little kids, he would've stayed away from their criminal parents.

WASN'T Murray one of the criminal dads that helped steal Propofol for him?

The love from "friends" & "wives" were not "so real".
This clown personal assistant claims that he had no clue that crazy people came to Neverland.
A clueless 19 year old boy was MJ's assistant because he met him a few times since 1984? LMAO

He said MJ had "a way to find sleep".
Hallucinations, unconscious muttering were ok & deadly comas were considered sleep?

Doctors offered IV drug injections, yet he never reported this problem to the police to get
"poor friend" MJ mental help.
Cascio admitted in 2005 that MJ did things that he "didn't agree with".
Now that he's dead, he can write a book.

MJ supposedly had a long romance with a tall woman even though MJ spent most of his time with Elizabeth Taylor & played with little boys in 1992.
Yeah, right.

466 days ago



Trial provides portrait of Jackson as a father
By ANTHONY McCARTNEY | Associated Press – 2 hours 42 minutes ago..

In this undated photo released by the LA Superior Court and presented as evidence, …

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Courtrooms have supplied the epilogue to Michael Jackson's life. They've provided the forum where his debts have been settled, his final days dissected and his life depicted as a cautionary tale.

In nearly four years of court proceedings, two juries have watched Jackson come to life on video screens. They've watched him spin, dance, and then disappear. They've heard his voice, seen his handwriting and viewed photos of his lifeless body.

His role as a father has been described in little more than platitudes. Until now.

The jury hearing a civil case filed by the superstar's mother — against AEG Live LLC, the promoter of Jackson's ill-fated concerts — are experiencing details of a world previously held under lock and key. They've heard of extravagant birthday parties, secret family outings and the leg-clinging devotion of his children.

Jackson shielded the youngsters from the public eye, home-schooling them and often hiding their faces in public.

Away from the cameras, Jackson tried to create an environment of love, attention and special moments for his children, Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr., Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson.

The following are some of some of the stories they've told. They present a portrait of Jackson as a father that outsiders never saw.


The final month of Jackson's life was a busy time. There were rehearsals for "This Is It," planning meetings and film shoots for a series of mini-movies that would precede some of his greatest hits at the London shows.

Jackson brought his children to the shoot for a "Smooth Criminal" video that culminated with Jackson leaping through a window while being shot at by Humphrey Bogart.

Alif Sankey, a backup dancer on the original video who was working on the comeback concerts, sat next to Paris during the shoot. The 11-year-old wanted to share a secret and opened up her purse.

It was filled with candy, Sankey recalled.

Jackson didn't want his children to eat sweets, and Paris asked Sankey to keep it quiet.

The dancer noticed something else inside the purse — tiny picture frames with images of her father.

"Her purse was full of candy and pictures of Daddy."


Despite being home-schooled, there was no shortage of companions for Jackson's children.

Chef Kai Chase recalled numerous pets in the mansion that Jackson was renting while he prepared for his "This Is It" shows.

There was the talking bird, Siberia, who whistled at pretty women.

The children also had a chocolate Labrador named Kenya, whom Chase bought a cookbook for so she could bake him treats and a birthday cake. Two cats, named Katie and Thriller, also roamed the house.

During opening statements of the civil trial, some of the jury's first exposure to life in the Jackson home came from footage shot on a Christmas morning several years ago. Jackson's ode to his children, "You Are My Life" played as jurors watched a video of a Christmas morning from years ago of Prince, Paris and Blanket gleefully receiving their gifts, which included the puppy, Kenya.


Chase had been working at Jackson's home for only a few days when it came time to prepare for Paris' 11th birthday.

She wanted a Michael Jackson-themed party.

All around the dining room, posters of the King of Pop were hung alongside album covers and other pictures. Jackson's hit songs played as the family ate cheese pizza, hot wings and banana splits, Chase recalled.

Paris' birthday cake was decorated with Lilo & Stitch, her favorite Disney characters. But the festivities weren't over.

Jackson escorted the children into the backyard, where they watched a private Cirque du Soleil-style circus, complete with men on stilts and a woman performing in a giant balloon.

Chase watched from the kitchen window and later described the scene as "the most beautiful expression of love I've ever seen."


Jackson spent the final months of his life in a rented mansion in the upscale Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles.

The mansion had all the amenities fit for a pop superstar — a palatial entryway, staircase and parlor and in the basement, a home theater and dance studio.

The house was a hub of activity, with security guards posted outside, a pair of housekeepers, a nanny for the children and on many days, a personal chef stationed in the kitchen.

Dinners at the home occasionally featured special guests, including Jackson's personal physician Conrad Murray and choreographer Travis Payne.

But staffers and guests other than Murray weren't allowed upstairs, where the bedrooms were. When Chase wanted to prepare a soul food menu for Jackson and his children, she wrote him a note in Magic Marker and left it at the foot of the stairs.

AEG Live's lead defense attorney has pointed to the secrecy of Jackson's upstairs lifestyle — where the superstar was receiving nightly doses of the anesthetic propofol in his locked bedroom — to support the company's contention it couldn't have known about Jackson's drug treatments.


Having a stable home for his children was a major motivation for Jackson returning to the concert stage, AEG executives say.

After his acquittal of child molestation charges in 2005, Jackson had become a nomad, spending time in various cities, including Las Vegas, often staying with friends.

"He wanted his kids to have a permanent place to live and a sense of community," AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips recalled Jackson telling him during one meeting held while the family was living in the guesthouse of a rich benefactor.

It was Halloween and the children darted in and out of the rooms, wearing masks. Later that night, they'd go with their father to a party at Elizabeth Taylor's home.

"I felt incredibly bad that this incredible star was at this point where he couldn't buy a house," Phillips said.


Jackson was always a magnet for photographers and fans, but he managed to sneak his children into a movie just weeks before his death.

The family and a few others went to see the animated film "Up" at the El Capitan Theatre on a touristy stretch of Hollywood Boulevard.

They came in a back door and remained in a private room while moviegoers filed into the theater. When everyone else was seated, the entourage, including his longtime makeup artist Karen Faye, director Kenny Ortega and others, hit up the concession stand.

The group watched the movie without distraction. "No one knew Michael was there," Faye recalled.


Jackson and choreographer Travis Payne were scheduled to rehearse one-on-one several days a week in the dance studio that was in the basement of Jackson's mansion.

It's unclear how often the pair worked out, but when they did they often had a companion, 7-year-old Blanket. He liked to watch his father dance, Payne later recalled, and tried to always stay close to his dad. During their workouts, Payne said Jackson talked to his son, mentoring him.

Preparations for the shows meant that Jackson was frequently out of the house at meetings, film shoots or rehearsals. When he returned home, Prince, Paris and Blanket would rush their father.

"They would take off like lightning," Chase recalls, "... and grab him around the ankles and around the waist."

They'd be hanging off of him, not unlike a picture shown to jurors during opening statements.

In the photo, Jackson was handing Blanket, then a newborn, to President Bill Clinton. Clinging to Jackson's right leg was Paris.


When it came time for a science project, Paris settled on studying snails.

She enlisted Chase to help her find snails in the mansion's backyard. The pair carried large flashlights and found several of the slimy creatures and prepared to bring them inside.

Jackson was waiting for them.

"At this point, I knew I was going to get fired," Chase recalled.

The singer looked at the snails and had a different reaction — he helped make them a home.

The snails ended up in jars made cozier by moss in the bottom and tiny ****tail umbrellas. They lived on the kitchen counter, not far from other reminders of the children.

Blanket's colorings hung on the refrigerator.

On a chalkboard where Chase would write out menus, Paris scrawled a message that remained on the board the day her father died.

"I love daddy," the 11-year-old wrote. "Smile, it's free."

466 days ago


Jason, 39, says Jacko chose the UK for his long-awaited stage return as he thought there was less chance of being gunned down than at home.

The office manager revealed: “He said the comeback was in England due to the gun laws there.

“That’s why he ditched a US comeback as people had access to guns here and would shoot him. He thought America was too dangerous.

“But he still had some fears that he would be shot on stage.

According to Jason, however, it was chillingly clear that the biggest danger was Jackson’s addiction to the drugs that did finally kill him.

He died less than three weeks before the This Is It shows at London’s O2 Arena were due to start.

The clinic worker — who says Jacko often begged him to help him get his fix — said: “Michael had a death wish with his drug addiction.

“He faked medical issues so that he could receive heavy-duty painkiller Demerol — and demanded enough to knock out an elephant.

“Michael felt he was immune to normal volumes and begged for extra quantities.”

He said Jackson would sometimes demand four times the normal dose, moaning about excruciating pain for minor ailments including SPOTS.

Jason continued: “Sometimes some of our patients were groggy after shots, but never like Michael.

“I remember after procedures having to physically hold him up from behind as he was so drowsy.

“I supported him as he staggered away then laid him on a couch to sleep or rest. On other occasions I supported him as he left the building. I held him under his jacket so that people wouldn’t see him. He couldn’t walk properly.”

At the time Jason worked for Dr Arnold Klein, Jackson’s long-term skin doctor and friend, who often administered painkillers for the star. Tragically, nobody at the clinic twigged that the desperate singer was getting even more drugs at the same time from other doctors after using the same sob stories.

His friend said: “It was inevitable that something was going to go wrong.”

a previously unheard voicemail — one of a series of harrowing calls Jacko made to Jason in the weeks before his death, begging for medication from Dr Klein.

Mum ... Katherine
It was left at 11.06am on May 3, 2009 — seven weeks before his death.

Slurring Jacko — sounding almost unrecognisable — mumbles: “Jason call me back. It’s Michael. Err, I can’t find Klein. Erm... I have a problem in (indistinguishable) groin area and I don’t want to say this on the phone.... inflamed area, erm, on a private...

“I don’t want to say this on the phone. Tell him to call me please.”

After a brief pause he murmurs “Thank you. Right away. Bye bye”, then seems to drop the receiver.

Jason, who is now an office manager for a different clinic, said: “I thought he was drunk at first, as he was slurring and sounded so odd.

“I knew he wanted to come into the office to get a shot of Demerol, which he loved because he said it made him sleep better. He usually spoke like that after he had pain-killing jabs. These kinds of conversations had been happening for months. In the last few weeks he was calling up to get in for appointments and sounding a mess.

“He seemed desperate to get hold of anyone to help him get a jab.”

“It was no surprise Michael sounded like that. I had heard him dozens of times mumble and almost sleep-talk during visits to the clinic.

“Michael seemed to get a real kick out of being like that. He enjoyed the thought of letting go.”

On June 14 — 11 days before his death — Jacko was back on the phone demanding the very sedative that, taken with sleeping and anxiety drugs, would go on to kill him.

Jason recalled: “Around 7pm Michael called me sounding harassed and flustered — he barely had time to say hello before he just asked for Propofol. He asked me if he knew anyone that could supply him with that. I didn’t even know what it was, let alone how to get it.

Lawyers for AEG Live are planning to use Jacko’s drug past in their defence, saying the Grammy winner had a long history of abusing medication before he met Dr Murray.

“Michael said: ‘I do it all the time to sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed. I have to be up for tomorrow.’

“When I said I couldn’t help, Michael just shut me down and slammed the phone down on me.”

Jackson visited Klein’s office “three or four times a week” during that final year of his life, often discussing the upcoming trip to the UK.

Chubby Jason said: “He was so excited about his comeback.

“He talked for hours about how the London shows would help him fund his dream to make movies.

“But by May he became quite weird and his moods turned darker. I could see how strained and stressed he became, both in his manner and conversations.

“Once he loved to talk for hours and even dance around the treatment room, but now he was more reserved and negative. I was very worried about him as he was in a dark place.

“He didn’t want to talk about it — and just wanted to be given injections. He had the weight of the world on the shoulders, was weary and almost unable to finish sentences. In early June he told me they had a long way to go and he wasn’t ready for the shows.

“It always seemed to me that this great comeback was more in his head than a reality.

“His once open and chatty manner switched to a more nervy, tired and worried demeanour.

“The last couple of times Michael walked around our office saying to staff, ‘God bless you’.

“Michael acted like he had a link to heaven. He said he was close to God and was here to change the planet with God’s help.

“On the last couple of occasions he started saying goodbyes to people in the office, which was eerie.

“He made over-the-top efforts to say farewell, hugging and acting personal. It made me uneasy as Michael popped back in several times a week.”

Emotional Jason still vividly remembers the very last time he saw Jackson, after the star had popped into Klein’s office just days before his death.

He recalled: “I gave him a really long hug before he walked out. Michael simply looked back and said, ‘Goodbye Jason’. He seemed so sad and his energy force had gone. Even his voice sounded forlorn.

“A shiver went through me and then three days later he was dead.”

Jason believes that only Dr Murray and Jackson himself were to blame for his early death.

He said: “I have deep sympathy for his children and family, but Michael was manipulative and overpowering when it came to getting what he wanted.

“I just wish I’d shaken some sense into him and saved his life, because he had so much to offer.”

466 days ago


The attorney for Michael Jackson’s family in its wrongful-death lawsuit said Thursday a doctor testified in a deposition that he injected Jackson with morphine while the singer was touring Asia and that he told a current AEG executive Jackson was a drug addict.

According to Brian Panish, the attorney for Jackson’s mother and three children, Dr. Stuart Finklestein said that while the Dangerous tour was in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1993 he couldn’t give Jackson an injection of morphine in his buttocks because there was too much scar tissue from previous shots. Instead, according to Panish, Finklestein said he gave the singer an IV drip of the drug for 24 hours.

Paul Gongaware, now co-chief executive of AEG Live/Concerts West was manager of the worldwide tour.

Finklestein "told Gongaware that it was his opinion [Jackson] had an opiate addiction,” Panish said.

Gongaware testified Thursday that he did know then that Jackson had problems with drugs or painkillers until the singer made a public announcement. Jackson cut the tour short in Mexico City when Elizabeth Taylor flew down to accompany him to a rehab facility in London.

“Everyone knew Michael had a problem,” Jackson’s longtime makeup artist and hairstylist, who was on the tour, testified earlier in the trial.

Gongaware testified that Jackson was scheduled to give two shows in Bangkok but that the second was canceled. He said Jackson performed the first concert in 100-degree heat with 100% humidity.

Gongaware said that another doctor was on the Dangerous tour to treat Jackson, and that Finklestein treated the band and crew. He said Finklestein told him he treated Jackson twice.

Gongaware has testified that Finklestein is his regular doctor.

A deposition is given under oath, just like testimony in a courtroom.

Panish, who spoke outside the courtroom, also said that Gongaware warned Finklestein, “Don’t be a Dr. Nick,” a reference to a doctor who supplied Elvis Presley with prescription drugs that led to his death.

“He’s telling him, 'Don’t kill him,’” Panish said.

Finklestein is expected to testify is the case.

In an email to The Times, AEG attorney Marvin S. Putnam blasted the Jacksons' attorneys, saying that "throughout this trial, they have shown that their search is for something else entirely, and certainly not the truth."

He went on to say that shortly before the third leg of the tour, Jackson underwent painful scalp surgery after suffering severe burns while filming a Pepsi commercial.

"Mr. Gongaware was aware that because of that surgery, Michael Jackson received pain medication at times during the tour. Mr. Gongaware never learned Mr. Jackson developed any problems with that medication until after the tour ended, when Mr. Gongaware -- like the rest of the world -- heard Mr. Jackson's public announcement that he was entering rehab.",0,1986803.story

466 days ago


Joe Jackson: “Thing With Michael And The Little Boy… Never Happened”

September 9, 2001 –’s Roger Friedman talked to Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson and addressed the speculation that his son had molested the boy he later settled a lawsuit with.

Says Jackson, “That thing with Michael and the little boy. That’s the craziest thing I ever heard. It never happened.”

Jackson replied to why Michael chose to settle the lawsuit saying, “He was tired of talking about it. He would have spent 100 years fighting him in court. It was all about money. All about money.”

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Dose Of Reality    





Don't speak about hate when almost every post you make is spewing it.

"KING", who's that?
"King" implies both masculinity and greatness. MJ isn't even worthy of the princess monicker, whom he most resembled. You should just stick with "Peter Pan", a fictional character and a role typically played by a petite female.

There you go. The perfect description of MJ from your distorted view. A fictional character that resembles a little girl.

Oh, and just out of curiosity, how did YOU know MJ?

465 days ago
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