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Paris Jackson

My Nanny Snuck into

Michael Jackson's Bed

6/19/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson told a creepy story about one of her former nannies and Michael Jackson ending up in bed together ... and she said it under oath during a deposition taken for the wrongful death suit against AEG.

Video of Paris' deposition was played in court Tuesday ... and the highlight was her description of Michael's relationship with ex-nanny Grace Rwaramba.

In the depo ... Paris explained to attorneys for AEG that Michael warned his children about Grace, telling them ... "She was sneaky. She wasn't an honest person, and she lied a lot."

Paris said she didn't know specifically what she lied about -- but then seemed to suddenly remember one freaky detail about Grace sneaking into Michael's bed while they were staying in hotels.

Paris starts out saying ... "This is gonna freak you out."

She's right. You gotta hear it, and really interesting to hear it in Paris' words.


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Who's jealous of Grace? LOL idiot.
She's lying to protect a perfect MJ legacy.
Her dad accidentally bought Propofol and Murray was forcing him to inject Propofol....according to Paris and Katherine. No wonder Paris felt so guilty about the lies and the manipulation that Katherine & Joe got away with. She nearly injured herself even worse. It makes sense now.
Don't worry, Paris. We don't blame you after the pain you've been through.

489 days ago


This girl needs some help and not from those other Jackson nutcases.

489 days ago


I'm a little suspicious about the situation. When Paris was in the hospital, I think TMZ ran a story that she was only allowing Grace Rwumba in to visit (as opposed to Grandma or Debbie Rowe). I haven't been following the trial, so I'm not sure what the purpose of this line of questioning is... are the Jackson's attorneys trying to discredit Grace Rwumba? and why?

489 days ago


It seems to me that so many people here and elsewhere in entertainment news online and tv
are shocked and strangely upset at what Paris
said about Grace. It's almost like people THOUGHT
they had that part of MJ and his children's lives figured out. I heard Billy Bush on Access Hollywood
tonight sound exasperated. He added that we have
always heard such good things about Grace. The
question is from who? Diane Dimond and Roger
Friedman were the only 2 I heard for years telling
the public and entertainment news sites that Grace
was like a mother.

I guess its shocking to some that oh yeah Michael
Jackson also had negative feelings about people too.

I believe Paris. In the video she looks like she isn't
sure she should've told that story. She told it because
it was the truth but she realized how it sounded.

She didn't want to hurt her dad or Grace.

It is well known in the fan circles that he fired Grace
5 times! He also always rehired her.

Paris' story us backed up by Frank Cascio who talked about one of the firings in his book.

He also spoke about MJ's not so nice feelings regarding Grace but of course when he was ready
he too her back.

Who knows why. Was she sexing Michael and the
firings were break ups? She seemed comfortable
with getting into his bed. She worked for him for years without a boyfriend (she was Married but never saw her husband) She traveled the world
with him with no man. And for those who think he abused kids he went long periods without a little boy
around if you will.

So who knows.....But Grace's testimony will be interesting.

489 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

Can't stand this brat already!!!! STOP!!!!!

489 days ago


People who believe and keep talking about
child abuse regarding Michael Jackson sound
like they are having sick sexual fantasies.

I don't like nor trust those people.

489 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

So the hotel staff just let some woman in MJ's suite just because she says she is his wife. Yeah ....right. Think people!

489 days ago


This is what happens to manipulated children of abusive adults. They act like they don't know what happened to their their precious daddies. She's 15, but she wants to be a 7 year old girl when MJ told her that he felt sorry for Grace.

Who really believed he felt sorry for his nanny, let alone criminal children in his house?

He hired, fired and rehired his annoying media whoring chef too. Did he feel sorry for her?
LOL Chef Kai Chase played with the jurors by testifying that she was afraid of getting fired by him because she put a snail in a box for Paris to do a school project...
That's a damn joke...

Nurse Cherilyn told him to stop using the deadly Propofol and MJ fanatics said she had no right to talk. He certainly shunned her and killed himself.
We all know he didn't like to be around normal intelligent people who told him what he didn't want to hear...
That's why he had the sham marriage with pedophile Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie & spent a lot of time with Elizabeth Taylor.

489 days ago

Read My Lips    

So the chef was lying, the nanny was creepy, the security guards stole, the maids extorts, and all the Jacksons were saints. How did that happen???

489 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

An adult female human?
Well, I guess that's the only way MJ was going to "share a bed" with one of those.

Also, nice judgement to keep her around when you felt she was a danger and untrustworthy and have access to "your family". Is there no danger that those kids weren't exposed to?

489 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Read My Lips

So the chef was lying, the nanny was creepy, the security guards stole, the maids extorts, and all the Jacksons were saints. How did that happen???
Nice, but you forgot the constant stream of pre-pubesent boys that became lairs and master extortionists once they got a little hair down there.

Oh and Murray, under AEG's direction snuck in MJ's bedroom window every night for weeks to drug him, failing each time except one, to give him the fatal injection and purposely sacrifice himself so that AEG and the Illuminati could profit from his death instead of making 10 times as much for him doing the shows he agreed to.

489 days ago

monie roche    

oh pulleeeezzzzee...she remained on the payroll when he didn't trust her, she was a liar and he didn't want her around the kids...why????
because she had proof that he molested those little boys that were always around...
I wonder what prince, princess, and prince thought about these little boys in daddy's bed, and they were down the hall...
weird and disgusting all the way around...

489 days ago


Now I know why I hate "people". What a bunch of judgmental mean spirited sh*t being posted here. Not one of you, of us, have ever stepped foot in MJs home and you are all posting like you have personally been molested by him. His children, whether you choose to believe they are biologically his or not, are legally his children...they loved him and he them. They are not celebrities...they should not be attacked via the internet or in person either. Damn people...get a life. Michael Jackson was a talented tortured soul...let the man RIP. And let his children be.

489 days ago


If he didnt trust her then why didnt he just fire her ijs i would fire someone if the snuck in my bed

489 days ago


Why are all the rabids so quiet. They must be biting hard on their tongue while hitting the hate key rabidly.

489 days ago
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