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James Gandolfini

Reportedly Guzzled 8

Drinks Before Death

6/21/2013 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

James Gandolfini reportedly gorged himself on fried food, foie gras and booze just before he died of a heart attack.

Gandolfini downed at least 8 drinks at the restaurant in the hotel where he died -- 4 shots of rum, 2 pina coladas and 2 beers -- this according to the New York Post.

The "Sopranos" star also feasted on fried prawns covered in mayo and chili sauce and foie gras, according to the paper.

On Tuesday -- the night before he died -- we're told Gandolfini dined at another restaurant and downed at least one glass of wine (Photo above).

Gandolfini struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. 

Interestingly ... the doctor who runs the ER put out a statement Thursday that there was no evidence of alcohol in his system, but based on the report something is clearly off.


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He's an Italian. What Italian guy drinks Pina Coladas? Or Rum for that matter especially in Italy. Do you ever vett your stories? The autopsy results showed NO alcohol or drugs in his system. Why do you go with some random person's lies from the Post? You are s***.

489 days ago


Jeeze Harvey...what did this poor man do to YOU? You don't talk about the KarTRASH-CANS this way.
Keep your anger and hate to yourself. We all loved
Tony Soprano, and please have some respect.
What a crappy news-site you have become.
What, you did not report Kim K took a dump this morning? You MISSED that big news Harvey??

489 days ago


Who cares how much he drank??? It has nothing to do with having a heart attack. Leave the guy alone and his family. He will be missed!

489 days ago


Knock this crap off - this story is disgusting.

489 days ago


Who cares what he ate or drank before he died? Whatcha gonna report on next TMZ? How many ****s he took before he died? Ridiculous

489 days ago


James Gandolfini's death seems like Oliver Reed's death, all over again.

I lost a brother in law to alcohol poisoning.

Drinking alcohol NEVER has improved anyone's life.

This was so preventable. :-(

489 days ago


Really tmz!!! He is on vacation. What is the big deal??? Let the man rest in peace. He has young children let it go!!

489 days ago


So here we go. Now you are going to try and make him look bad. So what if he had drinks! He's DEAD! Stop it. This is so low! Now if it were Kim Kardashian there would be not one cruel word. She would be defended and canonized (sp?). How many stories can you write about her in a day? This man was clearly a good person, an excellent actor, adored by so many. People are morning his passing and you write how he "guzzled 8 drinks"? Pathetic.

489 days ago


Wow. Take this story down.

489 days ago


"Downed at least one glass of wine"?? seriously TMZ you need new writers, your postings are embarassing at the very least.

489 days ago

buzz kill    

Sounds like he at least got to have a great last meal.

489 days ago


First off, alcohol doesn't stay in your system that long. One glass of wine, or even 8 drinks the day before, will metabolize quickly. To paint a picture that Gandolfini, "gorged himself on booze" after 9 drinks in two days is flipping ridiculous, yet some mindless freak who does nothing for humanity other than creating spawn with an equal waste of life, names her kid North West and nothing bad is portrayed there! Jeez it sounds like they were on drugs or gorged on booze when they chose the name! James Gandolfini likely died of a myocardial infarction caused by arteriosclerosis, not by binging on drugs/alcohol, but let's not remember the man for being absolutely brilliant in tv/film because that's just too run of the mill. Maybe if he did nothing but pop a baby out by a crappy rapper you would paint a more respectful picture, heh. Needless to say, there are children and a family without a father. Grow a pair, TMZ, and be respectful for once.

489 days ago


Tmz you people SUCK big time. This guy hasn't even been buried yet, & all you *******s are doing is stirring up trouble like you always do. Let the poor man rest in peace. He was a descent human being who died way too young. A talented actor who will be greatly missed. You don't give a man like that a bad rap. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.....

489 days ago


So what !!!! He was on holiday had a few drinks and dined out we all do that when on holiday. Let the man rest in peace you bunch of F**king idiots!!!

489 days ago


I choose to believe that he had a really wonderful last day of life, indulging in delicious food and drink in a beautiful country.

Learn some compassion you ass****s.

489 days ago
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