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Christian Rockers to Kanye

If God Is On Your Album ...


6/23/2013 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
's new album may claim to feature God -- but if He is really on "Yeezus," then his fans deserve to know just how ... this according to the lead singer of '80s Christian glam metal band Stryper.

The band's front man Michael Sweet tells TMZ ... he gets it if Kanye's boast that the Big Guy is featured on the track "I Am a God" is figurative -- "When you believe in God, you want Him to be a part of everything you do, guiding you through the entire process. So, I understand what is meant."

But Sweet says if Kanye means it literally -- and let's face it, he probably does -- he wants details, like ..."I've always wondered - is God a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist or a singer? I'm guessing The Master of all ..."

We called God for comment. Sounded kinda like Kanye.


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Who? Wants to know about Kanye? Aren't they Christian singers? Shouldn't they be supporting some gospel artist right now instead of focusing on KW?

386 days ago


I can’t stand the sight or sound of Kanye. That arrogant punk really has some nerve to have a CD with a song title like that. I don’t know who the hell listens to his crap but I think he is undeserving of his fame.

386 days ago


Haven't heard about Stryper in years.

386 days ago


God doesn't exist

386 days ago


total blasphemy...

386 days ago

BB not bb    

God is actually just a title. You can believe in God and be of many different religions, The name of the Hebrew God is YHWH, the name of the Christian God Is YHWH and/or Yehushua (Jesus Christ), the name of the Islamic God is Allah, the name of the HIndu God is Krishna or SIva, the name of the Buddhist God is Buddha, etc.

God is the title for the major deity you pray to or the overarching force in the universe. Kanye may think he is that to himself, so that is why he sings that he is God. He maybe does not call out and pray to another deity.

Atheists seem to think that God is science, communists think that God is government, humanists think that God is the human collective, and some capitalists think that God is money.

I don't think that Kanye is much of a Christian in the traditional sense if at all. HIs child does not have a Christian name. Kim does go to church regularly with her family though.

386 days ago


PS, Child born out of wedlock, PSS while still married to another man, after a song came out about who banged her first, years removed from the sex tape. and wr talking about god here? lol

386 days ago


kanye claims to be a god.yet gives his daughter one of the lamest names in

385 days ago


Sweet's comment is nonsensical. He doesn't know what "figurative" means. "Figurative" in this context would mean that Kanye isn't referring to the Judeo-Christian God written of in the Bible. But the example Sweet gives -- that Kanye is referring to God's guidance in Kanye's music -- is not figurative use of "featuring God." Sweet's should have said that, yes, god is featured in song, but indirectly.

Anyway, all BS because God does not exist.

385 days ago


I remember all the flack the Beatles took when John Lennon proclaimed "We're more popular than Jesus." Imagine if he had said he WAS Jesus (or God). And people are more concerned now about what they named the child?

385 days ago


LOL Stryper

385 days ago


Too bad kanye obviously never cracked open the good book, cause no way would he ever use "I am a God".. kinda blasphemous. Then again, he just had a kid out of wedlock with someone whose mom bought the family a fake church.

385 days ago


Oh Christ, Stryper was one of the worst hair bands EVER. How fitting they're in the same article with another bottom feeder, Kanye.

385 days ago


AAKKKKK! Send those creatures back to the 70s where they belong.

385 days ago

Room 714    

Will Kanye play the song making Illuminati hand signs? Keep fooling his fools.

385 days ago
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