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Paula Deen

Dropped by Walmart

6/26/2013 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Another one bites the dust ... Paula Deen has just been dropped by Walmart.

The retail giant just released a statement, saying, "We are ending our relationship with Paula Deen Enterprises and we will not place new orders beyond those already committed."

Walmart is Paula's latest business partner to sever ties with the celebrity chef in the wake of her n-word scandal ... a list that includes the Food Network, the Caesars casino company, and the ham company Smithfield.

Deen appeared on "Today" this morning, offering a tearful apology -- saying, "If there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back ... please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me."



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Jay W.     

It's a damn shame that honesty will get you no where.

448 days ago


This just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

Why don't they just crucify her and get it over with??

She was HONEST about using the word, had she denied it, no one would have believed her. Don't see what she could have done differently.

Never was a big fan, but I don't like seeing someone get screwed over. Enough of this already.

Unless you have lived or grown up in the DEEP South, you have NO IDEA what you are talking about in this case.

ALL of us had racists in our families and many people still carry that hatred with them and will until they die.

Paula Deen is NOT one of those people. This abuse she is getting is way over and above what it should be.

Far as I am concerned, the people running this witch hunt are WORSE than racists....

448 days ago


I think she needs to quit doing interviews for awhile. Let things settle down.

448 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

She's a Witch ! BURN Her !!

448 days ago


Why doesn't everyone worry about more important things in life besides racial comments. Everyone is sooooo full of hate, nothing but HATERS is this world. Leave the poor woman alone and get a real life......

448 days ago


Paula Dean threw a rock at her own head. I am white, and around the same age as Dean, but EVERYONE, who is not a racist, knows that the N-word is offense to the max. Now, you can say that others have used it and guess what, they are racist too. Being black and using the word is different and I don't think they should use it either. But that DOES NOT LET DEAN OFF THE HOOK! She didn't use the word 'once; she used it often -- and if you read the complaint filed you would see that. Dean has shown her true colors by words and actions. Her apologies are disgraceful and it sounds like she is suffering more from her monetary loss of her sponsorships and not her own 'responsibility using the N-word. And she already deceived the public once before by filling her cooking with tons of butter and sugar and helping to put more than a few people in their grave -- even though she was hiding that she was diagnosed with diabetes. Franky, I think Dean is a horrible person and good riddance from the airwaves.

448 days ago

Jet hero    

Paula will be fine. This is just a bee sting. She can recover. There is no long term bias and hate that will ruin her people for generations to come. She is a part of the entitled group. She will bounce back.

448 days ago


It's the treatment of employees - that is BIGGEST thing. Businesses can't be associated with other businesses that allow pornography being watched, sexual harassment, not properly paying overtime, giving gifts in lieu of payment for hours worked, violence in the workplace and discrimination. The N word is getting all the attention BUT is really at the bottom of the list. Read the deposition. Next, the labor department will be fining the company for not following labor laws. It's not the N word, people. It's about being in a safe and harm free work environment. Think sweat shop plus all of the above. No one should work under those conditions and there are state and federal laws in place to ensure that everyone can work in a good environment. The laws were ignored and Bubba already said he did all of the above so... And for her to say she isn't going to change just... sealed her fate. She should be saying she is sorry for the treatment of her employees, that she is sorry that women had to work in such terrible cir***stances, and that she plans to make it better for them. Not talking about herself...this is just the beginning of her fall because she doesn't "get it".

448 days ago


Wow, you know you've hit rock bottom when Walmart drops you stuff, LOL

448 days ago


Well, one good thing will come of this. That woman who sued her? There won't be any money left for her to steal. hahaha

448 days ago


She should open a Popye's and start selling fried chicken

448 days ago


this is sooo wrong...

448 days ago


I feel bad for Paula, but honestly, it's all damage created by a bad PR team. I don't believe she's racist, just not a bright bulb. Her PR should have done damage control. Instead they allowed her to freely speak in candid interviews. Every single time she has spoken, she's dug a bigger hole.

448 days ago


look, i cannot believe that she is being prosecuted this way for a word. i love paula, and i've always loved her, and so what if she's said the word before... she probably said it in a totally different context than what so many people are thinking. i hate that she is going through this... it's sad. so many people use words that they don't mean to use and she was just telling the truth under oath, like people are suppose to do when they are under oath... and now she's getting burned for telling the truth. i have so much more to say but i've already wrote a lot.
i still love you p.deen! don't worry! xoxo!

448 days ago


She should open a Popeye's, and sell fried chicken to show she cares

448 days ago
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