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Paula Deen

Challenge: Hit Me With A Rock

And Kill Me

6/26/2013 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paula Deen defiantly, and tearfully, says she doesn't need to change when it comes to using offensive words, but young Black people do -- oh, and Jesse Jackson's got her back.

Deen burst into tears on 'Today' while telling Matt Lauer, "If there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back ... please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me."

She added, "I is what I is and I'm not changing."

When asked if she had any doubt the n-word was offensive to Black people, she claimed she didn't know because ... "it's very distressing for me to go into my kitchens and I hear what these young people are calling each other. It's very, very distressing."

Deen also managed to do a little name dropping ... claiming she's gotten support from Rev. Jesse Jackson.


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hillbilly girl    

27 year's ago I think it's time to move on

454 days ago


Disgusting trash and her fake tears on The Today Show were pathetic!

454 days ago


This woman should have never been brought into the public eye in the first place.

454 days ago


This situation has been BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION!
Enough already!
She can say the N word anytime she wants; she is protected by the 1st Amendment. She is not saying it on TV like some other people.
Nobody made a big deal when Jesse Jackson called President Obama one on national TV. The double standard has to stop!

454 days ago

Lindsay Lohan's Drug Dealer    

If this is what people find offensive, then why hasn't 95.3% of rap 'music' been banned? Selective justice.

454 days ago


Wow. What a hypocritical b~~ch! And if you honestly belive the used the n-word ONCE and hasn't used it since that incident 27 years ago, you're a bigger idiot than she is!

454 days ago


They should take the N word out of the dictionary, rap music, etc. Wait, they tried but they couldn't because it's protected under the CONSTITUTION!
You can't stop people from joining the KKK so how can you stop others from saying the N word?

454 days ago


It's not just the N word that's the problem, it's the other things she's said. She wanted to have a slave themed wedding, she brought a random black man on stage and made jokes how he might not be seen because he's as black as the background. she said slaves were like "family". Hiding her diabetes from the public. This woman is disgusting on so many levels.

454 days ago


Plantation wedding... Stay yaself

454 days ago


she'll come out stronger than before after all this talk. People realize that this is unfair and others have said, and done worse, WAY worse and its no big deal. Check LA and the hollyweed bunch

454 days ago


We know paula u and most whites are racist by nature and won't give up your racism because then you'll have to give up your white privilege. See whites are the real minority that's why racism and white supremacy exist to begin with, because whites fear genetic annihilation. Paula u don't have to change at least she's honest

454 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

So sick of this dumb story. She said it over 20 years ago. EVERYBODY has said dumb s*** at some point in their life. It's hilarious how many people are pretending to be outraged over this.

454 days ago


What a hypocrite.... Did u see how she tried to blame young kids for calling each other n*. Thats is not about young kids it's about her and the way she talks around her friends of like minds.... she didn't think it was going to a big deal.... and now she's sorry.... pathetic

454 days ago


Welp, I guess since she's gotten her millions in the bank now, its no need for her to change in her mind. Oh well, her life.

454 days ago


Yes, what has she done so bad compared to what youth says and sings.

454 days ago
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