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Jennifer Lopez

Crisis Mode After Gig For

Alleged Evil World Leader

6/30/2013 12:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jennifer Lopez
made a quick buck Saturday putting on a show for one of the world's most repressive leaders ... but it might not have been worth it considering the s**t storm she's in now. 

J.Lo's being blasted for putting on a special birthday concert in Avasa for the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow -- complete with a serenade of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President".

The reason being -- Gurbanguly's notorious for the widespread human rights abuses in his country: extreme censorship, ethnic repression, utilizing torture etc. Human Rights Watch considers Turkmenistan's gov one of the most repressive in the world.

A rep for J.Lo went straight into damage control today, hoping to take heat off the singer, explaining, "Had there been knowledge of human rights issues any kind, Jennifer would not have attended."

Do celebs not get Google?


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Ozzie X    

She's not even that great of a artist, there are other artists that would run circles around her Pink Unlike her other artists have a mental aptitude.

426 days ago


c'mon Media. Take her down, just like you did Paula Deen. Wait......... you guys pick and choose who gets thrown under the bus.

426 days ago


So the question is Mr. Rep, WTF didn't you do your job and screen her offers before she accepts? She is a greedy egotistical old broad. She did not need the $ just wanted to shake her azz half naked in front of men. She is pathetic. She needs to be a mom and act like one.

426 days ago


How much was she paid? That's her bottom line.

426 days ago


No One on JLO team knows how to use GOOGLE? they did not care as long as they got paid.

426 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

"The last time we checked, Turkmenistan doesn't pump my gas." that's what her back up dancer boy toy would say.

426 days ago


J Lo thinks only of J Lo and that's it. Puffy has a gun J Lo runs the other way. 9/11 happens and she gets married that weekend, and plays a gig in PR. If it wasn't for auto tunes Ms. thing would be sitting in her mothers house in da Bronx!!!!!!

426 days ago


absolutely classless. Nothing else to expect from that talentless bigbutted bitch

426 days ago


This has got to be the one of the dumbest women alive. Does she need the money that badly.

426 days ago


Welcome to America, where we get judge for everything we do. She a grown woman and can do whatever she wants to do. She has no reason to apologize or explain herself to anyone. America is the most communistic country's in the world. She's a performer and can perform for anyone she pleases. Do your thing jlo, you don't have to answer to anyone.

426 days ago


Morality does not matter to a person who worships notoriety and money.

426 days ago


When you whore yourself out for money, does it really matter who you sell to?

426 days ago


How much money is enough for this beatch? Do they really need to go over seas sell their asses of? Ridiculous.

426 days ago


Had not attended if she knew? But she did know, and she did attend, FOR MONEY

any celebrity that makes money off a country that has torture and loss of human rights is S***

BOYCOTT J LOW, the lowest of a suppose icon
Cause it's all about THE MONEY
Hate to see her karma coming

426 days ago


i don't believe no one did their homework about a county they knew nothing about. Anyone would google first. That's what we have Google for and they have no excuses here. Stupid greedy move.

426 days ago
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