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Lindsay Lohan

BIG Bday Plans

...With Her Lawyer

7/2/2013 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is celebrating her birthday today with the one person in her life she can count on ... her lawyer Shawn Holley.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... Cliffside -- where she's currently in rehab -- denied the actress' request to have friends visit on her day of birth (i.e. today). Visiting days are only on Sundays ... rules are rules.

We're told LiLo's plan B was asking if she could leave the facility to get dinner with friends (with the DA's permission of course). Again she was shot down.

But all hope was not lost ... certain people can visit patients outside of visiting hours, like lawyers. And we're told Shawn is headed to the Malibu rehab joint to hang out with LiLo while she sulks over b-day #27.

As TMZ previously reported, LiLo was already pissed she'd be on lockdown for her birthday ... she wanted to have a huge party in NYC.

We'd say better luck next year, but y'know ...



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just because    

was a $4 vps from a religious family

441 days ago

just because

441 days ago

just because

441 days ago


If Lindsay Lohan is so horrible and gets so many rude comments even on her birthday, then why is TMZ even reporting her? Then taking a jab at someone's life(i.e. 27 club)? what's wrong with you? she's done absolutely horrible and yes unforgivable things but if you're going to report that she plans on getting away from the limelight basically why take jabs now. It just makes no sense and it's a pointless story. And no, I wouldn't be shocked if she was the one who contacted TMZ to report this (probably did)

441 days ago


Here we go again. TMZ posts contradictory stories about lie-low. First one that she's worried about maintaining her alderol free life & plans to move somewhere where "the bad crowd" won't influence her to use it again. Now, this story about how she wants a huge birthday party & threw a fit because she couldn't have it. Which is the true story, TMZ chimpanzees?

441 days ago


Wakey Wakey, Hand Off Snakey!

441 days ago


Yeah like they were going to let her out let alone go to NYC.

A huge party? What a party of 5. She doesn't have any friends.

441 days ago


Poor baby, reality what a concept.

441 days ago


See how serious she is about rehab? She wanted permission to leave the facility to PAR-TAY!

441 days ago


So Lindsay's 27, and still locked up. I'm beginning to think GroundHog Day is not just a movie.

441 days ago


Suppressed entitlement issues are gonna yield some great headlines once she's released back into the wild.

441 days ago


Yeah when she gets out we get to hear how this has changed her life crap again. How she really means it this time bla,bla,bla.

Way too little too late.

441 days ago


Doesn't the plan to have a "huge party in NYC" conflict 100% with the story that she is, supposedly, scared of relapsing & wants to get OUT of NY & LA?
She's doing great keeping up appearances this time, but I belive she'll be back to her clubbing/drinking/drugging ways within 2 weeks of leaving rehab. Mark my words!

441 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

My son has an apartment in Queens, N.Y. with 3 other college students. Well, he hasn't really lived there all summer but pays rent. He went there a couple of days ago to pick up some clothes and the other guys have turned the house into a dump. There was garbage everywhere that the dog pulled out of the trash. Beer cans littered so bad you have to kick them out of the way. DUINA WE GOT A GREAT APARTMENT FOR CRACKIE!!!! SHE COULD LIVE HERE AND GET FREE ADVICE FROM ST. JOHNS LAW STUDENTS!

441 days ago


Hi Patty -I miss Andy also. Busy day-having company tomorrow-happy 4th of July to you. Everyone stay safe and happy. Check in later.

440 days ago
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