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'Big Brother'

Puts Racist Houseguest


7/8/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bigotry under the "Big Brother" roof has finally made it to television -- 'cause last night, the show aired a segment featuring Aaryn basically auditioning for the KKK.

Among the highlights ... Aaryn mocks Asian people, refers to a gay contestant as a "queer" ... and makes fun of a black person for good measure.

The segment featured commentary from some of the other guests, who seem to have noticed Aaryn's disgusting comments ... but no one had the stones to call her out for it.

In fact, Howard -- an African American houseguest -- said the comments "hurt and are disrespectful" ... but said addressing the issue might hurt his chances to win the game.


As for Aaryn, she's been dropped by her modeling agency in Texas.

She's not the only bigot who's been exposed in the house -- GinaMarie Zimmerman was also bounced from her day job from comments she made in the house, and Spencer Clawson seems to be on his way out from his regular gig as well.


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If you say white trash and you are not white, then you are racist. If you say the "n" word and you are not black then you are racist. If you say anything that doesnt involve your race, than you are racist. Or at least thats how the media is out to make things. Think about it people?! Come on. We all are racist to some degree. WHy??? Cause we are human beings! If we see something different than us, than we will point out their differences and if something isnt the way we would like to see it; We will make fun of it. Whether its skin color, head size, height, weight. You can all get over yourselves. Heck I see more people saying STEREOTYPICAL stuff than racist. Racism comes from hate, not some stupid joke. The only hateful thing I read off her comments was the Queer one, but that was a stab at him, not at all gays. Also riddle me this, Do most asians have squinty eyes because of the way they LOOK? Yes, so although it may seem racist, its a stereotype. She was not wrong to compare herself to race with squinty eyes. Think if she compared herself to a giraffe if she had a long neck. Its not ok do that because its racist to giraffes. Wait since giraffes have no voice, than they cant stick up for themselves cause they feel like it was offensive... Come on people, open your eyes to a new age and learn that SLAVES ARE GONE! STEREOTYPES are all that is left in our soceity. If you see a black man dressed all raggedy with his shorts half way down his shins and super long white tee, Than you instantly dont trust them. Same goes if you saw someone that was white and in the same attire. But if they were black or white or even green, dressed well and talked like a normal human being. Then you know what you see in them? Someone you can trust by using your eyes. Its not a race thing anymore, it a huge media hype of people saying racist things, when in all reality there is NO HATE to the culture brought up.

473 days ago


I think these ignorant so called humans should be removed from the show. Thousands of people watch Big Brother and these house guest just caused alot of drama outside the careful!

473 days ago


So "queer" is now a bad word? What happened to Queer Nation and the chant, "We're Here! We're Queer! Get used to it!" is this one of those PC exception rules "term of endearment". These PC rules change so frequently and at the whim of the PC-Police that the rules have lost all credibility.

473 days ago



473 days ago


"refers to a gay contestant as a "queer"

This is oh-so-wrong now? What are you supposed to call gay people, "******** Americans"?

473 days ago


TMZ's filter is as silly as political correctness is.

473 days ago


"She's not the only bigot who's been exposed in the house"

How much is CBS paying you to promote this already low rated show anyway?

473 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Huh. Okay, how did these people get fired for their derogatory comments if they hadn't even been broadcast yet?

473 days ago


We all know how and what the people of Texas feels. Having listened to Gov. Perry, he is a racist and a hater of women. TX is controlled by extremist Republicans.

473 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Is it really a surprise that a reality show which exalts treating other people like things --- like obstacles to one's success --- would have "houseguests" filled with racism, which is just treating people like things?

473 days ago


CBS knows controversy translates to higher ratings Higher ratings translates to more money.

473 days ago

Brian Radigan    

They may be racists, but they have the right to say those things. Now they get to learn that their comments can have repercussions. The guy who works as a conductor for Union Pacific is in a union and was on unpaid personal leave. They may want to fire him, but probably will not be successful

473 days ago


Big Brother needs to remove these females from the show there is no room for morons.

473 days ago


Really TMZ, auditioning for the KKK? Dont you think youre going a little overboard? This girl is more ignorant than racist. TMZ is now the Jesse Jackson of the Internet, professional race-baiters.

473 days ago

Rob Thrasher    

She is pretty bad. Mostly against Asians, but what if she was alone with just other white people. She has a problem! Rob Thrasher :)

473 days ago
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