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Eddie Griffin

Sued Over 'Homophobic'

Bottle Attack

7/11/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Eddie Griffin is being sued by a woman who claims the comic targeted her and her GF during a homophobic comedy routine ... sexually harassing them while on stage, then attacking them with a water bottle.

TMZ posted video of the altercation after it happened last July at Tommy T's Comedy Club in Pleasanton, CA -- showing Griffin dumping water on a woman in the audience -- and all hell broke loose.

The partner of the woman Griffin soaked is Leslie Champlin, and she just filed the lawsuit against Griffin and Tommy T's.

Champlin claims Tommy T's let Griffin take the stage while drunk ... and the comedian proceeded to launch into a homophobic routine targeting the lesbian couple, thrusting his crotch in their faces, and saying things like they "would not need a strap-on or vibrator" with his help.

At that point, Champlin's partner threw her drink at Griffin -- and Griffin flipped, dumping his water on her. In the lawsuit, Champlin claims the crowd also turned on her and her gf, pelting them with drinks as well.

Champlin says she and her GF were kicked out of the club ... and never received an apology from Griffin OR the club. Griffin later defended himself on Facebook, calling the women "dyke bitches."

Champlin is now suing for civil rights violations, claiming she was discriminated against based on sexual orientation. She is also suing for battery and negligence, and demanding unspecified damages.

Calls to Griffin and Tommy T's weren't returned.


No Avatar


He/She that throws the first drink deserves whatever pelting they get.

434 days ago


What a peace of s#it this waist of space is.

434 days ago


LOL im glad he did it. Bc if it was the other way around (see kramer) and some white comedian was saying racist **** to them all you bitches on here would be like "hurr durr guud dat wat dey get dum *****rs hurr durr herp derp"

434 days ago


He's hardly known as a gay friendly comic. Comics often target audience members sitting close to the stage. If they would have laughed along it would have ended. They escalated it throwing a drink. They were clearly not fans and you're in a room full of his hardcore fans. This will never see a courtroom.

Reminds me of a joke...what does a lesbian bring on a second date?

A U-Haul

434 days ago

Unknown Comic    

Dumb as b*tches. Get a grip! You knew what you were walking into. You will not see a red cent!

434 days ago


I read this post and I'm not seeing that he demonstrated a fear of homosexuals. What gives?

434 days ago

tom p    

If I'm on the jury, and I live in LA...I'm giving those lesbians ANYTHING THEY WANT. That guy is a total loser.

434 days ago


It sounds like he did pick on them because of sexual orientation alone, which comics often do, but when they don't want to be picked on comics need to step back, if they don't they'll get a drink poured on them. I hope these women get something because this was bullyish.

434 days ago


ha ha ha silly woman

434 days ago


They're lucky they weren't at a Lisa Lampanelli concert.

434 days ago


Disgusting nasty bitch throws a bottle and then SUES??? What a FREAK.

433 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Wait, you mean i can get rich by suing comics for insulting me at the club?... WOOO HOOO!... Starting tomorrow, I shall be a litigious mofo too.

433 days ago


Ok, here's what I don't get. How did he put his crotch in this woman's face when they were at their table about 20-30 ft away and he's on the stage? Then say that he jumped onto their table and assulted her with water? Didn't she throw her drink at him first? If you can throw a punch then you can take a punch. It's been a year and still bitching about it.

433 days ago


While I think what he he said and did was wrong in the end it was his performance and he had the right to say what he wanted, even while intoxicated. If they didn't like it they could have complained to the manager, they could have gone somewhere else in the club till he was done or they could have just left. Instead they stayed and one of them started the altercation by throwing a drink at him. And they're really not going to get anywhere by suing the club. They aren't in charge of a comic's routine, they only supply a place where they can do it in front of an audience. And quite frankly I would have kicked them out too because by that point they technically became a disruptive influence by assaulting my act and riling up my audience.

433 days ago


They threw a drink on him and are suing?? Semen don't act this way

433 days ago
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