Eddie Griffin Sued Over 'Homophobic' Bottle Attack

7/11/2013 3:45 PM PDT

Eddie Griffin -- Sued Over 'Homophobic' Bottle Attack

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Eddie Griffin is being sued by a woman who claims the comic targeted her and her GF during a homophobic comedy routine ... sexually harassing them while on stage, then attacking them with a water bottle.

TMZ posted video of the altercation after it happened last July at Tommy T's Comedy Club in Pleasanton, CA -- showing Griffin dumping water on a woman in the audience -- and all hell broke loose.

The partner of the woman Griffin soaked is Leslie Champlin, and she just filed the lawsuit against Griffin and Tommy T's.

Champlin claims Tommy T's let Griffin take the stage while drunk ... and the comedian proceeded to launch into a homophobic routine targeting the lesbian couple, thrusting his crotch in their faces, and saying things like they "would not need a strap-on or vibrator" with his help.

At that point, Champlin's partner threw her drink at Griffin -- and Griffin flipped, dumping his water on her. In the lawsuit, Champlin claims the crowd also turned on her and her gf, pelting them with drinks as well.

Champlin says she and her GF were kicked out of the club ... and never received an apology from Griffin OR the club. Griffin later defended himself on Facebook, calling the women "dyke bitches."

Champlin is now suing for civil rights violations, claiming she was discriminated against based on sexual orientation. She is also suing for battery and negligence, and demanding unspecified damages.

Calls to Griffin and Tommy T's weren't returned.