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Al Sharpton on Zimmerman

We Won't Stop

Until Justice Is Served

7/14/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A battle was lost, but the war's not over ... Al Sharpton says he WILL NOT REST until justice is served for Trayvon Martin's death -- after yesterday's not guilty verdict for the man who pulled the trigger.

Our photog spotted Rev. Sharpton at LaGuardia Airport Sunday -- and asked if he was disappointed that 6 jurors acquitted Zimmerman of all charges. His answer ... a resounding YES.

However, Al says this is not the end ... "We always had a plan B. We now go to the Justice Department seeking civil rights charges." He adds, "We're not gonna stop until we get justice."

FYI -- a similar thing happened in the O.J. Simpson trial regarding the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. O.J. was acquitted of criminal charges, but then sued in civil court for wrongful death -- and ordered to pay $33.5 million to the families of NBS and Ronald Goldman.

Zimmerman could face a similar civil suit OR possibly be tried in federal court if the Justice Department decides to go through with criminal civil rights charges.


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Jowata's Revenge    

My Question is, How does All and Jessie Say the words Jesus and God with a straight face....??? Neither one tries to follow in Jesus's Footsteps, and both seems to be full of rage and hate for folks of a different race...... Al, Jessie ask yourselves, What would Jesus do? Are you following his path???

445 days ago


I didn't see this pos saying anything when OJ got away with murder .... I say hey we are even 1-1

445 days ago


Where was his crusade for justice when O.J. killed Nicole and Ron? Oh, I get's only justice when the "victim" is black and.not white, brown,.or some other race.

445 days ago

Lorretta Yeboah    

this is fcked up.

445 days ago

paul a.    

I pray for the family of Trayvon but this was the right verdict. I didnt like the OJ verdict but had to live with it. So will you Rev. Civil suit is BS. for OJ and for GZ

445 days ago


2 words Al : TAWANA BRAWLY

445 days ago


Snoop Dog once said "Al Sharpton is irrelevant"

445 days ago


funny how al sharpton cries outrage over the acquittal of george zimmerman due to cir***stantial evidence, but had nothing to say when OJ was acquitted in spite of overwhelming evidence. hm....

445 days ago


funny how al sharpton cries outrage over the acquittal of george zimmerman due to cir***stantial evidence, but had nothing to say when OJ was acquitted in spite of overwhelming evidence. hm....

445 days ago

Jowata's Revenge    

Why does the main page show 82 comments on this article and the actual article page show around 62? What's up with that TMZ? Mass Blocking of Comments, again???

445 days ago


Jessee Jackson,better concern himself with his own son (a crook,and in prison).I want to hear what Trayvons parents did about his suspensions?Did they meet with school counselor?What was done to help Trayvon in school.I watched the trial and Trayvon friend(girl) had a attitude problem,so did Trayvon.Friend was rude to authority(attorney).Trayvon was a tragedy in progress.He needed his parents attention,NOT SHIPPED to dad,and dad letting him go on his own,while going with girlfriend,The girlfriend should have been put aside and dad doing things with his son,the picture of dad kissing son does not work for me,Treyvon needed ALL DAD ATTENTION,using drugs and fighting,both sigs of TROUBLE COMMING,I WANT TO HEAR WHAT THE PARENTS DID TO HELP TRAYVON?

445 days ago


I would normally never agree with Al Sharpton. but I hope this does go to the civil rights . The verdict was so wrong. Z. is so guilty.

445 days ago


Nothing destroys the integrity and credibility of a case like the appearance of Al Sharpton (or Gloria Allred).

445 days ago

David D    

For all the AFA's in America two questions.
If race is still so bad in this country,
How have so many AFA's become very rich, including a president & successful?
How many White people died in a war to get to this point, think about what it would be like if they hadn't

445 days ago


I also meant to add while they are at it they might want to help that poor gal that just got 20 yrs for firing a warning in the air to ward of a abusive husband.

445 days ago
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