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Nipsey Hussle

Cuffed During Trayvon Rally

Allegedly Packing Heat

7/17/2013 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops came down on rapper Nipsey Hussle in a big way Tuesday night in the middle of a Trayvon Martin protest rally  ... handcuffing him after suspecting he was brandishing a gun.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... LAPD cops saw Nipsey doing something that made them believe he was walking around with a firearm.  They descended on the rapper and cuffed him, but quickly determined he did NOT have a gun and they let him go.

It's unclear if Hussle was part of the rally, which took place in Leimert Park -- the scene of violence the night before.


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"...the rally, which took place in Leimert Park -- the scene of violence the night before."

This fails to note that the so-called "violence" came from the police. Reporters at the rally stated that the marchers were peaceful but the police began firing rubber bullets. Just google "Zimmerman, rally, rubber bullets"

471 days ago


Don't you think if there were more criminal profiling there wouldn't be the slaughtering of black youths killing each other on the streets of Chicago and other major cities?

471 days ago

BB not bb    

I heard the rioting got bad in the Crenshaw part of L A last night. Swarms of blacks took over the roads and were climbing all over people's cars. The police have to do something there.

I am really fed up with these blacks and liberals and assorted nit wits thinking they can just riot and take over the country. We have police to handle things like this.

471 days ago


471 days ago

BB not bb

Various antics of protestors, assaulting news crews, stopping traffic, climbing on cars like it's Jungle Habitat, etc.

471 days ago


Harvey Levin knows the difference between "brandishing a gun" and "having a gun." He also knows it is not illegal to "walk around with a gun" in the United States. Harvey is part of the larger U.N. Agenda 21 NWO conspiracy to get America to voluntarily hand over their guns. Then the final takeover can happen. Harvey thinks he is protecting himself by going along, but he is wrong.

471 days ago


so Nipsey Hussle is also named Martin? If not, you may want to fix that typo!

471 days ago

BB not bb

The Zimmermans told ABC they are too afraid to return to their Orlando home, and they haven't even spoken to their son, who also is in hiding.

"Under the cir***stances, we have not been able to talk to him," Gladys Zimmerman told ABC's Barbara Walters. "To tell you the truth, we don't trust anything, not even the phones."

"We have had an enormous amount of death threats. George's legal counsel has had death threats, the police chief of Sanford, many people have had death threats," Robert Zimmerman said. "'Everyone with Georgie's DNA should be killed' — Just every kind of horrible thing you can imagine."

is this Justice for Trayvon? Is this they hope and change people wanted? Is this the brave new world that people want to live in? I sure don't.

An innocent man was falsely accused, arrested, tried and found not guilty. He is still under attack. Obviously cooperating with these people will get you no where. If you don't like this country, please leave. You will fit in better where are just tribes in the streets rioting and killing each other every day.

I feel very bad for the Zimmerman family. They are too peaceful I do not pray that God touches the hearts of these rioters or that Trayvon went to heaven. I PRAY THAT YHWH'S WILL BE DONE. JUSTICE BE DONE. THE INNOCENT AVENGED.


471 days ago

Kevin Collings    

I remember the cops that stop me while I was about to but the key into the door to enter my building, use the same explanation. i guess a key looks like a gun from a far distances.

471 days ago

BB not bb

Here is a White House petition you can sign for Eric Holder to leave George Zimmerman alone. Let your voices be heard like civilized Americans.

471 days ago

arale norimaki    

George Zimmerman 'Justified' In Shooting .juror B37”

the same george zimmerman that

“ex-fiancee, Veronica Zuazo. Zimmerman attacked her while the two were driving to a counseling session

Zimmerman followed a man in his car until the police arrived. Daniel Osmun, the other driver, told police that Zimmerman was tailgating and that he spit his gum out the window "out of frustration.

George Zimmerman cousin’s molestation

zimmerman work as security He was fired for being too aggressive with patrons. He picked up and threw a women. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle.

He lied about his finances and the existence of a second passport there is no reason to believe anything else he say.

When an armed man can hunt down an unarmed teenager while on the telephone with a 911 dispatcher, kill the teen, and then walk away free, I think it’s fair to assume that there’s a serious problem with justice in the jurisdiction where the event took place.

but his HEART was in the right place" ...............juror B37”

471 days ago


The article has an say "cops saw Martin..." when it should be "cops saw Hussle.,,,"

471 days ago


Lmao@ nitwit hussle whining about being profiled. You're a known gangbanger who glorifies the 60's set on EVERY garbage song you release but the police are supposed to not take a special interest in you? Just another dumbfruck trying to use a tragedy to increase his weak ass sales.

471 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Now, there were a very large number of Black people there. How can he have been racially profiled? He is black, I agree, but in a crowd of black people is suspecting one amongst the group a racial profile?

471 days ago


Wow, America, you need to sort this mess out, because it is not going away unless you TALK about the underlying issues, which basically consist of a deep-rooted racism.
The rest of the world is watching every step in this drama fold out where a man legally can kill a black kid - just because he was there...
In essence Zimmerman killed one of the people he was supposed to watch over as a neighbourhood watchman, because he was fast to profile Martin.

471 days ago
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