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Nipsey Hussle

Cuffed During Trayvon Rally

Allegedly Packing Heat

7/17/2013 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops came down on rapper Nipsey Hussle in a big way Tuesday night in the middle of a Trayvon Martin protest rally  ... handcuffing him after suspecting he was brandishing a gun.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... LAPD cops saw Nipsey doing something that made them believe he was walking around with a firearm.  They descended on the rapper and cuffed him, but quickly determined he did NOT have a gun and they let him go.

It's unclear if Hussle was part of the rally, which took place in Leimert Park -- the scene of violence the night before.


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461 days ago


“LAPD cops saw MARTIN doing something...” Poor guy...even after death, law enforcement is after him!

461 days ago


Nipsey Hussle you fcuk face, try using google every once in a while. Nispey has been underground for a min and in the past 3 years of hearing his music I still believe he the best rapper out right now. He speaks to the people, and in no way shape or form selling out his people and giving us that bs that youre so used to getting from lil wayne and friends. #NH #AllMoneyIn #AMB

461 days ago


It's sad the blacks want more people to die, they like to start riots, like in L.A. There was this group of black running around the street trying to break into walmart and beating up people and stopping traffic. Funny how they want to be respected when they act like animals.

461 days ago


Just another thought like Trayvon

461 days ago



461 days ago


What exactly makes someone a rapper, besides being ghetto trash?

461 days ago


this is how they act? and they will want to blame the next zimmerman again? look at the beahvior where is al sharpton to tell them to knock it off and go to work and to clean up their communities....walking the streets, breaking into stores, and hurting other people? and u want to know why there is steroyping? wake up people

461 days ago


this will never stop where is all this energy in the balck communites everyday? where are all these people when black men are shooting black men? prision popultion, no jobs, guns, pants on the gorund , hoodies, drugs, ect...yes there is a stero type..there are reasons IT WILL STOP when they get to the real issues....zimmerman is not the real issue...

461 days ago


Wow, bringing a gun to a rally for someone who was killed by a gun, this guy is deff. a smart one!

461 days ago


Great reporting. Did you report on any of the peaceful protest....

461 days ago


"...but quickly determined he did NOT have a gun and they let him go"

461 days ago


What was he doing to make them suspicious? Oh my bad, he was just being black.

461 days ago


The person that slain the soldiers at Fort Hood is a muslim and just before he shot yelled the words ALLAHU AKBAR, but yet the President and DOJ have called it work place violence instead of a terrorists act. What part of himyelling his allegiance to the islamic militants that doesn't make this a terrorists act and a hate crime. The familys of the slain can't receive compensation because of The President and DOJ calling it a work place violent act. But yet theyre looking at charging George with no evidence found by the FBI,State Police, Local Poice,and a jury. with a hate crime and civil rights violation. This is an outrage. You all should be marching the streets over the injustice of this or wasn't there any blacks shot or enough for you or the President or DOJ to care?

461 days ago


Apparently reading is not a fundamental for some of TMZ White commenters. This guy was profiled just like Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin. Nipsey did not have a gun. Police assumed he had a gun, but found nothing so he was let go. Please re-read the TMZ article. Smh. If you commenters are soooo against the so called unfairness to white people I keep reading on every TMZ article that involves a black person why don't you get from behind your keyboard and do something, have a march or something on the "So called unfairness to white people".

461 days ago
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