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Justin Timberlake & Jay Z

This One's for Trayvon Martin

7/20/2013 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake
and Jay Z honored Trayvon Martin Friday night ... dedicating the song "Forever Young" to the 17-year-old shooting victim.

Jay and Justin kicked off their "Legends of the Summer" tour this week -- and during their closing number Yankee Stadium in NYC -Jay shouted to the audience, "Everybody put a cell phone and light it up ... let's light the sky for Trayvon Martin tonight in here."

Beyonce also dedicated a song to Trayvon ... shortly after George Zimmerman's not guilty verdict last weekend.


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Take politics out of it: just a song dedicated to a kid who died too young. Just sad and lovely.

426 days ago


I will no longer buy Justin Timberlake cds!

426 days ago


While they were tributing Trayvon, a 6yr old little girl in Chicago was being shot. She was not wearing a hoodie, didn't own a grillz, didn't smoke pot, was never suspended from school, was not carrying stolen jewelry, AND didn't bash someone's head off of concrete.

426 days ago


Little by little I'm losing all respect for JT. Would he have done this had Zimmerman been black? I think not! Black AND white youth die every damn day in this country and verdicts are reached. I didn't like the verdict reached in the OJ Simpson case, but I didn't riot and I don't remember any celebrities dedicating songs to Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman! Ugh!

426 days ago


The Protests going on are sickening. They blocked Hwy 288 in Houston last week. Stopping all cars from getting to their destinations. When cars tried to go up the side of the road to get around them they blocked them. Quanell X was standing on top of a casket while the protesters carried it down the middle of the road. It was sickening to watch. They have protest planned all day today and tomorrow they plan on holding a protest in the riches neighborhood in Houston. Quanell X said
"For many years young black men from the traditional Fourth Ward were told to don't even go toward River Oaks," Quanell X also said. "I can't think of a better community in Houston to (demonstrate to) bring down the pernicious image of African American men and to stop racial profiling."
Really??? That is going to stop racial profiling when you bring your fight into an area that has nothing to do with Trayvon? But has everything to do with pushing your agenda to cause fear and divide the races. Shame on you all that are using this for your own agenda.

426 days ago


Enough of this already. Is Justin Timberlake trying to get more black fans? I see stories all the time of little innocent kids being gunned down by gang bangers. Why is anyone making a big deal over this story? If you want to do something do something for those kids.

426 days ago

BB not bb    

Why can't this Quisling X that Firefly is speaking of be picked up for inciting riots? They want to go upset a bunch of old rich white people in Houston. Those people are probably ranchers and oil men and not a bunch of pansy liberals who they are used to dealing with.

I am sure the Houston area is just crawling with armed patriot militias just waiting for a reason to be called into action. I think this mob of angry blacks is going to get slaughtered in the streets if they don't cool it. Then there is going to be probably some troops called on the people who are trying to defend themselves.

This could get out of hand very easily. The temperatures are hot, and that makes peoples' tempers even hotter. This is like a powder keg waiting for the match.

426 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Some people need to realize here George was told not to follow Trayvon and he did as got his a$$ whooped that's his fault then killed him and he was unarmed I don't care if you're got to follow me and I fell like I'm in danger I'm going to whoop your a$$ too George should be in jail for disobeying police orders and killing an unarmed teenager no race involve he didnt kill him cause he was black he killed him cause he got his a$$ whooped and needed a motive either way George should be in jail for the rest of his life the Florida verdict is stupid this guy went free so did Casey Anthony nothing more to it

426 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Anything to sell records. These whores will say or claim to "believe" anything just to remain popular, and "ride the wave" of relevance. The verdict was the correct verdict, and the system works, thankfully. If you can't handle that, move to Iran, or some other sh!thole.

426 days ago

BB not bb

David Carroll, the black man speaking in this video, is on fire about the blacks and their attitudes of hypocrisy. He is essentially calling them a pack of sissies with no critical thinking skills.

He talks about people hearing a rumor and running with it like it is the truth, without investigating any facts to see if their opinion is fair.

Since he calls out men acting like a bunch of women who he would expect to be making wild judgements and talking behind each others' backs, this video would probably appeal to Fred Frarkel.

This guy has a lot of videos up and is kind of a trip to watch, but he makes some good points.

426 days ago


This concert is sickening!..I just vomited!..

426 days ago


While there are songs being song for Trayvon,did anyone use there God given brain to figure out Trayvon could be alive if HE used his cell phone to call 911,instead of throwing the first punch.Rachel,Trayvon's girlfriend was telling Trayvon this "cracker could be a rapist,yet neighter one called for help ,which would have saved Trayvons life,because then the police,who had a handle on why GZ CALLED,could have defused the whole problem by phone.I believe Trayvon was looking FOR A FIGHT.What kind of friend,hangs up a phone and NEVER CALLS 911.I think Rachel whole story is a LIE,IT JUST BOTHERS ME Trayvons mom said her BOY was scared,yet with a phone in hand never called 911

426 days ago

BB not bb

Now don't you try nuthin funny Aunt Esther.

426 days ago

BB not bb

The police have abandoned parts of L A. Mob rule has taken over the streets. People are being dragged from cars and beaten, pelted with rocks and sticks, and stores are being looted.

Isn't this what goes in on Africa when say the Odinga Muslims lose an election in Kenya? Oh but wait, wasn't Obama even born in a hut there to an Odinga clan father whose cousin became the president?

So do you wonder why this is going on here now?????

426 days ago


Memo to Justin and Shawn: Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and was doing his best to kill him!

426 days ago
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