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Royal Baby Name

George Alexander

A Big Miss

7/24/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Prince William
and Kate Middleton need to cut loose from tradition -- naming their kid George Alexander is right out of the royal playbook -- which dare we say is getting a little dusty.

We're not saying the royals need to steal a page from Gwyneth Paltrow and name the kid after fruit, but it wouldn't be terrible to give the kid a name that's a little more fun than "George."

No offense, Mr. Clooney.

But let's face it ... the most awesome royal name ever is not held by a royal at all ... it's held by a Jackson -- All hail Jermajesty



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Disgusting, just like the "parents"

463 days ago


It's a simple and traditional name, I don't think anyone would be surprised by this. I personally like it, and like seeing a family name their baby something extremely normal. You know the Kardahsian's only named their baby an outrageous name for more attention...

463 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

The baby is still ugly, just like Blue Ivy.

463 days ago


What did you people want?? Trayvon??

463 days ago

AMY D    

Yeah, because I'm sure the royals give two s h i ts about what a stupid gossip site thinks of them. Morons.

463 days ago


So naming your baby NORTH WEST is ok but naming your baby GEORGE is not cool? nice, TMZ.

463 days ago


TMZ--you are disrespectful. You call "George" a big miss, but you've stuffed the Kardashian's down our throats for years, like you think they are royalty. They are not. Never have been, never will be.

463 days ago


what a stupid headline.... i remember when tmz was at least halfway more decent than other gossip rags.... now you guys are getting just as ridiculous as the national enquirer....
couldn't you have just said congrats on the 2 day old baby? or should she have done a kimye and named the prince, oh i dunno, "royal baby"...?

463 days ago


It's way better then Harvey, Fat Mike, and Max, with a lot more prestige, money and clout to boot.

463 days ago


A grand, dignified name! And normal! I like it.
Odd TMZ is not covering current news on the K family.
Kim has become a recluse.
Their show to be terminated.
Khloe's cheating husband & impending divorce.
Jenner;s talk show tanking.
Kourtney looks like the "Mexican maid." etc

ALL the other sites inform the public, what is wrong with TMZ??

463 days ago


NICE!! that's a fine name! nice to hear a normal, traditional, classic name being given to a baby rather than some stupid, idiotic, made-up non-names (with ridiculously inept spelling to boot!) given to so many children these days. I hate these new, non-names! "oh my child is so unique and so one-of-a-kind I want him/her to have a name no one else in the history of humanity has!!" god almighty these stupid idiot parents and their made-up children's names!!!'s like announcing to everyone how trashy, poorly educated and classless one is and being proud of it! man I hate white trash!! (black trash too)

463 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Did you know George was the 12th most popular name in England? Did you know that it was Queen Elizabeth's fathers name? I'm not sure of Alexander, but Lous (his third name) is in honor of Lord Louis Montbatten, WWII General and Hero, Godfather to Prince Charles, and a man assassinated by the IRA when he was in his late 70's.
Honest to God TMZ, what did you expect them to name the child, Kanye?

463 days ago


Well atleast it's not some lame a$$ name like those 2 idiots that TMZ loves so much Kanye & KK!! This is a perfect example of style and class & NOT trash!!

463 days ago


wtf do you dirtbags think you are to think your opinions matter?? since none of you have a clue about royal tradition perhaps you should focus on stalking celebs with mental issues,violent gay rappers and the other stupid pieces you douchebags deem newsworthy!!

463 days ago


Well, I personally like it! Nice normal name for normal people! Unlike Kim K. who thinks her baby is royalty!

463 days ago
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