Prince Harry And Meghan Markle We Want Privacy From Paparazzi ... Oh Really?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say all they want is their privacy, but they reportedly chose to have photogs snap their photos before the now infamous "chase" in NYC.

Sources tell the NY Post ... Harry and Meghan elected to stroll out in front of a throng of shutterbugs to get their pictures taken after they attended Tuesday night's awards ceremony at the Ziegfeld Theater in Manhattan.

The Post noted the couple made the decision despite having one of Barack Obama's former secret service agents on their security team. Chris Sanchez is the security dude's name and he's known as the “king of the back exits” ... because he's so good at keeping celebs under the paparazzi's radar.

After getting their fill of the cameras, Harry and Meghan jumped inside a waiting SUV with Sanchez and took off.

The Post quotes a source as saying, “Harry and Meghan were willing to give everyone those shots when they left the event, that was not the problem, but they were tailed from that point on."

Their rep, Ashley Hansen, gushed over the photos, telling the New York Times, “They were some of the most beautiful images of the evening."

This is just the latest example of Harry and Meghan wanting it both ways ... soaking up the limelight while demanding privacy ... at least that's the rap.


Following their photo op outside the Ziegfeld, we all know what happened then ... the paparazzi pursued Harry and Meghan through the streets of Manhattan in what the couple called a "near catastrophic car chase."


But the NYPD said there were no accidents or injuries during the pursuit, which lasted between 20 minutes and two hours depending on who you talk to. Police sources accused the couple of embellishing their story.

Harry & Meghan Kids Officially Recognized As Prince, Princess

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's kids' Royal titles have been up in the air for months, but the Sussexes have now made their heart's desire clear -- they want their kids to be recognized as tied to the throne, which King Charles is now officially honoring.

H and M revealed Wednesday they christened their daughter, Lilibet, last week here in California ... during an intimate, private ceremony in Montecito. In the announcement, the couple noted Lilibet was blessed, and will henceforth be known, as "Princess Lilibet" -- a new update to how she's been referred to, publicly, up until now.

The young princess was christened by Rev. John Taylor, the Archbishop of Los Angeles as revealed by People Mag. Another interesting nugget ... apparently, Charles, Camilla, William and Kate were invited, but did not attend.

It's unclear when the invite was extended, but it was sent.

In light of Meghan and Harry now using their daughter's birthright title -- something she was legally afforded when Charles ascended to the throne -- Buckingham Palace has responded ... and says its website will also be updated with those titles for Lilibet and Archie.

While Harry and Meghan haven't said anything about their son, specifically, it seems BP is taking this move as clear evidence they want both their kids to enjoy their Royal titles ... so instead of calling them Master Archie and Miss Lilibet, they're now Prince/Princess, officially.

Charles hadn't said much about the titles -- there were reports he was eager to slim down the number of titles and to keep them inside the family (the working family, it seems) ... and that he was supposedly considering stripping Archie and Lilibet of their status. But, he never did it.

In fact, one could argue Charles has been playing things by ear as Harry and Meg have rolled out project after project -- culminating with him inviting them to his coronation, despite them bashing him and the institution. In response, they've played their own hand.

Looks like the Royals are trying to play nice ... at least from the outside looking in.

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Harry & Meghan Royal Family Could Collapse ... Unless 'Dark Skin' Comments Are Explained

There's a massive cloud hanging over The Royal Family regarding the "dark skin" comment that was allegedly made about Harry and Meghan's son Archie, and if it's not addressed soon, it could spell the beginning of the end of the monarchy ... according to a royal expert.


As you know, it remains a mystery who within the family raised concerns about how dark Archie's skin would be when Meghan Markle was pregnant -- a stunning revelation she made in an interview with Oprah. Most experts say the likely suspects are Charles, Camilla or William.


Royal expert Kinsey Schofield tells us she believes unless the issue is ironed out privately and also explained to the public, it could cause folks to push away from the Royals.

Schofield says supporters really started to question the morals of King Charles, Prince William and Queen Consort Camilla after Meghan made the allegation. Schofield says disappointment in The Royals still looms, but could be lessened with a proper explanation.


In order for things to turn around, Schofield believes people need to know exactly who made the comment, how it was said, and if it was done with malicious intent.

Of course, if it turns out there truly was racist intention behind the comment, things will go bad quickly ... but Schofield believes the only way for The Royal Family to continue on without issue is for the comment to be aired out once and for all.


Interestingly, King Charles sent his love to both Harry and Meghan when he addressed the nation Friday ... especially since the relationship has been so strained for so long.

Queen Elizabeth No Pics Allowed When Meeting Lilibet ... U.K. Report Claims

Queen Elizabeth met her great-granddaughter for the first time over the weekend, but don't expect to see QE on any pages of Lilibet's baby book ... because she reportedly banned photos from being taken of the introduction.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter, Lilibet, celebrated her first birthday -- which so happened to fall on the same weekend as the Queen's Platinum Jubilee -- but The Sun reports the Queen denied Harry and Meghan a photographer to capture the moment.

The report states Harry and Meghan were informed the intro would only be a private family meeting -- and there was a worry if photos were taken, they'd be passed around in America.

There was certainly a lot of tension between Harry and his family through the weekend as evidenced early on -- the photo above shows Prince William and Harry on opposite sides of the church during the National Service of Thanksgiving.

Harry and Meghan didn't stick around for the celebration's closing, either ... the Sussexes and their 2 children flew private from London to Cali. Of course, if they stayed, it's unlikely they'd have been allowed to stand beside the Queen when she appeared Sunday on her Buckingham Palace balcony.

We've reached out to Harry and Meghan's reps for comment ... so far, no word back.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Baby Lilibet's 1st Bday Bash ... Seen in New Photos

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter is ringing in her first year with a very eventful week ... and now we're getting a look at exactly how Lilibet got her party on in the UK!

Harry and Meghan invited close family and friends to a casual, but intimate, backyard picnic in Windsor to celebrate Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor's very first birthday ... which was Saturday, June 4, smack in the middle of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

This is our first close-up look at the baby, and these shots -- captured by photographer Misan Harriman -- show she was all smiles for the festivities.

Prince Harry and Meghan were amazed to learn people around the world made donations amounting to more than $100K to the World Central Kitchen in Lilibet's honor.

As we've reported, Lilibet met her great-grandma, Queen Elizabeth, for the first time ever during the Jubilee celebrations. Of course, the intro came amid high tensions between Prince Harry, Meghan and their estranged royal family.

They weren't seen publicly after Friday's church service, and flew back early Sunday before the end of the Jubilee celebrations. Luckily, Lilibet's too little to get into all that mess and seems pretty damn chipper about turning 1.

Queen Elizabeth Meets Great-Granddaughter Lilibet For First Time!!! But, Royal Rift Still Evident

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrations seem to be a real family affair, with a bonus ... Her Majesty was finally introduced to her great-granddaughter, Lilibet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle presented the Queen her namesake during a private lunch. Other royals were present. We don't know if Harry's brother, William was at the lunch, nor do we know if his dad, Charles, was present.

There are reports William and Kate will NOT be present Saturday for Lilibet's first birthday party. As you know, there's bad blood between Harry, his dad and his brother for various reasons, not the least of which Harry and Meghan have insinuated one of them made racist comments about Archie.

There are clear, visual signs of a rift between William and Harry. Check out this photo at the National Service of Thanksgiving, taken Friday. They are sitting on complete opposite sides of the church.

Meghan and Harry took a backseat during the traditional balcony wave ... the Palace made it clear ... balcony presence was for "working senior royals."

Harry, Meghan and the kids are getting the security they demanded ... they're being protected by armed police.

It seems the Jubilee is turning out to be a warm family celebration after all ... at least, between the Queen and her great-granddaughter, Lili.

Prince Charles Reportedly Wants to Deny Archie 'Prince' Title

Prince Charles has reportedly drawn a line in the sand in the brewing war between him and Prince Harry ... by allegedly refusing to make his grandson, Archie, a prince once Charles ascends to the throne.

The son of Harry and Meghan Markle is now 7th in line to the throne, but according to the Daily Mail, the inside word is Charles wants to limit the number of critical royals, partly because it's an expensive proposition and the public wants a more streamlined monarchy.

Daily Mail notes members with titles such as Prince or Princess are entitled to financial support and security ... all paid for by commoners. As you know, Harry and Meghan have said publicly Buckingham Palace already refused to pay for Archie's security.

Although this sounds on the surface like a belt-tightening move, there's way more to the story.

As we reported, the Royals are angry at Harry and Meghan for torching them ... even accusing them of racism. Although they didn't say who made the comments about Archie's skin color, the finger seems pointed at either Charles or William, both of whom are reportedly estranged from Harry and Meghan.

BTW ... the tension isn't limited to Archie. Prince Andrew has apparently been complaining about the perks his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, will receive.

Thomas Markle Meghan's Dad Says Oprah Took Advantage of 'Weak' Harry

Thomas Markle says he and Prince Charles have one thing in common ... they've both been ghosted by Meghan and Harry ... but his harshest criticism was reserved for Oprah.

T.M. appeared on Australia's "60 Minutes" and claimed Oprah took advantaged of a "weakened" Prince Harry to build her own network. He said, "I have things to say. Oprah Winfrey, for one, I think is playing Harry and Meghan," adding, "I think she is using them to build her network and build her new shows and I think she's taken advantage of a very weakened man and has got him to say things that you just shouldn't be saying on television."


In case you didn't know ... Oprah already has a network -- OWN. She's also just launched her brand on Discovery. It is true, however, ... the interview was massive and got attention few interviews get.

And then, Thomas threw down ... "She [Oprah] will disagree of course, and she may even sue me.  I don't care. But, the bottom line is she is working with Harry."

Markle says he learned of the birth of Lilibet from Harry and Meghan's public statement ... and he found that disappointing. Given his attacks ... no surprise.

And, he said this ... "I see them both ghosting their families completely and now they are alone in a huge house where they can probably accommodate 20 people in but it's just the 4 of them. I don't think they are going to have relatives over for a barbeque next week or next month."

Prince Harry Heading Back Home for Grandpa's Funeral ... Meghan Won't Attend

Prince Harry's returning to Britain for the first time in a year following the death of Prince Philip ... and he's flying solo.

The Duke of Sussex is making the trip to the UK to attend his grandfather's funeral, but Meghan Markle -- who's pregnant with their second child -- did not receive medical clearance from her doctor to travel.

Harry will be following COVID-19 protocols for travel to and from the U.K. as well as during his time in his homeland, and the timing will work out for him to be at Prince Philip's funeral ... which will be held April 17 at Windsor Castle.

The funeral will be a family service closed to the public, and the Palace says Philip took part in planning it and asked for a private ceremony.

It goes without saying -- Prince Harry's return home will be very interesting ... as it will be his first face-to-face with the Royal Family since his and Meghan's bombshell TV interview with Oprah. Our sources say the Royal Family is not happy (understatement) with Meghan and Harry's interview, which some view as an attack and should have been handled privately.

It's also the first time Prince William's little brother will be back to see Queen Elizabeth II since he and Meghan stepped down as senior Royals in early 2020 and began their new lives in North America.  As you know, Harry and William are all but estranged, and the Oprah interview further drove a wedge between the two.

As we reported ... the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen's husband of nearly 73 years, died Friday at Windsor Castle. His death came after some major health issues recently ... he was hospitalized back in February due to heart problems.

Prince Philip was 99.

Harry & Meghan Montecito Estate Invaded By Intruder

Prince Harry still seems pretty upset about losing his Royal security privileges, and ya can't blame him ... especially because cops say he and Meghan Markle had an unwanted visitor on their property TWICE during the holidays.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a 37-year-old man named Nickolas Brooks was caught trespassing at the Montecito, CA home of the Duke on Duchess on Christmas Eve, but Santa Barbara County Sheriff's officers let him off with a warning.

We're told the warning didn't work because cops say Brooks showed up on the property again on Dec. 26 ... so this time he was arrested.

Our sources say Brooks drove all the way from Ohio, but it's unclear what he wanted from Harry and Meghan ... or if they were even home at the time of his visits.

Brooks has been charged with one count of misdemeanor trespassing.


The incidents might seem like no big deal, but they highlight a much bigger point Harry suggested during last week's bombshell TV interview with Oprah -- he's worried about the safety of his family.

Harry told Oprah when he and Meghan left their senior royal roles and moved to North America ... Buckingham Palace stripped them of their UK security team.

Harry says he pointed out that the risks to him and his family were no less despite their change in status ... but he claims that didn't change the decision.

Clearly, security is still a justified, major concern.

Megyn Kelly Gets 'Good' Laugh at Meme ... Queen Gunning for Meghan


1:46 PM PT -- A source close to Megyn tells us when she looked at the meme, she didn't realize the Queen was holding a gun, and only thought it was a reflection on the windowpane. She took it down after only a couple of minutes.

Megyn Kelly is apparently amused by the image of Queen Elizabeth packing heat to settle the beef with Meghan Markle ... at least based on Megyn's Twitter account.

As you can see, the meme -- which Megyn retweeted -- shows the Queen holding a handgun with a silencer, with the caption, "When you spend £32 million on your grandsons wedding and his wife starts bitching about you to Oprah."

Her review of the threatening meme was ... "So good." She, or someone on her team, has since deleted the tweet -- but she's already made her position known on Harry and Meghan's interview.

Kelly played Monday morning QB, criticizing Oprah for not asking the couple to be more specific about the racist allegations -- and made it clear she didn't buy Meghan's claim she didn't know anything about the Royal family before hooking up with Harry.

We reached out to Megyn's camp about the tweet ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 12:58 PM PT

Prince William Says Monarchy 'Not Racist' But Look Who Carried Him on Throne in 2012

Prince William insists the Royals are "very much not a racist family," but photos of him and his wife being carried on elevated thrones don't exactly reflect that.

The pictures resurfaced Thursday after the Duke of Cambridge emphatically denied the allegations of racism made by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during their Oprah interview.

They show him and Kate Middleton being carried on thrones back in 2012 by people of color in the Solomon Islands. William and Kate were on their Diamond Jubilee tour of the British Commonwealth nations in the South Pacific at the time.

During the tour, they were carried on the backs of locals several times ... including in the nearby country of Tuvalu.


Understandably, these images juxtaposed with both William's and Buckingham Palace's statements about alleged racism have people wondering ... if the British monarchy has an issue with white supremacy.

While one could say the throne carrying ceremony is tradition, one would also have to look at why and how that tradition began -- and that's where race and colonization become an issue.

Regardless, the optics aren't good.

Meghan Markle's Friend Palace Knew About Her Struggles ... My Texts, Emails Prove it!!!

This Morning/ITV

Meghan Markle’s friend is calling BS on the Royal Family's claim it didn't fully understand the challenges Meghan and Prince Harry were going through ... and she says she has receipts.

"The Morning Show" actress, Janina Gavankar, has been friends with Meghan for almost 2 decades, and she spoke out earlier this week to support her pal and call out Buckingham Palace for essentially playing dumb about her mental health struggles.

Janina says she has emails and texts proving the Queen's family and staff were all fully aware of what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were going through ... which contradicts Buckingham Palace saying they didn't know the "full extent."

Though Janina says she's happy Queen Elizabeth's people are finally publicly acknowledging Meghan and Harry's issues, she adds ... "Though their recollections may vary, ours don’t because we lived through it with them."


Janina also told the hosts of Britain's "This Morning" that what Meghan and Harry said about someone in the Royal Family making racist comments about Archie's skin is true ... and she knew about that stuff way before Oprah.

Queen Elizabeth Meghan & Harry's Racism Claims 'Concerning' ... But it's a Private Family Matter

Queen Elizabeth's approach to dealing with the allegations made by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in their Oprah interview is to keep it in the Royal Family ... and behind closed doors.

According to Buckingham Palace ... the issues raised by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex -- "particularly that of race" -- are "concerning." The Palace says ... "While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately."

The Royal Family also says it is "saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan."  It's an acknowledgment what Meghan went through with her mental health struggle was real in the Queen's eyes.

The Queen's people add that the ex-senior royals, along with their son Archie, remain "much loved family members."  Makes sense, because Harry mentioned he's in regular touch with his grandma and Meghan said she's always been treated warmly by her.

Of course, the mention of Archie in the Palace statement is notable because of Harry and Meghan's claim that a member or members of the Royal Family believed Archie's skin color could potentially be a problem if he was born "too dark."

So far, only 2 royals have been ruled out by Harry -- The Queen and Prince Philip -- and it seems Her Majesty wants to keep any further developments under wraps.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Secret 'Backyard' Wedding Not Official ... According to Church Rules

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may think they officially tied the knot in a secret wedding 3 days before their televised one -- but we've learned the church doesn't see it that way.

A source within the church tells TMZ ... a marriage must be solemnized by a member of the clergy in a church or in a place specified in a special license -- be it a cathedral, chapel or hospital -- AND in the presence of 2 witnesses.

That last part is key, because Meghan told Oprah she and Harry got married prior to the big royal wedding we all saw -- in their backyard with only the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. So, they'd be one witness short of a real marriage.


Remember, during the explosive chat, Meghan referred to their big TV wedding as a "spectacle" for the world, but she and Harry wanted "our union between us."

We reached out to a rep at the Archbishop's office and the rep said they don't comment on "personal or pastoral matters" -- but the church's wedding rules are spelled out pretty clearly in black and white.

Ya gotta wonder if Harry and Meghan read the fine print.

The White House Meghan, Harry Showed 'Courage' In Interview with Oprah

The White House is now weighing in on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah ... applauding them for their courage to tell their story.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked Monday during her daily briefing if President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden had any reaction following Meghan's claims of racism against the Royal Family.


Psaki sidestepped whether the Bidens actually watched the interview, but added ... "For anyone to come forward and speak about their own struggles with mental health and tell their own personal story — that takes courage, and that's certainly something the President believes, and he's talked about the importance of investing in a lot of these areas that they’re committed to in the future as well."

She was careful, though, not to ruffle any feathers across the pond because Psaki also emphasized America's "strong and abiding relationship" with the United Kingdom.

As you know, Meghan and Harry opened up to Oprah about her suicidal thoughts and the Royal family members who expressed concern about Archie's skin possibly being too dark.

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