Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Royal Departure's Permanent ... Queen Says They Ain't Coming Back!!!

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are not having a change of heart about stepping down as senior royals -- the Palace says they're donezo for good.

According to Buckingham Palace ... "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed to Her Majesty The Queen that they will not be returning as working members of The Royal Family."

Queen Elizabeth's rep added that in stepping away from their Royal work, it's not possible for Harry and Meghan "to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service."

The statement makes it seem like this was a trial separation, but now they will be stripped of their "honorary military appointments and Royal patronages" ... which now go back to the Queen for redistribution to other working royals later. Ouch.

It all sounds pretty harsh and contentious, especially since Buckingham Palace ends by saying ... "While all are saddened by their decision, The Duke and Duchess remain much loved members of the family."

Basically, the British version of "bless their hearts."

The Palace announcement makes it sound like this final parting of ways was all on Harry and Meghan, though they put out their own statement saying they remain committed to their duty and serving the UK "regardless of official role."

As you know ... they've been doing pretty good for themselves since coming to America last year, and they're expecting their second child.

Baby Archie Says His First Words On the Air!!! Steals Show from Prince Harry & Meghan

Archewell Audio

Baby Archie may only be 17 months old, but that's not stopping him from wishing everyone a Happy New Year ... and naturally, it's to the delight of Mom and Dad.

Archie made a surprise appearance on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first episode of their "Archewell Audio" podcast Tuesday. Meghan first asks Archie if he's having fun, to which Archie replies, "Fun." Then, Dad coaxes him into wishing listeners a "Happy New Year."

It's clear to tell from the audio that both Harry and Meghan are more than excited to hear little Archie speak on the podcast ... Harry can barely contain his own laughter.

The rest of the episode featured some massive stars including Elton John and Tyler Perry ... Stacey Abrams also joined. But, c'mon, Archie upstaged 'em all.

It was just last week when Harry and Meghan were spotted strolling the streets of Beverly Hills. TMZ broke the story ... the couple plunked down $14 million on a Montecito estate back in August.

Their next expense might be an acting coach for Archie.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Sue Photog Over Archie Pic ... Our Home Privacy Was Invaded!!!


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pissed about a paparazzi shot of their son, Archie, which they say was snapped in their own backyard, so now they're suing ... TMZ has learned.

Harry and Meghan say they took extensive measures to ensure their privacy at their new home in the L.A. area -- including putting a large mesh fence around the property to guard against telephoto lenses. Still, according to the lawsuit ... an unnamed photog recently "crossed a red line for any parent" by shopping pics of Archie.

In docs, obtained by TMZ and filed by celeb lawyer Michael Kump, the former Royals say the photos are being shopped as if they were shot during a public outing in Malibu -- but they say Archie has not been anywhere in public, let alone Malibu, since they moved to Los Angeles. They say the photog is purposely lying about the location because the person knows "unsolicited photographs of a young child in the privacy of his own home are very much unlawful."

Sources connected to Meghan and Harry say the intrusion went down at Tyler Perry's Beverly Hills estate, where the former royals are staying. What makes that especially weird ... Tyler's house is in a gated community and he lives at the very farthest point from the front gate, making it especially hard for an intruder to go undetected.

But, Harry and Meghan say they do get intrusions by air. In the lawsuit, they say "some media outlets have flown drones a mere 20 feet above the house as often as three times a day." They also say helicopters do fly-overs, and some photogs have cut holes in their security fences.

Archie's Mom and Dad point out in the suit, it's their choice when and how they share photos of their boy -- and say they have posted pics of him on social media in order to reduce the "bounty" for paparazzi photos.

They're suing for invasion of privacy, and also want an order for the photog to turn over the photos. They don't know if anyone's purchased the shots yet, but they say they're putting all media on notice ... the photos were illegally taken, and not in Malibu.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Committed to Commercial ... Take 12-Hour Red-Eye with Archie!!!

12:42 PM PT -- Is it possible baby Archie is wearing a royal hand-me-down?!? Looks like Prince Harry wore a very similar beanie when he was just a kiddo back on New Year's Day as Princess Diana exited a plane. One thing's for sure ... the beanie's still in style!!!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are making certain no one can call them the Duke and Duchess of Hypocrisy -- they flew commercial for a grueling trip WITH their 4-month-old baby.

Don't get us wrong ... the royal couple still got the royal treatment Monday morning after landing in Cape Town, South Africa.

A team of security guards and airport staff led them away from their British Airways flight. The fam was looking pretty weary on the tarmac as Meghan cradled baby Archie ... who was rocking a stylish beanie, btw.

The 11-and-a-half hour, nonstop flight from London ain't easy for normal travelers, and when ya add baby Archie to the mix ... ya gotta say Harry's doing his best to flip public opinion.

Meg and Harry caught a rash of crap for jacking up their carbon footprint on a gas-guzzling private jet to visit Elton John in France last month. Although, Harry said afterward sometimes it will be necessary to fly private for the safety of his family, this now the 2nd time he's been spotted on a commercial flight since then.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Archie, are kicking off a 10-day tour of the former British colony.

They're already hitting it off with the locals by dancing with some of their greeters in Cape Town.

Well, perhaps wisely, Harry let Meghan do most of the dancing.

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Archie's First Pub Outing!!! Dinner and Pints (for Dad)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are giving their royal baby a taste of the commoner's life by attempting to go undercover for an ordinary day at a British pub.

The Duke and Duchess hit up The Rose & Crown in Windsor, England and as you can see in photos obtained by TMZ ... they blended right in with their infant son, Archie.

Harry had a tight grip on Archie's car seat while Meghan lugged some more baby gear, during the family outing a few Sundays back. The royal tyke, who was less than 4 months old at the time, had a blanket over him and appeared to be napping.

Instead of taking in a cricket or football (soccer) match on the telly ... we're told Archie kept pretty damn quiet for the 2 hours the family was there. Not a single peep outta the little guy -- even when Mom changed his nappy, (that's what they call diapers).

Mom and Dad enjoyed a roast dinner, the house specialty, and Harry helped himself to a couple of pints while Meghan settled for water. We're told they were treated just like all the other patrons -- who didn't bother the royals at all. So much so, one witness said it almost seemed like many customers didn't even recognize them.

They weren't all that incognito though ... with private security and 2 police officers in tow.

By the way ... the pub is just a stone's throw away from Frogmore Cottage, where Harry, Meghan and Archie live.

The pub visit seems to be the first low-key public outing they've made as a family since Archie's birth in May. They were all out together in July, but that was for Dad's polo match ... which is always a public spectacle.

Welcome to the pub life, Arch ... you're officially a Brit.

Meghan & Harry New Nanny Seen in Private Jet Pic ... More Royal Diversity


Royal baby Archie's got a new nanny -- his third in as many months since his birth -- and she's helping Meghan Markle accomplish one of her goals ... bringing multiculturalism to the Royals.

Prince Harry and Meghan's latest childcare pro was spotted stepping off a private jet with the family as they returned from vacation at Elton John's estate in France ... and TMZ's confirmed she is indeed their new nanny.

Here's what we know about nanny #3 from our Royal sources -- she's black, from Great Britain and was hired through an agency. As you may know, both Meghan and Harry have been advocates for race and gender equality ... so this choice makes sense.

This is the first time we've seen one of Archie's nannies in public -- so, truth is, one or both of the first 2 might have also been black. In any event, this is new territory for the Royal Family. Prince William and Kate Middleton's nannies have been white.

Our sources say the unidentified woman was hired about 2 months ago after Meghan and Harry went through 2 other nannies in their son's first 6 weeks. One of them was a night nurse.

We're told so far, so good ... Duke and Duchess have been happy with nanny #3.

As we reported ... the couple have also been vocal on environmental issues, so they took some heat in the press for flying private. Sir Elton wasn't having it, though.

Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton Let's Get the Kiddos Together ... Watch the Princes Play Polo

Meghan Markle and Baby Archie joined forces with Auntie Kate Middleton and her brood for a play date of sorts -- with both the kids and their daddies horsin' around in a field.

The Duchesses linked up Wednesday at Billingbear Park in Wokingham, England, where Prince Harry and Prince William were playing a charity polo match -- opposite teams, naturally. They had the support of their entire fam as they galloped after the ball, mallets in hand and helmets intact.

As the Royal papas squared off, their wives and children looked on from the crowd ... and, let's be honest, probably stole the spotlight.

Meg showed up cradling her newborn, who was sporting a comfy-looking white outfit, with his chubby legs sticking out. Kate, meanwhile, had her hands full with at least two of her boys -- Prince George and Prince Louis, the latter in full walking mode.

It's one of the first times we've seen Archie hang out with his cousins -- although something tells us it's just a haze to him at this point. He is just two months old, after all.

He'll appreciate these get-togethers soon enough though -- time flies with these Royal kids ... seems just like yesterday that roaming Louis looked exactly like Archie boy here.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Baby Archie Becomes a Christian ... Welcome to the Club!!!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son just hit a new milestone in Royal life ... becoming a Christian under the Church of England ... even though nobody really got to see it happen.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex held a closed-door christening Saturday morning for baby Archie in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle, where only about 25 people were reportedly in attendance for the intimate ceremony. They snapped this pic afterward.

It's the whole family here pretty much -- sans Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip -- with Meghan and Harry front and center, and Archie on mommy's lap.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Check out the mug on the baby BTW -- it's the first time we're seeing the kid's face in full view since he was born, and lo and behold ... the 2-month-old is absolutely adorable.

As for other details, the Royals have been pretty tight-lipped -- only saying in their announcement, "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are so happy to share the joy of this day with members of the public who have been incredibly supportive since the birth of their son. They thank you for your kindness in welcoming their first born and celebrating this special moment."

A rep added, "Their Royal Highnesses feel fortunate to have enjoyed this day with family and the godparents of Archie." No word on ID of godfather -- keepin' it in the family, it seems.

And, if you were wondering about the christening wear of the child, the Royals explained that too, saying it's actually a replica of a traditional gown that's been worn by royal infants for 11 years. Of course, the Royals are all about tradition ... in religion and otherwise.

One last fun fact -- the guy who handled Archie's christening -- Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby -- is the same dude who baptized Meg before she got hitched with Harry. She was already raised Christian, but it never hurts to make things official.

Ditto for Archie ... congrats!!!

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry At the MLB Game in London Baby Archie's an Honorary Yank!!!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son is a newly-minted New York Yankees fan -- all because the team took the time to make him a jersey while playing across the pond.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex crashed the Yankees-Red Sox game Saturday in London, where the two rivals are facing off this weekend for an historic two-game series ... the first to ever be played in Europe. Who better to invite than the Royal couple, right???

The Red Sox gave MM and PH a team onesie, which was cute ... but it didn't really hold a candle to the Yankees' gift -- a custom baby jersey, with Archie's name on the back.

If you watch Meghan's reaction here, there's no comparison ... Yankees took the cake with that thoughtful gesture. The onesie's cool and all, but c'mon ... make a jersey, fellas.

Anyway, Archie wasn't with his mom and dad at the game -- at nearly two months old, the newborn's probably at home soaking up some ZZZs. Not to worry though -- his parents made sure he was well-represented at the MLB event.

Regarding the game ... go Yanks!!! That's what Archie would say after today, probably.

Baby Archie Unveiled for Prince Harry's First Father's Day

Get a load of baby Archie, everyone, the freshly-minted son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The kid's a month-and-a-half old and finally, we're able to see his face in all its glory.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The pic was posted on the Royals' Instagram page for Harry's very first Father's Day.

Still not crystal clear how Meghan and Harry came up with the name Archie ... to be precise, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Archie is kinda like the United State's Attorney General ... he's 7th in line for the top spot. Archie wasn't in public view during the Queen's birthday celebration earlier this month, so this is really the first time we've seen his full face.

Nevertheless, he's a big deal in the UK. BTW, the first official interracial baby in the Royal Fam.

Happy Father's Day Harry ... your kid is super cute.

Kate Middleton 'Back to Nature' Garden Becomes Princes' & Princess' Playland

Kate Middleton designed a garden that she hopes will inspire others to get their kids outdoors and playing -- and her kids set a great example by leading the way on that front.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had themselves quite a day exploring Kate's new "Back to Nature" garden that she's officially unveiling to the public in a few days as part of the annual Chelsea Flower Show. The point of all of it ... early childhood development and getting folks (especially kids) reacquainted with the great outdoors. A great cause, really.

Before she opened the doors to everyone else, she had Will bring their own kiddos by to scope the joint out. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the newest addition, 1-year-old Prince Louis, definitely had their run of the place ... it's practically a kid's playland paradise.

Charlotte and Louis rode the rope swing, which looks super fun ... and Georgie boy dipped his toes in a running stream under a baby bridge. We don't usually say this ... but damn, this is cute.

Seeing how they got a little cousin now who'll be able to play along soon enough -- ya gotta imagine the Royals might be here quite a bit in the near future.

Can't blame 'em ... this thing is quite a sight to behold.

Meghan Markle Actress No More ... Officially Just a 'Princess'

Meghan Markle 's dozens of acting credits have gone missing -- at least they have in the UK, where her official J-O-B is now simply ... "Princess," according to her firstborn's birth certificate.

Baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor's birth certificate was published Friday, and revealed he was born May 6 at Portland Hospital in Westminster, London ... most of which we already knew. What really caught our attention was what Meghan listed as her occupation: Princess of the United Kingdom.

That's it. Fits neatly on one line. Big change from her old gig -- y'know, acting -- which required dozens of lines.

You'll recall one of Meghan's very old acting resumes was unearthed last year showing her acting credits. She was a struggling actress, at that point, with her only film work being in Ashton Kutcher's "A Lot Like Love," where she played Natalie the "Hot Chick."

Some of her other credits included several TV roles and tons of theater gigs -- but she went on to have even more success ... including her breakout role as Rachel Zane in "Suits." At last check, she has about 30 credited roles under her belt.

Not that any of that matters now, apparently ... since having baby Archie, 7th in line to the UK throne.

BTW, "Princess" is listed as her occupation -- just as Harry's is "Prince" -- but don't get it twisted. Their royal titles are still Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry Model Father Back on His J-O-B With Gifts for Archie!!!

Prince Harry's paternity leave is already over, and he's back on the job ... as a model.

While Master Archie's back at the palace filling diapers, his pops is all smiles in the Netherlands ... happily showing off some baby gifts he'll be bringing home. Harry's back on the road -- just 4 days after Meghan Markle birthed their first child -- to promote his Invictus Games, which will be held in the Netherlands next year.

Harry's Invictus coworkers hooked him up with a onesie for Archie, and they also gave the Prince his own Invictus windbreaker ... complete with highlighted letters spelling out, "I Am Daddy." Just in case he forgets.

No doubt, Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor will be lauded with tons of gifts in the coming days. Yeah, he's only 7th in line to the throne -- right behind his dad -- but he's Harry and Meghan's first, and the first American/British royal.

Invictus is an athletic competition for injured soldiers from around the globe which the Duke of Sussex created back in 2014.

Looks like Harry's already settling into juggling work and fatherhood.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Here's Archie!!!

Breaking News

9:05 AM PT -- If you're the betting type, and the type who loves a long shot ... you might have just cashed in big time. Ladbrokes, an online betting site, had Archie odds set at 100/1. Congrats if you just came up.

And the Palace wants to make it clear ... his name is Archie, NOT Archibald.

BTW ... the middle name of Harrison is quite fitting. The root of the name is Henry's son, and Henry is Harry's actual birth name. So, there ya go.

8:42 AM PT -- Welp, it's official. Baby Sussex is now Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

What a mouthful.

All of Queen Elizabeth's descendants take the family name Mountbatten-Windsor -- which is a combination of the Queen's official last name, and Prince Phillips' surname.

The long wait to see the royal baby is over ... but the wait to learn his name continues.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made an appearance outside of Windsor Palace with their newborn son and the royal couple was all smiles as they introduced their baby to the world.

When asked how the baby has been, Meghan told reporters, "He has the sweetest temperament. He's really calm."

"I wonder who he gets that from," Prince Harry responded with a smile as he cradled "Baby Sussex" in his arms. Meghan called them her "two best guys in the world."

The couple plans to bring the baby to meet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh this afternoon.

In the days leading up to the big reveal, oddsmakers in the UK were taking bets on what names the couple might choose ... with Spencer a strong favorite. Spencer was the maiden name of Princess Diana, Harry's mother.

Other names heavily favored included the more traditional Alexander, James, Arthur and Philip.

Oddsmakers were uncertain if the couple would go with a traditional name ... or buck tradition and go their own way as they have in other ways. For now ... everyone waits. As we reported ... Meghan gave birth at 5:26 AM Monday, London time to a healthy baby boy weighing in at 7 lbs. 3 oz.


Harry announced the happy news, telling the media he was thrilled and in awe over what women go through during childbirth. He said they were still thinking about the name even though they had some extra time, and also ... he couldn't stop smiling.

Kensington Palace revealed in October 2018 that Harry and Megs were expecting ... just about 5 months after their star-studded wedding ceremony.

The couple's kiddo is 7th in line to the throne, right behind his father.

Originally Published -- 5:04 AM PT

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Royal Baby is a Boy!!! No Clue What to Call Him

Breaking News

10:53 AM PT -- Michelle Obama is chiming in on the good news too. The former First Lady tweeted her excitement to the new parents, saying she can't wait to meet the new royal bundle.

6:45 AM PT -- Meghan has given birth to a royal baby boy ... 7 lbs., 3 ozs. The palace says the new prince arrived at 5:26 AM Monday, London time.

No name for the little guy, yet. Harry says they're "still thinking about it" ... even though the baby arrived a little late.

Pass the royal baby powder! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are officially in the home stretch ... she's in labor with their first child.

Buckingham Palace announced Monday the Duchess of Sussex had gone into labor.

Kensington Palace announced in October 2018 Harry and Megs were pregnant. They moved quickly ... the pregnancy news came about 5 months after their star-studded wedding ceremony.

Meghan continued her royal duties as the couple went on tour, but ultimately had to cut back ... especially on-air travel.

When it came to her baby shower ... that was quite a spectacle too. Tons of celeb friends came out in force to shower her with love ... from Amal Clooney to Abigail Spencer.

Because we know you're wondering ... the kiddo will be 7th in line to the throne, right behind Papa Harry, the Duke of Sussex. The new Prince will also bump Prince Andrew -- the second son of Queen Elizabeth -- down a notch.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 6:16 AM PT

Meghan Markle Unwelcome Mat for Dad ... For Birth of First Child


Meghan Markle's father won't be around to spoil the joy of her firstborn ... because he's still iced out of the Royal Family.

Sources close to Thomas Markle tell TMZ ... he's not traveling to London -- or making any plans to do so -- despite the fact his daughter is due to give birth to her and Prince Harry's child any day now. Meghan's mom, Doria Ragland, arrived this weekend.

We're told, unlike last year -- when health issues kept Thomas from attending the Royal Wedding and giving Meghan away -- the reason he's not visiting his daughter and meeting his new grandchild is because he's squarely persona non grata.

Our sources say Thomas has been unable to make inroads reconciling with Meghan because he believes she's in a "cone of silence" ... but he hopes their relationship can be repaired after she has a baby.

As you'll recall ... Thomas seemed to get shunned by the Royals shortly after the wedding for going to the media, a move perceived by many as self-serving. There's been a lot of speculation about the father-daughter relationship since then, but it's clear they haven't been on speaking terms since August.

Regardless, we're told Thomas, of course, wishes Meghan and Harry the best and hopes for a safe delivery of a healthy baby ... and he's glad Doria's made the trip to be by her side.

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