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Tommy Chong

My Daughter Was Right

Oprah Would Have Been a Field N-Word

7/25/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072413_tommy_chong_launchTommy Chong is defending his daughter Rae Dawn -- telling TMZ she was just being honest when she said Oprah would have been a "field" N-word back in the slave days ... because that's just the way things were.

"If you think of what [Rae] said, she said back in the day Oprah would be working in the field because she's not that beautiful  ... whereas if you're beautiful, you're part of the master's bedroom."

Tommy continues, "Knowing Oprah, she would probably read [Rae's comments] and just chuckle and probably agree with Rae Dawn ... she probably would be working in the field."

There's more ... Tommy says he doesn't think Oprah would have STAYED in the field during slave times, because she would have used her "charm and intelligence" to become a "house lady."

And even though Rae called Oprah fat and ugly and a "brown-noser" ... Tommy still thinks there's a chance Rae and O could work together again in the future.

Dude, how HIGH are you??



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Aha, "back in the slave days". So we are not in the slave days anymore and anyone who uses the term something-N-word nowadays is a suspected to be racist. That's it, slave days vs. nowadays, you know...IDIOT!

454 days ago



454 days ago


I always thought the difference between a Field and a House Negro was the color of the person. The lighter or whiter you were the closer you were related to the house.

454 days ago

Dom The Mover    

maybe weed does eat your brain cells

454 days ago


All I know is Rae Down Chong was smoking hot (& naked as a jay bird) throughout most of the 1981 movie Quest for Fire. Definitely worth watching over and over and over ...

454 days ago


They both need to just STFU & go sit their @sses down somewhere...

454 days ago


I use to thing Rae Dawn Chong was so beautiful, but after that comment she just got really ugly and bitter to me. If you don't like you position in life do something about it but don't hate on other people who achieved more success than you. Her basic reply was she is successful but I am pretty and she really shouldn't be more successful than me and if this was during slavery I would have a better position. Well If, should have, could have is all a wish. We don't live in those times and you are just a Z-list out of work actor, and Oprah is Multimedia Billionaire and a working actor. Maybe if you were more respectable she might have giving you a job.

454 days ago


Let's stop ignoring the obvious, Oprah would have been in the field as would have I because we would have been considered too dark to be in the big house anyone darker than Rae Dawn Chong would have been in the field unless they were cleaning and cooking. Although realistically that did not stop the slave owner from visiting and raping the Black women that were in the fields now did it?

454 days ago


Ummm...did Rae Dawn forget that she is also black and hell, probably wouldn't have even existed back in the US since her dad is chinese and Irish mixed...that didn't exist in the US back then.

454 days ago


I did not know Rae Dawn Chong was the daughter of Tommy Chong from Cheech & Chong.

454 days ago


His damage control like his daughter's just went 'UP IN SMOKE!' lol!.

454 days ago


y yals get all hurt cuz a MF say back in the day girl would be wutever kinda slave ... wtf u think she woulda been ...president ! & when is yal finna stand up & be proud that u built america ... no lets just put our heads down & talk bout how wrong it is to talk bout our history. ..... MFs is Christ-like Mat23:11 -But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

454 days ago


What is her father suppose to say? SMDH

454 days ago


OMG I feel so dumb, I had no idea he was her father! LOL!

454 days ago

charley cvercko    

Oprah is not god, people. Chill.

454 days ago
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