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Tommy Chong

My Daughter Was Right

Oprah Would Have Been a Field N-Word

7/25/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072413_tommy_chong_launchTommy Chong is defending his daughter Rae Dawn -- telling TMZ she was just being honest when she said Oprah would have been a "field" N-word back in the slave days ... because that's just the way things were.

"If you think of what [Rae] said, she said back in the day Oprah would be working in the field because she's not that beautiful  ... whereas if you're beautiful, you're part of the master's bedroom."

Tommy continues, "Knowing Oprah, she would probably read [Rae's comments] and just chuckle and probably agree with Rae Dawn ... she probably would be working in the field."

There's more ... Tommy says he doesn't think Oprah would have STAYED in the field during slave times, because she would have used her "charm and intelligence" to become a "house lady."

And even though Rae called Oprah fat and ugly and a "brown-noser" ... Tommy still thinks there's a chance Rae and O could work together again in the future.

Dude, how HIGH are you??



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Southern Julia    

Technically, Oprah could've been a house n***** if she wanted to be.
Rae's little theory didn't work like that ALL the time.
Dark-skinned slaves worked in the house too.
And the lighter one being put in the house would've been a whore to the white master of the house. Not exactly something to be proud of.
And besides, slaves of both dark and light shades were raped.
Wow, Rae, now who looks like a dumbass bitch?

462 days ago


How do these northerners know so much about the antebellum south? wtf

461 days ago


When does she get to be nailed to the cross, as Paula Deen was? Why not? It's OK for her to say something like that. Now thats racism!

461 days ago


This old firt sniffing fool, don't know **** from applebutter

459 days ago


Honestly, this Rae Chong woman is not even cute, she is just lighter than Oprah. Light skin does not mean you are pretty. I always thought Ms. Chong was weird looking. Ms. Chong is just showing the intra-racism that is rampant in the black community. She is also showing how jealous black women can be of one another. Noone cares what kind of slave Oprah would have been over a hundred years ago, but they do care about what she is in the present and that would be PAID and successful. Dear Ms. Chong, Oprah is a billionaire, Oprah has helped millions of people. Personally, I never thought Oprah was a bad looking woman, but I respect that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Big whoop Ms. Chong, you would have been a house slave, but dear you still would have been a slave. How about you stop being so jealous of Oprah's accomplishments and do something with your life. Seriously, when was the last time you were in a movie.... Don't worry, I'll wait.

456 days ago


Koran is just plain and simply past tense..we are tired of her high mighty ways and attitude..she certainly is a lost soul with lots of money and money don't make a whole person heart and soul..just another big mouth racist.

454 days ago
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