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Anthony Weiner

Publicly Scolded

7/27/2013 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This video is super awkward ... Anthony Weiner was put on BLAST Friday by an ex-school teacher for his raunchy, sexting ways ... and it all happened while cameras rolled.

Weiner was visiting homes damaged by Superstorm Sandy, when he walked into a s**t storm himself ... in the form of Peg Brunda a retired teacher, who went off on him.

You gotta watch the heated exchange -- but to give you an idea just how PISSED Brunda is that Weiner refuses to drop out of the NYC mayoral race, she says, "Had I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yourself, my job would have been gone."

Then adds, "I don’t quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator in this city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that’s expected of us."

Weiner tries to fire back ... but Peg doesn't back down. Check it out.


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LA had mayor antonio villaregrosa. That was a waste of tax dollars. He is now a financial advisor to a bank. Hahahaha. So, yeah, you go Peg Bundy, good job!

396 days ago


You stopped the video before he finished giving his explanation...

396 days ago


This sociopath needs to take 5 years out of public life, get therapy, get a new career, and take care of his family! Btw...stay off the internet if you're too irresponsible to use it too.

396 days ago


****amamie shena****ns and politicians .............

396 days ago

small asian penis    

he is a total creep

396 days ago


more politicians need to be called on the carpet for their behavior while in office and for their decisions, policy making, etc and we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now with this country.. We elect people then stick our heads in the sand and bitch on the internet about what they are doing.. I applaud this lady and say we should all be doing this.

396 days ago


Americans like this lady make me proud

396 days ago


TMZ, keep calling this weiner out, just like you love to do with Jay-Z....But, this actually may be beneficial, for once lol

396 days ago


used car salesman. can't even answer the valid question. If I so much as steal a pencil I would lose my job as a teacher. He's spinning his wheels, no one in their right mind would vote for him.

396 days ago

BB not bb    

Weiner is looking like a Winner.

396 days ago

BB not bb    

Mean old ladies can't bring him down. Dirty old politicians can't bring him down. I am not sure about the Muslims Brother hood yet. Breitbart can't bring him down -- looks like he brought himself down. News media isn't bringing him down.

People want someone who will fight for them, who is honest, who attends the meetings and votes, who listens to their concerns, who tries to represent them and do what is best for them. That is what people say anyway. It seems what they really want is someone who the media isn't picking on, someone who seems popular, someone who has the right image. It is like student council elections all over again.

396 days ago

BB not bb    

I have a lot of respect for Weiner even though he is super liberal. He seems to be the rising star of politics to be honest. He is the most honest, intelligent and hard working politician I have seen around lately. You know what the problem is with him, he is being backed by the Muslim Brotherhood of all things.

Why are they backing a Jewish guy who is observant no less, who supports Israel, who supports gay rights which they hate, who supports abortion which they are against, and on and on? They have their girl Huma Abadin right in his house.

What happens if he gets to be mayor of NYC? Will they ask for all kinds of favors for Muslims? Will they ask for mosques to be built all over? Then suddenly when the imam gives the signal, they could all come pouring out armed to the teeth and take over the city.

Weiner is very liberal, so he tries to be nice to everybody. The thing is that you can't make everybody happy. There is a line that has to be drawn where self interest and preservation take precedence over trying to give everyone what they want.

I want to see more guns on the streets so at least Americans have some chance against whatever hoodlums try to take over. People need to be protected from criminals. That means the murderers in abortion clinics who operate freely under the law, and the ungodly gays who keep demanding rights that only diminish the quality of life for everyone else.

396 days ago


Wow, she did a great job. She needs to be a reporter. The media in this country is totally in the bag for the powers that be. The media is afraid or in love with politicians and will not ask the tough questions. The media is not doing their job, that is dangerous.

396 days ago


GO PEG! It's about time somebody publicly confronts that joker.

396 days ago

moose with a J    

This woman looks rough enough and like its been so long w/o a man she might need a bit of weiner inside her lol.

396 days ago
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