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Anthony Weiner's Sexting Parter

He Needs To Pull Out

7/29/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner
is terrible at pulling out ... of mayoral races ... at least according to his sexting partner who firmly believes he should withdraw from the race.

23-year-old Sydney Leathers made headlines this week when it came out that she and Weiner had been sending nudie pics back and forth after leaving Congress.  Weiner says he's staying in race.

But Sydney tells TMZ ... Weiner's a cooked goose, saying, "He should pull out." Leathers tells us she believes Weiner is unfit to run the Big Apple.

Leather's has become an advocate, urging New Yorkers to vote for Christine Quinn -- Weiner's openly gay opponent.

She also had some advice for Weiner's wife, Huma -- "Whatever his wife does is her decision, but I would leave him."

A little audacious, don't you think?



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As she attention-whores the media more and more, the more it's apparent that she set this whole thing up to tear someone down for her own fame

415 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Why is there a photo of a dog next to Anthony Weiner?

415 days ago


She is as nasty as a person can get. I think I will skip this gold digging trashes advise.

415 days ago

Mz. Reecez    

FIX Partner its mispelled. My opinion now that shes outed him for whatever reason she she seeks to harm his campaign. Was it about money? CAuse she didnt have issues showing he ass before now .. and now hes the bad guy. What he is doing is wrong .. very wrong hes a married man. But its not like hes the first man to do this, i consider porn the same thing accept you have no real contact with the actors. He's getting his rocks off lol ... anyway, let the man run his campaign its not our business what he does in his spare time no matter how public his life is ... isnt that like me peeking in ur shower or reading your mail. Everybodys a damn judge smh

415 days ago


... 7, 8, 9, and out!

415 days ago


The thing is... this girl is not married. Weiner is. She is not the one breaking marriage vows. Weiner is. He has no remorse for what he did and instead, tried to talk over, ignore and play the blank look when confronted by a teacher about his ability to make moral decisions. He is in it for himself, and if he is elected, New York will get what shafted, but not screwed because he can't finish what he starts, not even being unfaithful. It's all a game of words and morals. He doesn't have enough of either.

415 days ago


why should he? did bill clinton leave after being exposed having sex in the oval office with monica???

415 days ago


Seriously? Sending nude photos of yourself to a man you know to be married does not give her any kind of moral authority to be telling him what to do.

415 days ago


Everyone is ragging on Weiner but what about the chick?

415 days ago


Doesn't Weiner realize that this proves he can't be trusted. Anyone with a brain can see that. He lies to his own wife so what is to stop him from lying to the public. I am not from NY so I can't vote for or against him. It sure will be interesting to see if his campaign "peters" out. - Sorry, had to!

415 days ago


She's as much a skank as he is a douchebag.

415 days ago


The Wiener had his second chance long ago, this WAS the third chance, one chance to much, ALL people a fed up with this pathological freak.
He should candidate for a swinger club chairman!

415 days ago


I have no sympathy for Weiner but this woman is some piece of work. She was all over this texting and now running around promoting herself and stating she was once excited by it but now finds it creepy. You know what is creepy lady, you are. Look at the history of women like you that crop up out of no where and see how long you last. God your not even attractive so shut your mouth and stop making a bigger fool of yourself.

415 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Weiner... condemned!

415 days ago


Typo on Anthony Wiener Sexting Parter? Shouldn't it be PARTNER with an "N"? Unless Parter is something of the sexting lingo which I know nothing about!

415 days ago
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