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Anthony Weiner's Sexting Parter

He Needs To Pull Out

7/29/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner
is terrible at pulling out ... of mayoral races ... at least according to his sexting partner who firmly believes he should withdraw from the race.

23-year-old Sydney Leathers made headlines this week when it came out that she and Weiner had been sending nudie pics back and forth after leaving Congress.  Weiner says he's staying in race.

But Sydney tells TMZ ... Weiner's a cooked goose, saying, "He should pull out." Leathers tells us she believes Weiner is unfit to run the Big Apple.

Leather's has become an advocate, urging New Yorkers to vote for Christine Quinn -- Weiner's openly gay opponent.

She also had some advice for Weiner's wife, Huma -- "Whatever his wife does is her decision, but I would leave him."

A little audacious, don't you think?



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Knock Biebers Face In. lil Puke    

I'd like to slap this guy across the face.. The nerve of him to even try and run is more then my mind can comprehend. Super loser.

421 days ago


Did you ever notice all he got was girls who were class B hot and perfectly willing to show their faces and be interviewed and he never got catfished by the ugly/toothless/old woman or man behind the keyboard sending him random pics of a really hot person stolen from somewhere else? This wouldn't be about a payday for those women would it?

421 days ago


Every word coming out of ths broad's mouth makes Anthony Weiner look like a genuine great guy and perfect mayor candidate.

421 days ago

Mr. Moet    

Why would he risk his family and career for that downgrade/crypt keeper posing in her grandma's nighty and using her little sister's cell phone to seek attention. Weiner is pathetic.

421 days ago


It better not go any further, imagine the FUGLY kids these two would make.

421 days ago

Mz. Reecez    

SMH the girl is or was out for money. She didnt get her way after showing her ass so now she goes public.. she was prob on the phone oohh ahhhh moaning in his ear too. Shes a hoe looking to get paid, i cant stand how people use others shortcomings to get fame.. He has issues its clear, but im not so sure his sexual issues have to do with how he can perform as Mayor. Believe me the way i get off and the way i work is too different things.. Dont feel that its even compareable unless my job was prostitution!!! The girl should be disgusted with her self for seekiing fame for being a phone porn star... 1-800-text-a-hoe

421 days ago


Weiner is a creep, but this broad is pathetic.

421 days ago


He risked everything for that?! Uhhh, she is fugly! At least risk it all on something worth looking at.

421 days ago


This B it ch is just looking for fame..she already hired a PR Manager..its sad what some chicks would do for 15mins of fame..and his dumb ass my god a target already and you cant stop sexting dude your like 50 stopppp

421 days ago


She has the teeth of a horse.

421 days ago


She is a not-so-smart girl with no self-esteem who was obviously paid to come forward at this exact time. Two wrongs never make a right but a dim-witted girl (with her booty hanging out of some pink undies) on a picture has no right to tell him not to run. Earth to unstable this will be your legacy...but oh girls just want to have fun.

421 days ago



421 days ago


Well, if she thinks Weiner is unfit, that's enough for me...uh, hell no. TMZ, nobody cares what these unattractive whor&s really think. Looks like Tubby is in LA, must mean some loser outfit is paying her for her story.(hopefully they didn't pay by the lbs).

421 days ago

Lisa G    

Sounds like someone didn't get the new sexting account name.... She's a twit but he's a grown man and in this case, she's right.

421 days ago


If Weiner is unfit, so is this bimbo girl. She also sexted...and sent nude photos. So shes as guilty as he is and has no moral authority to be encouraging voters which way they should swing, or who is fit or unfit. On another note..Id love to ask, who hasnt sexted some thing in the past? Even if its just a harmless flirt. Yes Weiner should know better than send photos of himself nude around, considering the world of the internet. But its all harmless fun, and maybe thats how he gets off. I dont care about his sex life. If he can do the job, and has the skills, I say Weiner for Mayor! Problem with our society, we become too wrapped up in other peoples private business.

421 days ago
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