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George Zimmerman


Stopped By Cops, Packing Heat

7/31/2013 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1:55 PM PT --
We've obtained the police dashcam video of the stop ... in which George Zimmerman informs the cop he has a firearm in his glove box.

Both Zimmerman and the officer are very polite to each other during the stop.

Zimmerman remains in his vehicle during the entire incident.


George Zimmerman
is still armed and theoretically dangerous ... he was stopped by cops for speeding and revealed he had a gun in his glove compartment.

Zimmerman was speeding in Forney, Texas on Sunday, just after noon, when he was stopped by police.  Zimmerman told cops he was headed "nowhere in particular," and informed them he had a firearm in his glove compartment.

Zimmerman was given a warning, after cops determined he was free of warrants.  He was sent on his way with a polite goodbye, "Have a safe trip."

The stop lasted around 5 minutes.

BTW ... law enforcement tells TMZ ... he was NOT wearing a disguise ... it was full blown George Zimmerman.



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"A good amount of police are racist"? So are a good amount of blacks. What's your point?

449 days ago


Great, so now the poor guy has to trade in his car as every idiot now knows what it looks like and has a rough idea of where he is. I guess Texas is a good place for him to be as they don't mess around. Hope he can find a nice place to live and just be left alone. I honestly do think he should be allowed to be a highway patrol or cop. He helped those people in their car crash and he's honest and seems to care (even with all the crap that's happened to him.) Go George, find a nice place to live and do your thing. Also, thank you Texas Highway patrolman for not being an attention seeking drama queen.

449 days ago


So TMZ runs a photo of his vehicle, mentions he has a gun, and then follows it immediately below by photos of stars in support of Martin. Oh, you don't suppose TMZ has an agenda, do you?

449 days ago


Breaking News!...Zimmerman was polite. SMH Sorry TMZ, you missed your opportunity to jump on the bash Zimmerman wagon.

449 days ago


Enjoy your life cool guy! You are free! You won and the colored folk lost! So happy for you! High five my man!

449 days ago


He's only dangerous if you start bashing his head into the concrete and break his nose

449 days ago


Why the f..k is this guy still running around with a gun driving aimlessly. He didn't get a speeding ticket for speeding what an America. I spit on that flag.

449 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

AGAIN for the idiot.
Stand your ground was not used.He did not shoot standing his ground he shot in self defense since he was on his BACK!!!! Even if we didn't have stand your ground laws he still could have shot the thug for attacking him.MARTIN id guilty of assault and battery and got what he deserved.

449 days ago


F*ck that trash

449 days ago


Protest my ass...Shoot back!

449 days ago


I don't care about the gun...most other people would have gotten a TICKET for speeding; I know I have :(

449 days ago


Way to go TMZ, you just gave away his location. If any violence happens the blood is on your hands. I don't know how you live with yourself Harvey.

449 days ago


Are you Kidding me TMZ???

"George Zimmerman is still armed and theoretically dangerous ... he was stopped by cops for speeding and revealed he had a gun in his glove compartment."

well then watch out for EVERYONE ELSE on Texas roads.... 1/3 cars is "packing heat" and is THEORETICALLY DANGEROUS!

friggng trolls trying to CREATE the news instead of reporting it.

449 days ago


Was he given a ticket for speeding or a fee pass? With regard to carrying, he is allowed and he did right by reporting. However, it is only a matter of time before he is behind bars. He will pull that gun on someone and try that self defense BS to no avail. Idiots lack basic common sense, he should consider that given the outrage of the trial, right wrong or indifferent the next time he will go down. OJ much?

449 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

HA! we go. Already reporting him out and about carrying a gun fully loaded. I thought he would be in hiding by now.

449 days ago
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