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Simon Cowell

Get Me Out of This Divorce!

8/5/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803-simon-lauren-artSimon Cowell is upset ... very upset he's in the middle of what is becoming a bitter divorce between Andrew Silverman and Simon's soon-to-be baby mama Lauren Silverman, and he's pressuring her to settle ... sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ.

We're told Simon HATES the bad publicity, which he feels is making him look like an underhanded cad.  Our sources say Simon has painted a clear picture to Lauren -- the money she'll get from Andrew is minimal because of their prenup, so any significant cash will come from Mr. X Factor himself.

We're told Lauren is nervous and doesn't want to upset Simon, so she's feeling the heat.  Her problem -- she and Andrew are at odds over custody of their 7-year-old son, and she feels she may have to give too much in order to end things and appease Simon.

Although both sides have said they want to resolve the divorce amicably for the sake of their kids, we can tell you there's a lot of bad blood on both sides and it's getting really nasty.



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Cowell is obviously a relatively "smart and savvy guy",; so how did he allow himself to be involved in something that is as bad a Weiner??? this just demonstrates that even very "smart" people can make "some very DUMB MISTAKES". And Cowell is definitely "no exception to any of this". It is rather revealing that sexual misconduct is the downfall of lots of people ,. . . Bill Clinton, Weiner, Cowell, ets. It is just a short coming of "being human" and giving into our base natural copulsions. Cowell cannot simply "extract himself" from any of this; he is intrinscally involved in it all. Deal with it; and handle it.

413 days ago


How shocking! What do you mean Simon feels the publicity is making him look like an underhanded cad?

Gee, all he did was boink he best friend's wife, right under his nose at that, for the past few years. What could be construed as underhanded about that?

Oh. Yeah. I guess he planted a bun in her oven too. Now maybe that could be considered a bit caddy of him.

It's just another case of thinking with the little head. No big deal. Happens all the time.

413 days ago

PJ in Texas    

Should have thought of all this before you inpregnated the money chasing gold digger. Now Simon is acting selfish by forcing the lady to settle when all that she should be worried about is taking care of her kid and no one else.

413 days ago


YOU are part of this divorce Cowell, take the skanks good and bad, deal with it.

413 days ago


He should kept his"willy" in his pants then.

413 days ago


Lauren Silverman sounds like a "PUPPY MILL"........ Time to get FIXED.

413 days ago


Cry me a f***ing river Simon. Maybe you should've thought about the nasty drama that would happen before you screwed your friends wife. Also, I love how that slut Lauren is also freaking out. Maybe you should've thought about that before you spread your whoring legs and let a man that wasn't your husband release his seed inside you.

413 days ago


What if the baby is not Simon's, but her Husband

413 days ago


Do I feel sorry for Simon? Nope. There are things, that can prevent pregnancies, that men can and should use. Yet they gamble with becoming a father cause they are too lazy or stupid to use a condom and on top of that they believe it when women tell them they are on the pill or for what ever reason they can't have babies. MEN, Wake the H*** UP. Women lie and do it very well. Protect your self and use a condom. And all you rich guys, you believe she loves you?? Wake UP it is your money she loves.

413 days ago

Eudora Lumpkinelle    

is this all drama meant to draw attention to the show ??? we'll know when the baby is found to be not his .

413 days ago


Simon, the only screams emitting from you were the ones you were enjoying during "play time" with Ms. what's her name. Now you want out. Doesn't feel good when the heat is on does it. Man up and accept your do.

413 days ago


knees together, pants zipped. Married...... hands off...... No cure for stupid

413 days ago


Simon and his little squeeze Lauren should have considered all these things before they decided to bring an innocent child into the world. I have no sympathy for either of them, but my heart aches for the unborn child.

413 days ago


She can't be the only one. There's gotta be other wives he's been banging behind the scenes. He's got a lot of good buddies who are married, the possibilities are limitless.

413 days ago


Simon and Andrew are straight hustling this dumb broad

413 days ago
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