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Ransom to Nicki Minaj:


I Never Said I Wrote Your Songs

8/8/2013 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj completely OVERREACTED when she blasted her old friend Ransom in public this week ... so says Ransom who tells TMZ the whole beef is one giant misunderstanding.

Ransom was out in NYC last night and finally explained what he meant in his new song "Man Alone" when he rapped that he was "doing verses" for Nicki before she made it big.

"What I meant was, she used to call me to get on her songs," Ransom says ... "I meant that we did verses TOGETHER. I did verses for her records."

Of course, the lyrics were interpreted by as a diss on Nicki -- the site believes he was taking credit for ghostwriting her songs.

But Ransom says that's all B.S. -- "I never wrote no songs for her."

Ransom says he tried to watch the video of Nicki going off on him earlier this week -- in which she calls him a "f**king desperate" liar -- but he says it was too "disrespectful."

080813_nicki_minaj_sub_launchIt's clear Ransom was hurt by what Nicki said -- telling TMZ they were pretty tight back in the day and did a bunch of songs together.

The question now -- is it possible for the two to mend their relationship? Or is it beyond repair?


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Too little too late to try and spin doctor this one!

"doing verses"

Reads loud and clear to me as "song writing"...

404 days ago


Nicki is a f*cking idiot.

404 days ago


Minaj over reacted? It can't be! She's such a sweet, docile, little no talent horses's ass.

404 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

These people actually take themselves seriously????!!!

404 days ago


She disrespects everyone. It's gotten to her head but she should remember, bigger stars have fallen out of grace. Humble down trash.

404 days ago


Who cares!

404 days ago

juggalo 6    

Nothing a drive by shooting on Niki couldn't help. Maybe a correctabitch facial adjustment would be in order for the nasty thing

404 days ago


She needs a ghost writer cause her music sucks

404 days ago


No need to explain himself...her 15 minutes of fame will be over soon and she'll be calling him to "do verses" when she's rapping at town fairs.

404 days ago


I think it's clear TMZ is the only one who cares about this "story".

404 days ago


I was a fan of nicki, but seeing her reaction in that video really upset me. Alot of kids look up to this woman, including my 3 going on 4 year old niece...and the profanity that she used was a bit ridiculous. I understand folks gotta play up to the personas that their labels create, but that was a bit out of line. She could have responded a bit more professionally or just gave the camera man a more smug looked and went about her day or whatever she was doing in the back alley.

My other take--being a black woman, rappers, celebrities, folks in the spot light need to stop saying the N word. I have had enough especially after all the drama with Paula Deen(and she got what she deserved) But we all need to stop using it.

Black america need to get it together and represent ourselves better. Yeah I am a wayward fan of hiphop but the profanity laced lyrics have gotten to be ridiculous. Kinda hoping that an artist step up and start putting an end to it. If one person starts doing it---hopefully it'll catch on.
I had someone text me the other day and used the N word hypothetically- and I flat txt them back said--"stop using that word" and they did. We all need to step up.

404 days ago

St James III    

Had a feeling that's what he meant. Interesting she went off that much off "he said she said" instead of trying to find out what specifically was said and getting to the bottom of it first.

404 days ago


Eff Nicki Ma****jjjjjj, she's a skank and when she disrespected Mariah Carey... She effed up! Bitch has a problem with everyone. She ****in hates herself and needs to come out the closet! Everyone look up boy nicki manaj on you tube. The broad was gay and didn't look nothing like she looks now. Garbage!

404 days ago


The way I look at it TMZ set her off, by telling her that Ransom wasa ghostwriter. Theyget fvcked up information from these so-called "sources" and never investigate. Let TMZ apologize to Nicki first, then Nicki to Ransom and for her behavior

404 days ago


Is it possible I could give less of a sh!t than I do now?

404 days ago
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