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Selma Blair

Very Public Breastfeeding

8/9/2013 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Selma Blair is mixing fun bags with shopping bags -- the former "Anger Management" star was unabashedly breastfeeding in plain sight at one of the biggest shopping spots in L.A. like it was no big deal.

Blair was spotted at The Grove with her 2-year-old son ... pumping the kid full of breast milk on a trolley, surrounded by shoppers.

The move is interesting ... considering earlier this week, a Chick-fil-A in Tennessee came under fire when an employee asked a mother to stop nursing her 5-month-old kid where other people could see.

Clearly, Selma's not shy when it comes to the matter -- but we gotta ask ...


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if you are going to be in public.pump before you leave.public isnt the place to be whipping out your tit and breast feeding.feminist liberals are s***

406 days ago


What are you guys, 13? She was feeding her babe like it was no big deal, because it was NO BIG DEAL. Get over it. How do you think people fed their babies before bottles were invented? Do you think they stopped and thought twice about feeding their young in public? Nope, they didn't. Grow up.

406 days ago


for everyone saying 2 years old is too old to breastfeed, how come then, they make baby formula up to 24 months, sometimes 36 months (also called follow-up formula)???

406 days ago


This! This is what is wrong with society! Why is there a bar over this picture? Her nipple isn't visible anyway! It is in the baby's mouth! This is ridiculous. This is why our country thinks that breastfeeding is shameful and dirty! This is why there are so many WOMEN who shame other mother's for nursing without a cover. We have sexualized the very act of feeding a child. What the hell is wrong with this country. This is why mothers are scared to go out in public and nurse. This is one more way for this country to tell you that women are NOT equal. Your nipples are offensive... but not HIS nipples. I am so píssed over this.

Breastfeeding is not sexual, dirty, shameful, or wrong. It does not deserve to be blurred out or barred over like there is something inherently sexual and shameful about it. Blurring and bars are reserved for gore, obscene behavior (flipping the bird), and nudity in a sexual context (such as a man's genitals). To put a bar over this sends a very clear message that nursing IS obscene and sexual!

406 days ago


So basically idiots are comparing breastfeeding to a guy flashing his junk?? One is a necessity , the other is not.

406 days ago


This is disgusting considering the kid is 2 years old!! Have your husband suck on it if you want someone sucking on it!!!

406 days ago


Everyone is comfortable if a woman is naked and sexualized exposing her t and a in public, Or on the the big screen where they watch with their kids, but a little show of breast while nourishing your child is obscene. Breastfeeding in public wasn't always an issue, it wasn't til women and men were over-sexualized in print and movies that it became a big deal. People have messed up priorities.

406 days ago


If it bothers you then don't look. People need to grow up.

406 days ago


He's 2, there's no reason to keep breastfeeding him. He's old enough for actual food.

406 days ago


The child looks like an adult and she looks creepy.

406 days ago


I have no issues with women breastfeeding children of the appropriate age anywhere.

Breastfeeding at this age or older, however, creeps me out. There are other ways. If you want the child to keep drinking your milk you can use appliances, you don't need to still put the child to your breast. There are also other ways to bond with your child. I feel like at this age it's more for the mother's personal feeling of bonding or mothering than it is necessary for the child to do it this way. Like washing your 40 year old son's underwear.

406 days ago


I don't eat with a blanket over my head so I don't know why a baby should. And a mother should breast feed for as long as she's comfortable. Selma's lucky she can do it for two years and should continue for as long as she sees fit. How can anyone say it's disgusting when it's the most natural thing on earth? This is the biological function of the breast, for feeding your baby right here in this moment. Everyone on earth has seen a breast, why are we acting otherwise? With all the smut out there, this is what scandalizes people?

406 days ago


So she want's to breastfeed in public.. Who cares? She wants to extend her breastfeeding... who cares? Almost every other country (except 'MURICA) doesn't have this gross aversion to a natural act.

406 days ago


A child at 2 years old is too old to breast feed!!!!

406 days ago


Boobies. It's what they're for.

406 days ago
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