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WWE Superstar

... I'm Gay

8/15/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081413_darren_young_launch_wmWWE superstar Darren Young just dropped a bombshell, telling TMZ, he's gay ... and no, this isn't part of the act.

Darren was at LAX Wednesday when we asked whether a gay wrestler could succeed in WWE, and Darren laughed, saying, "Absolutely. Look at me. I'm a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I'll tell you right now, I'm gay. And I'm happy. I'm very happy."

For the record, Darren is now the first openly gay wrestler ever at WWE ... and the first headlining wrestler ever to come out while still signed to a major promotion.

Other pro wrestlers have been rumored to be gay, but that's it ... just rumors.

Bottom line: this is big, big news. For all its chauvinism and testosterone-driven bravado, coming out in WWE is tantamount to coming out in the NFL.

Of course, wrestling is a little different, particularly because of how physical it is, and how little clothing is involved -- but Darren is completely unfazed. Watch the video to hear why.

Current WWE Champ John Cena is already weighing in on Darren coming out. Check out his reaction here.

Young is also receiving full support from the WWE ... which says it's "proud of Darren Young for being open about his sexuality."

A rep for the organization adds, "We will continue to support him as a WWE Superstar.  Today, in fact, Darren will be participating in one of our Be A Star anti-bullying rallies in Los Angeles to teach children how to create positive environments for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation."


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No Avatar


Kayne better keep his head up or he's likely to walk into something else.

344 days ago


TMZ has apparently never heard of former WWE/TNA wrestler Orlando Jordan or WWE Hall Of Famer, Pat Patterson. Both of which are very much so openly GAY and were known to be during their career.

344 days ago

Ozzie X    

I don't see the issue. The guy doesn't have an annoying personality. So he got shummy with the photog, It's not like he had a press release. He even said he doesn't mix business with pleasure, or to that affect. The only people that take issue are the ones that can't be professional and are insecure.

344 days ago

lisazthats me    

Sorry to tell you, but my ex worked in the WWE/WWF/WCW/NWA FROM 1980's to 2001 when he retired. Most of those guys had to swing both ways to get or keep their job (including Hogan and other big names). Dusty Rhodes used to run the backroom of NWA in 1980's and those guys had to be whatever Dusty wanted in order to get a spot on the card if you know what I mean including sexual. No one will ever admit to it. In the 1990's, Warrior himself made the comment to me that about 80 to 90% of the guys had performed homosexual acts to get or keep their jobs with Vince. He is NOT the first gay performer. Buff Bagwell was a gay stripper before he became a wrestler. Believe it or not, no worries, but I know what I know

344 days ago

Ozzie X    

And some wrestling personalities seem mildly gay anyway They are characters and showmen.

344 days ago


Who cares....

344 days ago

Terry Vanderpuke    

nothing a trip to see the clan couldn't fix

344 days ago

The Gay Nazis For Jesus     

He's so cute for haven's sake!

344 days ago

janise grubber    

wrestling was always full of queers

344 days ago


Instead of asking for votes of whether coming out will screw with this guy's career, ya ought to be asking if anyone gives a crap.

344 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Has anybody heard anything about the NFL lately?

344 days ago


LMAO. Hilarious picture. Rob Van Dam is probably puking in his toilet right now.

344 days ago


Finally! Someone who said it like it's not a big deal because it is NOT. All this to-do with celebs 'coming out' is so silly.

344 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Iz loves to beet hims ups ands down.

344 days ago


I'm kind of tired of people asking why things like this are newsworthy. It's newsworthy because it's still considered abnormal to be gay. When you have countries like Russia passing draconian anti-gay propaganda laws that make even wearing a rainbow pin a criminal offense, stories like this are newsworthy.

When you have parts of Africa and Jamaica reporting almost daily about how a PERCEIVED lgbt person is hunted like cattle and the aggressors applauded by the government, stories like this will still be newsworthy.

We'll stop announcing we're gay when the world finally grows up and (1) people assuming everyone is straight until proven gay and finally (2) when the day comes where no gay person has to ever worry about their safety because they are just trying to live an honest life. Until then please kindly shut the f**k up.

Sincerely a black gay man.

344 days ago
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