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Debbie Rowe

Cries About Paris Jackson

... She's a Shell of a Person

8/15/2013 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paris Jackson lost her soul when her father died ... so said Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe on the stand today, breaking down into tears.

Debbie was testifying for AEG in the wrongful death lawsuit Thursday, when the subject turned to MJ's 15-year-old daughter and her recent suicide attempt.

Debbie said she had been in touch with Paris every day until June 5, when paramedics were called to the Jackson mansion in Calabasas after Paris downed a bunch of Motrin and cut herself with a butcher's knife.

Debbie said Paris had been "devastated" by her father's death and that's what caused the suicide attempt. Debbie added, "She tried to kill herself ... She has no life. She doesn't feel she has a life anymore."

Paris is currently at an undisclosed residential treatment center outside California.



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He was taking dangerous meds, he didn’t allow debbie to have contact with the children. He is responsible for the mess these kids are in. No one else should be paying for it.

397 days ago

She's baaaack    

No thanks to you Debbie Rowe. You were perfectly happy to incubate those humans for Michael to be the only parent, to take your millions and walk out of their lives because you didn't want to be a mother in any sense of the word. If you really cared you could have fought and there would have been hundreds of high powered attorneys salivating to take your case against Michael for the glory. You gave her up and now you act like you care. You care the $ame as the rest of the Jack$on$ do.

397 days ago


i really can't understand Debbie.First she testifies that Michael was afraid of pain,then she says he was afraid of the procedures that were painful and after that she says: Michael didn't like to be high.He didn't loke medication that made him slur his speech or feel he wasn't in control.During his HIStory tour he was at the end of his rope,he didn't know what to do.He was administered powerful anesthetic drugs because he had trouble sleeping.

397 days ago



397 days ago


Everyone, including the children, was in denial about Jackson's obsession with meds & facial mutilation.
If he hadn't slept for 3 weeks, he would've died long time ago. He just wouldn't admit he needed drug rehab, the bodyguard testified.
He enjoyed Propofol & Demerol. Debbie obviously doesn't want to testify this truth.
Everyone would attack her & the way she ignored the kids & trusted Jackson's child neglect & crimes.
She said she never would've believed that he took drugs & fall unconscious in front of the kids.
The truth is he overdosed many times, including
in 2001. Prince & Paris called 911 to get him off the floor. He even took the kids to the dermatologist & got sicker & weaker from Demerol & Propofol overdoses.
She speaks like Paris suddenly got depressed in 2009. She wasn't allowed to say no to his self-destruction. She couldn't refuse to do court depositions for Katherine because Katherine couldn't behave like a mother & grandma.

Of course, everyone's too stubborn to hear the truth.
If the fake friends & family had put all efforts into helping Jackson, he
would've been the same person he was from 1983..
The more Propofol & Demerol MJ received, the more he forgot who he & the kids were.
He had hundreds of Demerol injections in 2009 alone. He thought he got away with the crime of making the kids pay Murray for Propofol.

If everyone had been speaking loudly in public about Jackson's self-destruction, Jackson would've been forced into drug rehab & psychiatric care for Propofol obsession & gender identity disorder that resulted in his repeated drug overdoses
and grotesque facial changes & tattoos & make-up.
In the mid-1990s, he had at least 10 Propofol injections from cosmetic procedures, as Debbie testified. She said he was obsessed with changing his face & scalp.
Debbie was there when the plastic surgeon refused to inject Jackson's nose with collagen because Jackson clearly had no idea how addicted he was to surgery, meds & Propofol coma and numbness.
The surgeon knew he & other plastic surgeons butchered Jackson's human face and Debbie said the scarring made it difficult for Jackson to get air into his nose.
The surgeon only pretended to inject Jackson's nose with collagen, but he put him in a Propofol coma for several hours, just like the many other times he injected his face & operated on him.

The scalp plastic surgeon Sasaki said he did plastic surgery on Jackson's upper lip 3 times in the 1990s. No wonder he looked all scarred & paralyzed in the face..

Jackson wanted someone by his side repeatedly, even when he had no need for injections & medication.
He kept lying that he needed collagen to make the nose scar pain go away.
There was no more scar or pain. He wanted a doc to make his anxiety go away. No collagen or Demerol was going to take away the breathing problems, scars & his paranoia.
Debbie said he felt like he looked bad as the Elephant man. The Elephant man was born with deformities. Jackson destroyed his face & turned his brain into mush.
There was nothing wrong with his face even when he had vitiligo, but he voluntarily suffered through
nose, chin & lip surgeries.

He wanted doctors to be his friends.
He went to one man's house without being invited & he asked another doc to see his scalp at Neverland.
He also inappropriately tried to get Dr. Sasaki to discuss the bible with him at Neverland.
The doc said he was there to check his scalp skin, not to be there to agree with him about religious beliefs.
If these docs had been his buddies, they would've done many more surgeries & gave him whatever drug & sedative he wanted.

Jackson couldn't admit he needed to repair his destroyed face and he lived in a fantasy when he tried to inject rubber where there was no tissue to repair what surgeries did to it.

397 days ago


MJ was used to ask for something and obtain it, weather it was drugs, cars or kids. I think that both biological parents of Prince, Paris along with MJ are responsible for the children’s situation and should take full responsibility. Nobody thought about those poor souls everyone was trying to please Michael.

397 days ago


A must see.Michael in Munich in 1997.

397 days ago


no one leaves her alone, then they wonder why she's screwed up.

397 days ago


To see such a devastating aftermath for his daughter, MJ must have been a good father. Gotta give him credit for that.

397 days ago

What I Think    

I can hardly wait for Halloween this year. I'm going to buy a brown wig and a meat clever and go trick or treating as Paris Jackson

397 days ago



396 days ago


Michael Jackson trial: Sports medicine specialist testifies
Friday, August 16, 2013

TAGS:legal, celebrity, court case, entertainment, miriam hernandez
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Miriam Hernandez
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LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A sports medicine specialist testified Friday in Michael Jackson's wrongful death trial. He told the court that while AEG Live agreed to advance money to Jackson's physician, Conrad Murray, the concert promoter was not to be blamed for his actions.

Testifying in defense of AEG, internist and sports medicine specialist Dr. Gary Green said the blame for Jackson's death falls squarely on Murray's shoulders. Green listed reasons in rebuttal of a Jackson expert, Dr. Gordon Matheson.

Matheson had compared Jackson to an injured athlete, saying he and his team may want him to return to play before he is healed. Matheson's contention was that it's up to an independent doctor to say no.

The AEG expert says Jackson was not a member of a team, but a private patient who had the right to choose his own doctor. Green highlighted evidence that AEG wanted to hire another doctor in London, where the concerts were to be staged, but Jackson said he wanted Murray.

Green cited privacy laws, saying that Murray was obligated to keep treatments of Jackson confidential.

Green cited Murray's independent contract agreement. A term of his employment was that he provide professional services with the greatest degree of care. In the criminal trial, jurors found that Murray violated the standard of care.

Green cited testimony about a meeting that followed Jackson's absence at rehearsals when he appeared to be sick. Murray, he says, exercised independence and did not allow Jackson to return to the stage until the star had rested.

About the anesthesia that caused Jackson's death, Green pointed to evidence that Murray was ordering propofol and administering it to Jackson in April 2009, weeks before AEG knew anything about Murray.

But what about the email raised repeatedly by Jackson attorneys and now presented to Green? The email was from one AEG exec to another about Jackson's absences and was a directive about Dr. Murray: "We want to remind him that it is AEG, not MJ who is paying him."

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Green testified that he had no reason to believe anyone told that to the doctor. Asked if he pursued more information from AEG execs to understand the email, Green said he did not.

Questioned further about alleged AEG pressure on Murray, Green stated that if anything, Murray was pressuring himself by providing Jackson treatments that violated his oath to place the patient first and violating prescribing laws at the same time.

(Copyright ©2013 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)


Take that HN, nobody ever said that to the doctor.
Sometimes people just vent. Let me tell you that: Let me remind you that, we, the taxpayers are paying Obama's salary, we, the taxpayers are paying the FBI to do their jobs. Let me also remind you that, we have no control over Obama or the FBI!!! And certainly if they kill somebody, it is not the taxpayers' fault!

396 days ago


Obsessed With Selena Gomez! Man Allegedly Murders His Mother, Sister, Niece & Infant Nephew

Posted on Aug 17, 2013 @ 14:07PM | By Radar Staff

Getty Images
Getty Images

A man said to be “obsessed” with Selena Gomez has been charged with killing four people: his mother, sister, a niece and nephew.

The carnage took place Wednesday in Oklahoma City in the home they all shared.

Daniel Green, 40, was arrested the next morning after another family member found the four dead and alerted the cops. They found a trail of blood that helped them locate their suspect.

PHOTOS: Bieber Gets Stopped By The LAPD

The victims ranged from his mother, Sallie Green, 57, to his sister’s son, just seven months-old.

Green had an “extreme obsession” with Selena Gomez, Oklahoma’s News9 reported.

His Facebook wall was covered with pictures of the singer, who he called “yummy.”

His posts spoke of his wanting to marry her and that he loved her more than his own family members.

PHOTOS: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Reunite For Her Birthday

“I want her [to] be my eternal wife and the queen of my kingdom forever. Hey, I love her more than god, my momma, my dad, Jesus, myself and ya’ll,” said one.

In another, he referred to her as “my girlfriend.”

In another truly bizarre post, addressed directly to Justin Bieber‘s former girlfriend, he asked her if she’d go to Mars with him! “I’m willing to run away with you any where in this universe I love you lena so much your true love danny!!!” Green wrote.

“This person is obviously significantly troubled, then that frustration and those problems may build up to the point that he felt like he had no other options,” Dr. Steven Sternlof told News9.

“Someone that may have an obsession, in this case with a celebrity, might have a compulsion to respond in a certain way, thinking that this celebrity is in love with them or they’re in love with the celebrity and they need to be close together, and they may need to stop others that are interfering in that relationship.”

PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Murder

Cops have not said if they believe Green’s apparent obsession with Selena led to the homicides.

Gomez is currently on tour and hasn’t addressed the tragedy.


There is just no telling what rabids would do or how crazy they are!

396 days ago


listen to Debbie giggle as she tells Michael to show Prince to a crowd gathered outside the hotel they were staying in Germany

396 days ago


1st Sandusky Victim Settles

By the Associated Press
Posted Aug 18, 2013 5:40 AM CDT

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(AP) – A young man known as "Victim 5," who testified he was fondled by former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, has reached a settlement that gives him some peace of mind while putting the university in a better position to recover the money through a third party, the man's attorney says. The settlement is the first among dozens of claims made against the school amid the Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, and is for several million dollars.

Attorney Tom Kline said his 25-year-old client was relieved and expected to receive the money within a month. The deal is the first of 26 settlements expected soon among 31 young men who have pressed claims over Sandusky's actions and the school's response. Kline said that as part of the agreement, his client assigned his claim to Penn State, effectively giving the university a better chance to recover the money from other parties, such as Sandusky's Second Mile charity. Michael Rozen, one of the lawyers brought in by Penn State to resolve civil claims, said that Victim 5's case was considered among the more serious because the abuse occurred in August 2001, months after top school officials were informed by a graduate assistant that he saw Sandusky assaulting a boy in a team shower. Kline said the agreement does not prevent Victim 5 from talking or writing about his experience, although he has no plans to do so. "We hope that there is closure, but I can tell you on his behalf that he understands there (are) continuing proceedings, because this case has had, and continues to have, many long tentacles," Kline said.


Looks like Wade is getting $40 millions to settle with MJ Estate!

395 days ago
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