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Miss Universe

Staying Put In Moscow

8/20/2013 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Miss Universe Organization believes the show must go on in Moscow ... and it doesn't matter that the Russian government is gay-hostile.

A rep from the MUO tells us the new, anti-gay law violates the core values of the organization ... nevertheless, they want to stay put in Moscow.  They say they're hoping to change Russian minds.  Good luck with that.

Here's the rub.  If some of the women competing are lesbians, they better keep it to themselves, because they could end up in the pokey if they play their hand publicly.

The decision to stay in Moscow isn't sitting well with everyone.  A petition on is trying to pressure the MUO to move out of Moscow.


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Tyrone Jefferson    

Who cares if Russia isn't nice to queers? Why should it matter in the least?

393 days ago


I am on the side of equality. But in reality, The pagent world is totally corrupt. So.. Ummm... Unless the girls get drunk and make out in nightclubs together. I doubt any are truly gay in the beauty pagent world. The "core" values is just a PR stunt for the books. Zero respect for the industry. It is all hypocracy

393 days ago


Hypocrazy.. Autocorrect

393 days ago


WHO CARES?!?! Christ, Harvey, we get it. You're as gay as the day is long, and anyone who doesn't just accept your lifestyle will be ridiculed and crucified. This site used to be about celeb news. Now it's about "Harvey's queer agenda news of the day". You'd go along way towards achieving acceptance if you stopped jamming your stance down other's throats.........just like the Christians you all seem to hate for the same reason.....or the "right/left".......or anyone who thinks what they think is the only right way and everyone else needs to sit down and shut up. Grow up and realize that forcing people to see things like you want them to breeds more resistance than acceptance.

393 days ago


Although I am definitely against discrimination, I don't understand why the US is making such a big deal about Russia, when in Saudi Arabia you would be sentenced to death for being gay and yet nobody is making a big deal about that. It seems a bit corrupt.

393 days ago


Ok great... Russia doesn't like when men do their naughty business in another man's nasty place... so what? Apparently this bothers Harvey for some *unknown* reason.

393 days ago

Rob Zombie is King    

Does anyone even watch these pageants?

393 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

Gay hostile? They're tired of you queers forcing homosexuality on everyone. We're sick of the homosexual promotion and agenda and they put a stop to it in their country. I give them props for sticking to their beliefs.

393 days ago


That's the first time I heard the phrase, "gay-hostile". I'm all for rights for everyone, but you can't force people or countries to like your lifestyle. Even the whole thing about not serving Russian vodka at gay bars is rediculous. Just because the government is not on board with this subject, it doesn't mean you pick on private companies to force the issue on Russia. Absolute Vodka company said they do not agree with what is going on, yet gay bars across this country refuse to sell their product. Horrible way to go about this when you pick on anything Russian to make a point. I get that this site will push to the end to get the gay message out, but this is just wrong, Harvey.

393 days ago


It's hard to believe that anyone would want to live in Moscow. Go there once and you will never want to return.

393 days ago

Timmy Boy    

"they better keep it to themselves, because they could end up in the pokey"

isnt that how it SHOULD be?

393 days ago


Their entitled to their beliefs and opinions, just like all you hot to trot gay rights blowhards.

393 days ago


If some of the women competing are lesbians, they better keep it to themselves..................i know some of the Women are Lesbians and some are Bisexual, Maybe 2 or 3 are Straight...

393 days ago

Aurora K. Hall    

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393 days ago


it doesn't matter that the Russian government is RUSSIA they should have a MISS TRANNY UNIVERSE...

393 days ago
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