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Lindsay Lohan

Shopping Date with

Star Of Major Drug Bust

8/21/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a question: if Lindsay Lohan really did cut all her toxic friends out of her life ... why was she spotted hanging out with a rehabbing hotel magnate who was busted for heroin in April?

Lindsay and pal Vikram Chatwal were photographed out in NYC Tuesday, reportedly shopping together ... you know, buddy stuff.

But here's the thing: Lindsay told friends she had permanently excised all the bad influences in her life in order to focus on sobriety and kick her substance abuse issues once and for all ... so it's a little surprising to see her hanging out with this guy.

FYI, Chatwal was busted in April after cops say he tried to get on a plane with cocaine, weed, heroin and various prescription pills. He struck a plea deal that let him avoid jail if he completed 12 months of in-patient rehab.

According to media reports, Chatwal's been to rehab AT LEAST 4 times since 2009. 

We're not telling Lindsay who to be friends with ... we're just asking the question.



No Avatar


Dead before age 30.

407 days ago


Lindsay is not ready to quit.

407 days ago


Oh they went shopping alright. Shopping for drugs and a new dealer.

407 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

It will be so easy to tell when she's back to the Old Lindsay. All we'll have to do is look at her hands - specifically her fingers.
Once they get all grubby and chewed down to the nubbs, then we know we have our old Lilo back. Right now, she hasn't had time to chew the crap out of them - it's only a matter of time.
Remember, look at the grubby fingers, they won't lie.

407 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Wait a minute.... isn't this a violation of her probation? Wasn't she told that she couldn't hang out with drug users or places in which they frequent?

407 days ago


Of coruse she loves Spinning ....Hell she does it every day...Spinning is her passion....only she ain"t talking about riding a bike......She spins lies ......LOL

407 days ago


If he is in-patient, why is he out?

407 days ago

Nota celebrity     

She should remember two dead batteries don't start a car.. And shouldn't in patient mean in side a facility ?!?

407 days ago


Isn't her sober coach supposed to be with her 24 hours a day? What a joke. She probably paid them off to leave her alone. Her next media blitz will be on here with the title RIP.

407 days ago


lets see he was covicted of trying to smuggle enough drugs and parafinaila to get the average person 8 to 10 at least ...but RICH Man's justice prevaled and he cut a deal for 12 rehab.......and supposedly served 30 days and was cut loose.......Does that sound about right.....! Bought his way out of another "fine fix" as Groucho would say.....and he got Lindsay the same deal ....Now she is just paying him back for all the candy and money he has and is giving her .....and she's paying her way the only way she knows how ...On her knees and on her back......A Whore and her what I see....wonder when her next overseas trip is going to be....cause you know theres' the famous Labor Day party coming up by the Prince of Filth and London....

407 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

God, everything that comes out of that woman's mouth is a total lie. And those #littlewhores eat up everything she says as the gospel truth, even after she humiliated them again for the umpteenth time.

Those little twitter twahts deserve every bit of it.

407 days ago

paul a.    

She looks good. But it wont last.....

407 days ago


She's a great candidate to be the first human to spontaneously combust.

407 days ago


TMZ we know you hate Lindsay Lohan...why didnt you post all the pic tures???? Her sober coach was also with her along with her sister and friend.

407 days ago


Addicts ALWAYS LIE!! She'll be dead before the end of the year.

407 days ago
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