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Paula Deen

Racial/Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Dismissed

8/23/2013 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paula Deen
has SETTLED the lawsuit that sent her empire crashing to the ground.

Lisa Jackson -- who worked as General Manager at Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House -- filed the suit, claiming racial and sexual harassment.  The racial claim was dismissed recently because Lisa didn't have a dog in the fight -- because she's white.

Now Jackson's lawsuit has been dismissed, and all signs point to a settlement.  The terms appear to be confidential.



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Fred Farkel    

If I were the stupid white girl - I would get the h3ll outta town fast.

341 days ago


I wouldn't settle at all

341 days ago


She will come back once the dust settles. People say all sorts of crap they don't really mean in their hearts even if it is fundamentally wrong. She has lots of fans, black and white, who understand this. The people who kick up all the sand and make it into something much worse than it really is are sites like this one and other special interest groups. Blacks are fabulous at discriminating themselves. It really is a phenomenon.

341 days ago


PS---Don't anyone ever apologize in the manner Paula did ever again. Just sincerely, directly, and firmly say you are sorry and it won't happen again. If that isn't good enough, then they can eat dirt.

341 days ago


Did you people read.. she SETTLED.. meaning she paid the woman suing her so this would NOT have to go to court. She didn't 'win' anything , she wasn't found innocent or not guilty of the things she was accused of.. she decided it would be in her own best interest to pay. Congratulations?? For what? Choosing to pay out rather than go to court and have us all hear the real details of what goes on at their restaurants? Please.

341 days ago


So basically she paid her to drop it and go away.

341 days ago


Well Paula tell everyone to::::: "KISS MY GRITS" Did you see what Saint Chris Brown said today....

341 days ago


Yep, how are all you flies on dog Sh*t feeling now, just to get to the front of the line to knee jerk.
Now that we've got the white gal out of the way, exonerated, is TMZ going after the race killers in Oklahoma- now that's something to report on that gone unreported

I heard Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were going to team with her, show unity- time will tell

341 days ago


I'll be glad when we don't have to hear about her any more. I really hope she doesn't claim to have WON the case ... because she DIDN'T.

341 days ago


Read what it says on other sources. No attorney's fees or court costs awarded to either party. Dismissed with prejudice, which means it can never be filed again.

Ms. Jackson said on TODAY:

"I assumed that all of my complaints about the workplace environment were getting to Paula Deen, but I learned during this matter that this was not the case. The Paula Deen I have known for more than eight years, is a woman of compassion and kindness and will never tolerate discrimination or racism of any kind toward anyone. I now know that the workplace environment issues that I raised are being reviewed and will in the future no longer be at issue. I wish Ms. Deen and her family all the best in all of their future endeavors and I am very pleased that this matter has been now been resolved and can now be put behind us."

She ASSUMED???? What a crock. She should have figured that out before she did all this crap. She ruined Paula Deen. She'll never work in Savannah again, I'll bet.

341 days ago


Now, just go away! We've seen enough of your crying and claiming that you grew up in the South and that's how it was back then. This is 2013 and this is NOT how it's done now! I bet even that accent is fake!

341 days ago


The whole thing was BS to begin with, the idiot didn't have standing to begin with. She should sue her for defamation of character and sue those who dumped her for breach of contract . And all of you who are against her pray someone does look into your background and hold you responsible for everything you have said. So just shut up!!!

341 days ago


Sad she should have done it from the beginning.

341 days ago


Paid to go away - it's the 'Merican dream. Liars (sorry, meant to type lawyers) could give a flying french forward fast fawk about right vs wrong / legal vs illegal. It's the cash that talks, truth and justice are inconveniences on the road to financial reward.

341 days ago


Paula you are a day late and a dollar short settling now. You should have just gave her the Million in the beginning and have her sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and you would have kept a 20 million dollar a year empire. You Settled the Sexual Harassment because there was too much evidence against you and Bubba.

341 days ago
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