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Chris Brown

Reppin' Bloods

In Hawaii

8/24/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0823-chris-grapffiti-launch-3_4Another brilliant move by Chris Brown -- the singer has affiliated himself with a dangerous street gang in L.A. called the Pirus (a subset of the Bloods) ... and he's bragging about it all the way to Hawaii.

Sources tell TMZ, Brown was in Honolulu Thursday, where he hired a guide to take him and his entourage around to places where they could legally spray paint.

Keeping it "legal" was responsible, but then Brown tagged up his signature monster artwork with the phrase "Fruits Piru," an apparent reference to the Fruit Town Piru gang ... next to the phrase, "F*** police."

Brown's even been claiming Piru on Twitter.  He's gotten so cocky, he called out Jay Z for not letting Beyonce collaborate with him, and bragging he's not worried about Mr. Z because he's got Blood ties.


Strange ... just last year Chris tweeted, "I'm no gangbanger! where im from we say cuz,blood, folk, woadie, homie, patna, its slang and ebonics! US KIDS USE THESE TERMS."

For the record, Brown's not doing anything illegal by giving a shoutout to a violent gang -- it doesn't even violate his probation.  It's just not smart for someone with his record. Really not smart.

But at least it helps explain Chris' red outfits and cars  ...



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Boobs Mcgee    

Great news. Just increases the chances of him dying in a drive by.

427 days ago


The police love the easy ones.

427 days ago


Sooner or later this loser will hopefully be in jail.

427 days ago


I think the real Chris is coming out now. He was fine until he got caught cheating on his community service, and now he's mad as hell that he didn't get away with it. He must be a little girl if he needs a gang now to look tough. He's making his life a whole lot worse--nobody will want to work with him anymore. Just Chris and his folk, cleaning up garbage on the side of the highways.

427 days ago


TMZ, I think you guys are over thinking on this one. Just because Chris posted something on Twitter about you guys, you feel you most respond. You're acting as childish as he is. smh

427 days ago


Finally!!! CB has gone and painted a bulls eye on him, might as well just shouted "F' all ya fayg Crips". Shouldn't be too long now b4 some street hood gets his rep by puncturing Ol' Lady Beaters hide w/ a pound of lead. And I, for one, will LAFF, AND LAFF, AND LAFF...

427 days ago


It's 2013 and sites like tmz,mto etc are just examples of cyber bullying and encouraging it. I don't care if the person is an celeb everybody just need to mind their business and stop worrying about others. I respect cb for being honest and speaking the truth, to many celebs think just because they're famous they can't be real " what they afraid of? The media.

427 days ago


Can someone please put him out of his misery. Thank you.

427 days ago


What a moron. He's officially lost it.

427 days ago

South Beach    

Looks like Chris is determined to write a check his punk azz can't cash. He knows JayZ wrote him off when he beat up Rihanna and that won't ever change, that's been made clear. The only person destroying Browns career is Brown.

427 days ago


He's just a stupidazz wannabe who's tags look like cartoons.

427 days ago


Chris Brown was, and never will be, known for his intelligence. I'm now gonna refer to Chris and all guys who wear their pants below their butts, yeah JB you too, as butt buddies. I saw this on another web site and it makes sense now. They show their allegiance to one another by showing off their butts. It looks so retarded, but if that's how they wanna roll, then so be it. Back to the topic. Chris Brown, aka Butt Buddy, is an idiot.

427 days ago


Oops, almost forgot. Prince Rogers Nelson is a LIVING legend and a musical genius. Breakfast Can Wait is a brilliant, wonderful song.

427 days ago


Looks like someone's making an attempt at copying Robert Williams art.

427 days ago


**** Chris Brown.

427 days ago
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