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Cincinnati Reds Star


After Calling Reporter 'Fat Motherf**ker'

8/31/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Cincinnati Reds 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips is in deep-fried trouble with a pro-fat person organization after blasting a sports reporter as a "fat motherf**ker" ... TMZ has learned.

The National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) had their ears (and probably their mouths) open when Phillips went off on C. Trent Rosecrans during a news conference with Reds manager Dusty Baker.

Rosecrans -- who happens to sport a fuller figure -- had gotten on Phillips' bad side for criticizing his on-base percentage ... and while CTR was talking to Baker, Phillips interrupted and called him a "fat f**k" and a "fat motherf**ker."


Baker just sat there ... refusing to call out Brandon. 

But the NAAFA is hungry for an apology ... and also probably pizza ... and meatballs ... telling TMZ, "[Brandon's] poor choice of words indicates that he may have missed the fact that verbal aggression and threats are bullying."

NAAFA is also pissed at Baker for "allowing his player to bully a reporter during this press conference.  There are no innocent bystanders."

The org. says they're especially upset because the Reds participate in anti-bullying campaigns -- "Putting on an anti-bullying face then allowing the blasting of a reporter's body-size is not acceptable."

We've reached out to the Reds -- so far, no word back.

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No Avatar


He is a fat "#+-

384 days ago


He is kinda husky!

384 days ago


Oh come on, that guy is about the size of most true sports fans. When will people recognize it's not good karma to call others out on their appearance. How shallow and insecure he must be!

384 days ago


Get over it you don't want to be fat than change it.

384 days ago


Fat acceptance? Thats like bad unhealthy lifestyle acceptance... What kind of org. is this ffs ?

384 days ago


Seriously, he is fat. Stop babying people that eat bad foods like flour, sugar and dairy. You should only be putting earth-harvested foods in your body, because that is the natural fuel. They should be embarrassed of such a lack of responsibility to their own personal health and well being.

384 days ago


That's real professional.. Phillips couldn't take a little criticism without regressing back to the old school yard tactics of name calling like a child.

384 days ago


If you agree with trash talking another persons physical appeance for any reason (ie weight), then you lose all right to complain should another trash talk any other physical appearance (ie looks, height, teeth etc), if you do not agree with them. Otherwise you would be a hypocrite. There should be no double standards as I see it.

384 days ago

BB not bb    

Freedom of speech is not bullying. The fat people are the bullies here. They can't demand that people accept fatness. It is a failing on their part. They need to accept that and if not, accept that other people don't think it is good.

I am sick of these fat bullies making everyone think fat is so great and normal. They have not problem calling people sticks and telling them they need a sandwich and other taunts. Then when the shoe is on their foot, they scream they are being bullied.

This man has the right to say whatever he wants. These people need to shut up. I wonder if the reporter called the fat bullies to defend him. Maybe he shouldn't be a sports reporter if he can't take a little smack talk.

Didn't the reporter even criticize him first. I don't think fat people understand cause and effect. They tend to say things like they eat like a normal person but somehow they just wind up fat. There is no way you can get fat from not eating. I guarantee it.

384 days ago


Other than motherf(_)cker, I couldn't understand what Brandon Phillips was saying. Does Rosetta Stone have a course on Ebonics ?

384 days ago

Mary P    

I'm fat and I don't give a rats ass. That org. is ridiculous. Give words power and they will overpower you. Laugh it off and no one gives a damn. Hey fellow fatties - lighten up. Perhaps literally - then you can be like Peter in the Beautiful People's Club and we can all go to the front of the grocery line.

384 days ago


Most of the comments here are asinine. Bullying is never acceptable. And shame on you TMZ for inserting your Fat commentary. Your behavior is no better than the entitled athlete.
I've had it with this site. You pretend to take the high road when it comes to bad behavior but you don't practice what you preach.
Have a pizza and a meatball and go **** yourselves.
And no, I'm not fat. I'm just sick of the snarkiness and hypocrisy.

384 days ago


OFC...the truth hurts...lol

384 days ago


typical black... rude, name calling, attitude and clearly like the rest wants all respect but will not give any.. thug

384 days ago


"Fat" should only be used when politically correct- such as when discussing the Kardaashians.

384 days ago
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