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Dina Lohan

We're Taking Your House

9/20/2013 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Dina Lohan should think about putting a lawyer on retainer, because she has a new legal problem -- a bank has filed a lawsuit to foreclose on her Long Island house.

Dina has had problems falling behind on her mortgage payments for years now, but apparently it has reached critical mass.

JP Morgan Chase Bank filed the foreclosure action, according to the Long Island Press.  The process is complicated. Dina can pull this one out of the fire by settling with the bank.

Dina has salvaged her home in the past.  TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay bailed her out last year by fronting her mom 40k for the crib.

And this is interesting ... Dina was served with foreclosure docs 2 weeks before she was popped for DUI.



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It's so fun watching DUIna circle the flusher.... Brand new criminal record and subsequent grief through the court system for at least a few years, booted from the soon-to-be Merrick neighborhood playground (after the demolition!), and now Orcah's probably gonna pull the plug!!

406 days ago


I get that Dina Lohan is news. Like watching a bond only without the entertainment. The must be a thousand photos of her. Would you please stop showing the photo of her with the guy in the costume that looks like a naval officer? He is wearing real medals, the most obvious one, the Purple Heart, which offends me personally and must offend everyone that was ever in the armed forces or had a family member that was wounded or killed in defense of our country. If you must show this photo, at least obscure that rack of medals. Please.

406 days ago


I wonder if she asked TMZ for a rai$e for all the stories she feeds them as "sources close to Lindsay"

406 days ago


Dina was served with foreclosure docs 2 weeks before she was popped for DUI..........................GET A JOB WHOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

406 days ago


What does she do best? maybe she can find a job?

406 days ago


Heaven forbid this woman get off her ass and stop living off her daughter and get a job. better yet downsize and get a job. many other people on LI have had to do it you are no better. no wonder her daughter is so screwed up with 2 deadbeats for parents. sad

406 days ago


You all remember me writing about the visitin artist I hired one year that whole exhibit turned out to be nothing but paintings of men and women's genitalia ...will I used it as a example over on CB to show its the same as Miley naked romping with tools and foam fingers ... All to draw attention and they deleted it....Hypocritics they are so PC over there is redicluious....don't stray from the path or they will cut your legs off....Sorry I never stayed on a path more then a few minutes my whole life and I ain't going start now....Kiss my Mountain Momma's grits... Sorry for the rant but I fell better now....LOL .....I will really be surprised if this makes it to court......She will mysteriously come up with the money.....Just let her alone with her phone and her black books.....

406 days ago


Is this not why they turned Lindsay to acting ? Because her eejit parents were broke and they were losing their home ? All these years later and it's the same ole' crap.

406 days ago


U just have too look at the Blank look of Cody's face and that said's it all. By the way. it's said that Dina's Snapper smells like a Mexican Zoo. Keep your stick on the ice

406 days ago


Why doesn't she hook up with Lindsay to pay off her mortgage?I'm sure Lindsay can help momma bear out financially.

406 days ago


She's going to pull out all the stops now.... she'll pimp out both Linds & Ali to the highest middle eastern bidder... While the girls are taking care of the turban, DUIna will empty the liquor cabinet...

406 days ago

Suzy Q     

First, GarrettG, thanks for letting us know about this newer story on the last thread (and breaking it here first!)because I would have never found it.

Second, I missed the Ellen show with Ylvis, but I watched this clip of the interview, and boy are these guys inpressive! Plus they speak perfect English and I don't know a lick of Norwegian.

For those who also missed it: The Ellen Show (clip)

And, oh yeah.....Dina....get a job.

406 days ago

Suzy Q     

Also, thanks to Nikki for breaking the "Oprah Knows Lindsay is not really in recovery" series.

And, oh yeah......Dina.......kill yourself....

406 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    


406 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

Well time to guilt some of that Oprah money out of Lindsay.

406 days ago
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