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Amanda Bynes

Psych Treatment

Could Go to 2015

9/26/2013 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Here's how bad off Amanda Bynes is ... it looks like she could be in a mental health facility for a year and a half.

Amanda's lawyer was in a NYC court today ... in connection with the case where Amanda allegedly threw a bong out the window of her apartment. 

Her lawyer, Gerald Shargel, asked for a postponement for up to 18 months while she got psychiatric treatment. 

Sources tell TMZ ... the likelihood is ... the case will be plea bargained ... there are major weaknesses in the prosecution's case.  Translation -- the case could possibly be dropped altogether.



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I wish her all the luck possible. It will be a long road back, but she can do it.

392 days ago


sadly amanda may wind up still needing to be in that place way past 2015. and the d.a might as well just drop the case since there is no way given amandas metal state she can get a fair trial.

392 days ago


18 months? Something is wrong when you have to be hospitalized for that long.

392 days ago


They were able to determine the length of treatment by a biopsy of her bank accounts...

392 days ago


Why are you posting pix of a committed mental patient? Bad enough average Joe, but somebody currently in a mental hospital...

391 days ago


You polarize her issues to make her look like a nut job. She's not as bad as everyone makes her out to be. She never had a normal childhood, so now she is acting out. I agree she needs treatment but 18 months is more like a prison type sentence

391 days ago


Aaron Alexis, the crazy Navy Yard shooter was 34 years old and completely loony and allowed to walk freely(after it was known that he had issues) and look what he did.
I'm glad Amanda is getting the help she needs at a young age, before something more sinister was allowed to fester in her brain.

The treatment of mental illness in America can become a slippery slope into the for-profit prison system if the citizens aren't aware and a part of the law-making decisions for mental health care.

391 days ago

BB not bb    

The mental health system is a joke. She has tons of money and they will just tap it out. She is weird so they can call that mental illness and keep her in there as long as they want.

Some people do get locked in there for life. They are just warehoused and abused like the throwaways of society. They seem to have it in for Amanda. I wonder if she knows some kind of secrets that they want to stay covered.

She must have some enemies in high places. That always works to keep you locked up. I guess she was cruising along fine until she lit that random fire.Now it is like she has a life sentence over it.

I don't think anyone was injured and the fire department wasn't called. It was just some strange scene and the passerby just decided to call 911. Maybe people shouldn't be so quick to do that. He could have just walked over and asked her what she was up to. Maybe she even just needs someone to talk to besides indifferent psychiatrists and resentful psych techs who enjoy torturing people.

391 days ago


Not surprised. Comorbid conditions that go on so long without adequate tx really can have permaneant damage to the brain. Every psychotic relapse does more damage than the first. This is why I don't understand these anti-medication types at all. Psychotrophic meds save so many people's lives.

391 days ago


If I was paying big money to stay in these psycho places i wouldnt trust their analysis! Its in their financial interest to keep her their so they can just keep saying she's still loony and needs longer.

391 days ago


uhh damn thats a long time, most ppl who go to mental hospitals, stay there for about 30 days, maybe 90 if theyre really longer than 6 months...but a year and half?! idk about that one...

391 days ago


I am really pulling for Amanda's health and healing. But, just because someone is mentally ill doesn't mean they're "looney" -- that is a terrible, stereotypical word, and just really ugly. Mental illness is just like any other sickness -- stop stigmatizing it, as its often something that a person can have treated but certainly didnt ask for. I'm a therapist that works with wonderful people everyday who just happen to have mental health issues -- that doesn't make them lesser people, nor "crazy". (And, most people who have a mental disorder are not violent, either.) Her hospitalization will be necessary for a long time; thankfully, she's in the rare financial position to afford it -- most people in the same position are not. Best of luck to her and her family.

391 days ago


dont you think this may all just be an act to get out of all the charges

391 days ago

Just me    

Poor kid! Her mental illness means she never will work again. It might not ever be managed. Hope they can get it in some what control.

391 days ago


PsychCentral @PsychCentral tweeted 7/29/13:
Amanda Bynes: A Call for Discussion on Young Women and Mental Illness #mhsm #mentalhealth

388 days ago
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