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Shellie Zimmerman

George Should Have Been Found GUILTY


9/26/2013 12:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Shellie Zimmerman  -- who stood solidly by husband George Zimmerman during his trial for gunning down Trayvon Martin -- now says she has doubts about George's innocence.

Shellie -- who's in the middle of a nasty divorce -- appeared on the "Today" show, saying "I think anyone would doubt [George's] innocence, because I don't know the person that I've been married to."

As for why Shellie's changing her tune ... she says it's all about the incident at their home this month when she called cops and claimed George was threatening her with a gun.

She admits she never saw a weapon... but saw George with his hand inside his shirt ... and "a look in his eyes" that she'd never seen before.


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Suzy Q     

George, in his gangsta plaid shirt, goes into his shooting stance and threatens Shellie and her dad just like she said.

He should have been arrested.

Security Cameras Catch George Zimmerman threatening wife with Gun

401 days ago


Wish the both of them would go away. Both belong in jail one for the shooting and the other one for being a liar about her income.

401 days ago

Suzy Q     

It's amazing how racism and misogyny go hand in hand. Like a bad marriage.

She was married to a sociopath. And she was verbally abused for years. You women bashers are disgusting.

401 days ago


Shellie needs to get a good lawyer and agent, and write a book. Tell the whole truth about Zimmerman Shellie! It will free you forever from this jerk. You owe him nothing. He used you and has treated you like dirt. Come clean and let him have it.

401 days ago


To the yayhoos here that keep saying that the "facts" proved their racist hero Zim inoocent, you are full of crap. That is the story told by the murderer. There is no proof, no witnesses to corroborate Zimmermans story.

The only "facts" are that the fight did not take place near the truck ; Zimmermans injuries were not even remotely consistent with having his head repeatedly smashed into the ground; he stalked the kid who was minding his own business; and the kids hands had none of Zims dna on it, which it would have if Zims story had even a lick of truth to it. If you look at the the 2nd and 3rd filmed interviews by the cops, you see the cops poke huge holes in his story. Then Zim gets huffy, and they tell him to "calm down, and that they are there working for him". This is on Esquire Mag. Why the prosecution didn't play this is a crime. This fat, obnoxious, gun toting, neighbor narking, whiney p* ssy got away with murder. He has apparently also gotten away with assaulting three other people and a young cousin claims he sexually molested her for years.

As far as Shellie goes, it is truly disgusting the way she lied for him, and supported his murdering *ss all through the trial. He thanked her by dumping her and running off with other women, and letting her take the rap for lying to the judge about the blood money they had raked in from stupid supporters.

And this is your hero? That is some seriously f * ck ed up sh*t.

Meanwhile, Shellie can redeem herself by telling the truth about George now.

401 days ago


She didn't see a gun but he had a look in his eye???? Really??? And that's what she's basing her claim on????

401 days ago


She's trash for what she's doing. What a loser she is. She just can't stop herself from being a threatening, abusive, lying, vengeful thug. Clearly George is not cooperating with whatever she's demanding and she's blackmailing that she will go out there and allow the public doubt about him from an "insider". Lady, keep your domestic battle in the trailer park.

401 days ago


Shellie, you need to just go find a job and BE QUIET!! You are putting lives on the line and stirring the racial pot again.. WE DON'T NEED IT!!

401 days ago


Old Rolly Polly here had no problem when she thought she was going cash in. But when Zimmerman kicked her gold digging ass to the curb she suddenly has all these revelations. Two faced loser.

401 days ago


Harvey Levin totally unrecognizable without his box to stand on. Tourist thought he was a Christmas elf..

401 days ago

Suzy Q     

Shellie can't write a book until she fully understands the extent of deceit she has accepted as truth.

Look at Dottie Sandusky. She still thinks her husband is innocent.

401 days ago


Check out the youtube linked by DCI SUZY. She is absolutely right. It is security footage from the fight with Shellie & her Dad and shows George in shooting stance with his hand inside his shirt, where a gun would be holstered. He keeps his hand there until a big security guard (?) comes and talks him down. Unbelievable. Clearly threatening his own wife and FIL. Anyone who supports this pos is seriously f *& ked up.

401 days ago


she's seeing a different side to him, she heard the trial, she's outta denial - & y not market yourself if you have a story to tell?? i have one too & often think of making a you tube spectacle of myself so i can have my 15 minutes of fame and fortune ;)

401 days ago

Raymond Pookie Lara    

Why isn't she being arrested for lying? She said he has his hand on his gun and he is saying don't come any closer (not exact words but to my knowledge very close), well she sounded like she saw a gun and then when they didn't find one she claimed she never saw it. All this over she wants George to pay his lifer insurance policy and leave her the sole beneficiary,, ? What a lying manipulative bitch. She lied to police, charge her.

401 days ago


" that look in his eye" Yea I get that look too,right before I am about to bust a jizz on some fat girls face. " that look in the eyes" are always the dead give away.

401 days ago
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