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Lindsay Lohan's Parents

Persona Non Grata

on OWN Show

9/30/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's OWN reality show producers want nothing to do with her parents, and TMZ has learned ... an executive decision was made to ban them from the show.

Michael and Dina Lohan will NOT film a single scene for the upcoming series.  No one will even refer to DiLo's DWI arrest earlier this month -- according to production sources.

We're told producers were struggling a few weeks back with the show's direction ... and after intense debate decided to not include the "Lohan family circus."

We're told cameras did capture Michael and Lindsay together on 3 days -- but it's unclear whether that footage will make the final cut ... and there won't be any further shooting with daddy dearest.

Our sources say the show will stick to its original focus -- Lindsay's "comeback and recovery" ... which is what she agreed to from the get go.

Thank you O ...  for keeping Michael and Dina off our TVs.


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Why is Oprah even interviewing Lindsay and paying her all that money to do so?

Is the pay off for Oprah to feel relevant? Does Oprah think she is some savior or God?

Lindsay's choices in her life should not be rewarded nor are they interview worthy, s he is not royalty. She'll backslide and go right back to it, just look at her parents, they both are addicts of sorts, her father's history and then his addiction to the press, her mother and her addictions and need for press, then Lindsay and her immoral behavior and addictions.

None of this should be rewarded.

If Oprah needs viewers so bad, then maybe time to just ditch her network and put it to rest. All this occult like talk about themselves crap is just that, crap and man made up philosophies that just mislead others.


391 days ago


So sad. A motion picture star reduced to doing reality TV.

391 days ago


So sad. A young woman who once had the world in her hands, as a major motion picture actress, reduced to doing reality television.

391 days ago


Let's see...Auto Insurance fraud, New York State prison time, DWI's, DUI's, illegal narcotics possesion, grand larceny, harrasement, assaults, auto accidents and identidy fraud with Dina "Momma Lohan Capone" Great Fudgie the Whale caper...What's not to put on TV!

391 days ago


I want NOTHING to do with Oprah Winfrey.

Her fault this country is in this mess. If she hadn't prostituted herself for Obama - I would not be forced to now buy health insurance.
Insurance for crying out loud. Not health care.....Insurance.

391 days ago


Who watches the OWN network?

391 days ago


OWN is an epic fail, it has like 10 viewers, so no one is gonna be watching Lindsay on there with or without her parents. Even if it was on a different network everyone is just sick of these wastes of space and couldn't give a flying f*ck about anyone of them and won't watch a "reality" show about them. Maybe 9-10 years ago when all the drugs and crime spree started with Lindsay but not now after it's gone on for a decade and absolutely nothing has changed.

391 days ago


Please tell me we won't miss out on seeing Hobie in his role as fluffer to Blo's Sugar Daddies!!!

391 days ago

Thom Burke    

More Oprah deceit with yet another loser!

391 days ago

Suzy Q     

Let's face it, without Dina and MiLo, Lindsay's just another freckled loser. With them, she's a Troika Loser.

(That's Lindsay on Drums)

391 days ago


When is this "Reality" Shytfest supposed to wrap up??

391 days ago


Reg!! Where've you been? your avi. *CHEERS!*

391 days ago


@Odie There is something obviously wrong with her and you are right some of her behavior fits borderline but I just find her to be way to narcissistic to be a true borderline. Like I said I have been in very close contact with diagnosed borderlines and while Lindsay is manipulative and reckless like they were the borderlines Ive known also hate themselves. Lindsay seems to love herself a little too much. Lindsay's feeling entitled does not goes along BPD thats more ASPD.

I thought BPD with her at first also but the overwhelming narcissism and constant trouble with the law just doesn't fit. If you look at ASPD symptoms I think there more along the lines of her personality type. Also some BPD and ASPD symptoms overlap like the and problems and risky behavior that you mention.

Again I am no doctor over here just someone who has been here for 27 years and who has happened to have had contact with all kinds of crazy people. On a side note not sure whats worse bipolar or borderline. I do know borderlines from what ive seen get treated with far less sympathy by nursing staff as opposed to people with other disorders.

391 days ago


heck I'm all for NO program with Lindsay either -- she's missing a lotta brain cells and should go back into rehab and stay there at least six months maybe more -- and until she does that I will refuse to do anything in connection with her movies/etc. I'm sure there is not an insurance company out there that would provide any sort of insurance coverage for any film or tv program (unless self-insured) that she participates in.

391 days ago


What does she really have to offer a show-absolutely NOTHING. She is no better or worse than her dysfunctional parents. Of course they should not be on, but there will not be enough material to carry a s*****d up show with LILO as the topic of discussion They will run out of material before they begin. This is perfect for Oprah's network because she's as much a big failure as Lilo.

391 days ago
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