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Miley Cyrus

Murders Hannah Montana on SNL

10/6/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Hearts

Hannah Montana
will no longer party in the U.S.A. ... cause she's dead -- this according to Miley Cyrus.

Miley dropped the bombshell during last night's "Saturday Night Live" opening monologue ... but didn't go into detail about how H.M. bit the dust.

The singer also talked about her infamous VMA performance -- and said she's done twerking ... 'cause "white people" made it lame.

Not one peep about Sinead O'Connor.

R.I.P. Hannah Montana 1992-2013


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BB not bb    

Why must she deny her whole past. There were millions of people who loved her and looked up to her and were inspired by her the way she was. She was a role model for girls as an outgoing person who liked to sing and enjoy life and had morals. Now I don't know who she is a role model for, maybe transexuals and satannists?

She seems boring and fake now. She seemed for real before, and that what was so refreshing and desirable about her. People are attracted to sincerity, not someone trying to adapt themselves to some cause such as gay rights.

I think it is a shame that she is just leaving all of her own fans, who loved her, in the dust. Is that what growing up means to her? I think it is more like growing degenerate.

345 days ago


She's white, she's the one that made it lame.

345 days ago


Miley's done twerking ... 'cause "white people" made it lame.?? She's white or does she consider being a redneck not being white?

345 days ago


Her parents should hide their heads in shame!

345 days ago


I skipped it cause I can't stand her ugly face after seeing so many gross pics of her. News headline should be "SHOCK: MILEY DOESN'T DO ANYTHING GROSS!!!"

345 days ago


Miley Cryus is a FOOL.........She murder Hannah Montana ...and she thinks that's a good thing a cool thing.......
Got news for you sweetie if it had not been for Hannah Montana You would be still be a loud mouth running the cash register at the local Walmart outside of Nashville cause Daddy's career flopped......and he would have moved back to Nashville. to try to make a living........Hannah Montana is the reason you had that house in the Hills......She paid the bills.....made you famous...she was loved and admired by tweeny fans and their moms.....She was a descent role model for girls....If you had not tried to hard to lose her you would have had a hell of lot better change at traditionaling over to a adult star but No you were to lazy and too narcissistic you took the low road.... and throw away your whole dam career by selling your soul to the devil.and his hench man Terry Richardson and your Manager....Enjoy you flash in the pan cause you will be gone in a year....and its funny cause people will say ..."Oh you remember Miley Cryus she was Hannah Montana on TV before she blew her career "

345 days ago


I like Miley, but I think she should remember what made her famous, and remain humble. Otherwise, she's just going to be a name and a who was that girl when she gets older.

That tongue of hers is one ugly looking thing. It looks like she has thrush, she needs to call the doc and get a Rx and keep in her mouth for god sake.

345 days ago


I recorded SNL & FF every time C.A. (chicken A) was on. I wanted to see if there were any funny skits about the shutdown. Nope!

345 days ago


I wish her career would die. Then we'd never have to hear her name again.

345 days ago

Breaking Bones    

Miley murders Miley
would have been a better solution

345 days ago


I always notice that SNL rehabilitates stars when their PR is a disaster. They did the same thing with Kanye after that whole Taylor Swift thing. My guess is that the stars come cheap after such disasters, so SNL snatches them up for a song and gives them some guidance in return.

345 days ago


And dumb people now like her, forgetting all the nasty **** that comes out of her mouth. Ha

345 days ago


Ironically, she's one of those white people who made it lame. No one wants to watch a flat-@ss twerking.

345 days ago

Dusty Herman    

In a few years when she is no longer relevant and pisses away all her money after her posse has sucked her dry, she will be begging to be Hannah again. Maybe a Hannah zombie thing. That will be fun to watch, not entertaining kind of fun but pathetic kind of fun.

345 days ago


The more she tries to run away from Hannah Montana the more she makes people think about it.

345 days ago
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