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Katherine Jackson

No Regrets For Suing

Over Michael's Death

10/7/2013 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has no regrets for suing AEG over Michael Jackson's death -- despite our sources who say she's having buyer's remorse -- her attorney tells TMZ.

A source close to Katherine bristled at our post, telling us, “Any reports that Katherine Jackson is feeling remorse for filing the wrongful death lawsuit are completely untrue.  Mrs. Jackson feels the lawsuit is very important, and that so far it has proven that AEG did in fact hire Dr. Murray."

As we reported, our sources say Katherine felt pressured by Jermaine and Randy to file the case in the first place.

Katherine's lawyer says, "The lawsuit has also confirmed that Michael Jackson was an outstanding father, son, humanitarian, and human being. [Katherine] hopes that the lawsuit will change the way that entertainment companies treat their talent."

Fact is ... even though MJ was arguably pushed to the limit, the jury didn't feel AEG did anything wrong.



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Your S&M Girlfriend    

Yep that's right. AEG hired Conrad Murray, then Murray went above and beyond. I bought a case of Indian Wells Marzen Madness to drink and hang around the fire pit on cool nights with some friends. If I drink half a case and get in my vehicle and hit a wall because some bitchy friend is making me miserable if I don't pick her up from somewhere or other it isn't the fault of the seller is it? Murray was hired to do a job, which he did. Jackson wanted more which was outside of the scope of Murray's employment and had nothing to do with AEG. Oh well. Better luck next time Katherine.

195 days ago


I feel so bad for her, but the apples don't fall too far from the daddy apple tree

195 days ago





195 days ago


LMFAO And her legal team love her for it !!

195 days ago


She forgot to mention he was also a drug addict. I wonder if he used in front of the kids?

195 days ago


No regrets using money that belonged to your son's children to make yourself comfortable. Shameful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

195 days ago

Joey Middleton    

That bitch is blaming everyone except her own drug addicted son.

195 days ago

mj fan forever    

The money-lawsuit did NOT prove a damn thing as it was already known that AEG did hire murderer and not Michael Jackson and it also came out at his trial. As well as it was already well-known that Michael Jackson IS an outstanding father, son, humanitarian, best entertainer and human being, there were no need of HER hunt for money lawsuit. AND she always claimed that she "wanted to know the truth about what happed to her son" NOT that she wanted to prove that AEG hired murderer, but now - no surprise - as always she changed her tune according to what is more convenient for the situation, since she lost. This all for money trial was just set up to get more money from AEG, she even dropped restitution and also tried to convince murderer to testify in her favor. She and her lawyers did not hesitate to defame Michael Jackson to get what they wanted and now hypocritically they say they proved how Michael Jackson is fantastic. The jury only answered to the question if murderer was fit and competent when he was hired, did not feel AEG did anything wrong and put the blame on Michael Jackson as ALSO her lawyers claimed in their closing arguments that Michael Jackson had to be blamed for 20% when he only trusted what DOCTORS - included murderer - told him that he just needed to be monitored as came out at murderer's trial and the judge was especially disgusted by murderer's blaming the victim!!! They are just disgusting as much as AEG and its lawyers, but also here NO surprise at all!!!!

195 days ago


This article and an appeal is nothing but a PR move in order for Katherine and her lawyers to save face. What is the point whether AEG Live hired Murray or not. Murray still overdosed MJ which killed him. Katherine made 3 big mistakes. 1) Not filing suit against Murray because he will now finish his book and go on a international book tour thus exposing his dirt which is just more crap MJ3 will be exposed to. 2) By living in denial that MJ was addicted to demerol. She admitted on the witness stand that she doesn't like to hear "bad" things. She turned her back on her addicted son by closing her ears, only attending 1 family intervention while son Randy testified that he attended 8 interventions. 3) which is most important, when Joseph called her a month prior to MJ's death telling her MJ was in bad shape and won't live very much longer so she needs to move in with MJ for awhile. Katherine told Joseph she didn't want to disturb MJ. So-o-o what happened? It was "let's blame it on AEG Live" cuz it was their responsibility to take care of MJ.

195 days ago


Money mongering bitch still raping the name of her son!!!

195 days ago


I cant wait until someone wins lawsuit against his estate for all the little boys he molested. Burn in hell pedophile.

195 days ago


There are more looney-bin escapee MJ fans than form any other celebrity. You freaks are always making excuses for his drug habit, why he was always sleeping with little boys, and why are his kids all white. You people are a bunch of fuc king nuts. Open you eyes. You people are like the people that deny the holocaust, no matter how much evidence he can do no wrong. WEIRDOS!!!

195 days ago


Why is Madea's on the news? Go make more movies.

195 days ago


other then trying to make loads of money and working Mj to the point he had to bring in doctor murphy . plus figured Katherine was asked to file the suit by family members . at least she proved she was going to fight for MIchel rep even if she lost in court.

195 days ago


Enough is enough. Mr. Jackson had a drug problem. He was the one that picked that doctor. To the family the fault was all from Michael Jackson and his doctor. Why are they trying to sue AEG. AGE was in the middle. The hired the doctor Michael requested because the doctor was his drug dealer. The family is just to greedy.

195 days ago
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