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Jenner Separation

Happy Kris,

Sad Bruce

10/9/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jenner split has become a tragicomedy ... Bruce can't seem to muster a happy face, and Kris can't help but smile.

The separated duo both showed up to a production office in L.A. today, wearing drastically different expressions -- just one day after announcing they were living apart.

Both have said they're happy with the current arrangement, but Bruce was cursing like a sailor yesterday about it ... and appears to be clinging to his wedding ring. Unlike Kris.

Still, gotta respect their work ethic.



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Bruce & his two, spoiled rotten, no talent,low i.q daughters ,giving the world the finger. Well, they scammed their millions off that public- so cut and run ungrateful.

342 days ago


I think it's the opposite! Kris is putting on a "show" face and knows she's lost "control" of him and trying to look like she could care less they separated. Controlling spouses like her can't stand to lose control of their puppet!

Bruce is probably doing back-flips. He has to be sick to death of Kris belittling him, controlling him, disrespecting him, and stripping him of his masculinity. She clearly doesn't respect him to treat him the way she does & Kourtney tries to do the same with Scott - but Scott has a few more @#alls than Bruce. Bruce needs to stand up to that controlling woman and tell her to shut the @#$ up when she tries to tell him what to do now!!!

I wish three things for Bruce -
1. Find a woman who will honor and respect you
2. Please, please, please get your hair CUT

I saw a pic of Bruce with his hair tied back golfing, and he looked so much more handsome! Cut that hair Bruce, you'll have the women all over you!! ;)

Good luck to you Bruce!

342 days ago


KIm, Kanye & their invisible baby, are where???
Not likely that they will ever move into that 11 million dollar mansion, together~

342 days ago


I want to somehow like this guy and feel bad for him, but I can't. He did this to himself . . . anyone dumb enough to be around this ridiculous family for money is gonadless . . but from the looks of his dyed hair, all his plastic surgery (where did his heavy beard go?) etc . . . he didn't need much help, as he emasculated himself.

TMZ . . change your name . . you should just call this place the Kardashian Suck Up Club . . all this Kardashian BS is ridiculous!

342 days ago


Who In there right mind believes any of this? Kris Kardashian still needs her Talk Show to be Picked Up and all of this Crap started right after her Last Show. The Ratings on the Kardashian Show needed to be hire so they had to create Controversy. These stories are about as real as the fake Arrest and Surgeries on Actual TV Shows with real actors.

342 days ago


Is the Greedashian Show cancelled yet??

342 days ago


Who cares? I am sure all of it was planned for maximum exposure. Same with Lamar and there will be more coming from Yeezus-Peezus. I wish the entire clan of trash would leave. Bruce looks like a girl and Kris looks Joan Rivers in drag.

342 days ago


Why does Kris have all that plastic surgery and walk around with THUNDER THIGHS?

342 days ago


bruce looks like an angry old tranny and kris is happy because of all the black dick she can suck and take up her ass.

342 days ago


p.s. re: Kris Red Hand-Bag and Purse:

"The Purse Come First..."

342 days ago


1. Bruce has learned you-just-can trying to be a nice guy with the Paps - he's gotten tired of it and them.

2. One thing I love about Kris and ALL the Kardashians women and girls?!

They KNOW their hand-bags!

I'D walk around with Kris' red hand-bag, that thing is nice !!!!

342 days ago


Are you kidding? The kids are already doing interviews... Ring off on one... Ratings tanking... It's all a lie... Hail Mary throw!!! What parents would ever let their children buy their products??? Their empire was built on a blueprint of a whore daughter who films it and acts surprised once she releases it. Kim was a closet organizer before stealing Paris's ( her best friend at the time) blueprint. Worst of all is her mother who acts like she is managing talent. Kris you are a pimp who let your last husband defile your murdered friends reputation by letting him sell oj's lies. Congrats on creating the biggest trailer park in Hollywood history. Lastly, Kanye... Stfu.. You knocked up the biggest fame whore of them all and now you want privacy??? Ha. You're dumber than them!!

342 days ago


I lost all respect for Bruce Jenner - he clearly did her bidding even when it went against his moral and ethical beliefs. Figured he would have left her years ago and taken his two daughters with him but he didn't. He's as bad in his own way as kris.

342 days ago


Since Bruce is no longer playing patty-cake with the Paps (not TMZ's guy)?

They're posting the worst possible shots of him - and to make him deformed.

One thought was to photo-shop him in a wheelchair - spit coming out of his right nostril.

342 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Bruce isn't sad that's just the look the dr. gave him after his 10th face lift

342 days ago
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