Bruce & Kris Jenner Don't Be Mistaken ... We're 100% Separated

Bruce and Kris Jenner may still be wearing their wedding rings ... and occasionally even be touchy feely ... but they are NOT back together.

Kardashian family sources are scoffing at reports the couple rekindled things in Thailand.

We're told they don't hate each other. It's actually the opposite ... they're still close.

That said ... they are leading very separate lives. As we previously reported Bruce has had it with Hollywood and is living alone in Malibu. Kris is cranking out more shows at her home base in Calabasas.

As for Bruce's comment at LAX Wednesday -- insinuating they were never separated -- well, everyone tells a little white lie occasionally.

As for both of them wearing their rings again after a hiatus ... they both consider them "friendship rings."

Bruce Jenner I'm Ditching My Adam's Apple

Bruce Jenner is flattening his Adam's Apple ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the Olympian met with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon today for a consultation for a procedure called a Laryngeal Shave -- which smooths out the Adam's Apple.

The procedure is typically done on patients who are in the first stage of gender reassignment, but Bruce tells TMZ that is NOT the case with him. He says, "I just never liked my trachea."

We know this is Bruce's second visit to the office.

The doctor took photographs today and sources tell us surgery has been scheduled for early next year, but Bruce insists no surgery has been set yet -- it was just a consultation.

We got video (below) of Bruce earlier today leaving the doctor's office.

5:10PM PDT: Jenner just called TMZ and wanted to add this ... He says he initially went to the plastic surgeon because the basal cell carcinoma that was removed from his nose in September left a large scar that didn't heal well. He wanted plastic surgery for his nose, and says while he was there he consulted the doc on the Laryngeal Shave.

Kardashians to Bruce & Lamar Come to Our House for Turkey!

Kris Jenner has no hard feelings over her break up with Bruce Jenner or the disaster that has become the marriage of Lamar Odom and Khloe ... TMZ has learned both men are invited to Thanksgiving.

Our Kardashian/Jenner sources say ... Bruce has already accepted. We're told Bruce is surprised anyone would even question whether he's going. He's telling friends, "Of course I'm going. It's my family."

The jury's out on Lamar -- he hasn't said yay or nay.

As for why the doors are wide open ... the Kardashians say Bruce and Lamar are family and "always will be."

By the way ... guess who won't be there -- Kim, Kanye and North West. He's in Miami on tour, and they're along for the ride.

Kris Jenner Bruce's Kids LOVE Me This Pose Proves It

The Jenners are one big, happy separated family -- and Kris Jenner went out of her way to prove it by taking family pics at home Thursday night.

Bruce Jenner, along with his sons Brandon and Brody, grinned and posed for a pic with Kris -- which she promptly posted on Instagram with the caption, "Another amazing night."

Momager Kris made no bones about it ... the warm and fuzzy moment was engineered as a response to TMZ.

She concluded her Instagram post with a hashtag that read, "SorryTMZ got it wrong AGAIN."

Sorry Kris, you know we got it right.

As we reported, sources connected to the family say Brody and Brandon have been reconnecting with their father since he separated from Kris and moved to Malibu. We're also told the boys partially blamed Kris for the fact Bruce neglected them for most of the last 20 years.

In fact, things were so bad, Bruce often would not even call the boys on their birthdays.

Kris' IG caption continued, "Too fun I love you guys!!! Best hearts."

Brody also posted a pic. Eat your heart out Norman Rockwell.

Brody Jenner Break Up Is Screwing With My Dad's Golf Game

Bruce Jenner's separation from Kris Jenner is screwing with his head ... and it's spilling over into a vital part of his life -- his golf game ... this according to his son Brody.

Bruce and Brody Jenner hit the links for a golf session this afternoon ... and even though they were attempting to stay in zen mode -- his son made it clear dad's game was off .

Brody posted a video showing Bruce misfiring on one of the holes ... explaining, "He pulled this [one] a bit left but it's probably because he has a'lot on his mind."

He added, "Or is it that pink ball?"

As we previously reported ... BJ's sons Brody and Brandon were thrilled over the separation ... because they feel they have a new opportunity to get closer with their dad.

So far, so good.

Bruce Jenner Sons THRILLED With Separation

Bruce Jenner's 2 boys blame Kris Jenner for robbing them of their father and they are more than happy over the split ... sources connected to the family tell TMZ.

Brody and Brandon Jenner became estranged from their dad when he married Kris in 1991. They were raised by their mom, Linda Thompson and David Foster, who married Linda after she divorced Bruce. We're told the boys were devastated, and believed their real dad abandoned them.

What's more ... our sources say Brody and Brandon believe Kris is the one who convinced Bruce to jettison them, in favor of his new family. They have bitter feelings toward Kris, which endure even today.

We're told Brody and Brandon know ... Bruce didn't pay child support for 10 years, and after that only $1,500 a month. Again, they believe Kris was pulling the strings.

So now Bruce is living in Malibu, close to Brody and Brandon, and they are reconnecting with Bruce in what we're told is "an adult relationship."

Here's what no one will say out loud -- Bruce got sick of being alienated from his children, and one benefit of the separation is to rebuild and make good.

One final thing ... you may wonder why Brody and Brandon have appeared on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," a show driven by Kris. We're told the boys have done everything they could to get close to their dad, and they felt if the show filled that bill ... so be it.

Jenner Separation Happy Kris, Sad Bruce

The Jenner split has become a tragicomedy ... Bruce can't seem to muster a happy face, and Kris can't help but smile.

The separated duo both showed up to a production office in L.A. today, wearing drastically different expressions -- just one day after announcing they were living apart.

Both have said they're happy with the current arrangement, but Bruce was cursing like a sailor yesterday about it ... and appears to be clinging to his wedding ring. Unlike Kris.

Still, gotta respect their work ethic.

Kris Jenner It's Knot About Knookie We're Just Happier Apart

Kris Jenner is not looking to bang anyone, nor is Bruce, in the wake of their separation ... so says Kris.

Jenner tells TMZ ... her separation from Bruce was not in the least bit acrimonious ... she says she and Bruce still love each other, get along great, work together, talk on the phone 12 times a day, and remain "best friends." She says there was no "last straw."

So that begs the question ... Why separate? Kris simply says, "We're just happier living apart."

And, she's neither ruling out divorce or, for that matter, getting back together ... "Who knows? We don't have a crystal ball."

Kris says she and Bruce were talking yesterday about planning their big, annual XMAS eve party, so "everything is normal."

As for dating someone else, Kris says, "WE haven't even discussed. There hasn't been a thought or a twinkle."

As for reports Bruce felt bullied by the women, Kris scoffed and said, "He's a big boy. He can more than take care of himself."

Bruce Jenner F**k This, F**k That

Bruce Jenner's new favorite word is clearly F**K, because he couldn't stop using it yesterday after Kris Jenner announced their separation.

Bruce was at a golf course Tuesday near the family's home in Calabasas ... and he flew off the handle at some photogs (not TMZ) who he claimed were on private property.

Fast forward to later Tuesday ... at a yogurt shop with Kendall and Kylie in the San Fernando Valley ... more F**Ks and fingers.

As we reported ... family sources tell TMZ ... Bruce hated the whole Hollywood life and said, "f**k this s**t and moved to Malibu. But there are no plans for divorce -- at least not now. Bruce will still be a part of the show and sources tell us the split will become a big part of the story line in season 9.

Bruce Jenner He Finally Said 'F**k This S**t'

Bruce Jenner is a simple man who likes simple things, and Kris is the exact opposite, which is why, according to a very connected family source, Bruce finally said, "F**k this s**t" and he moved to Malibu.

Several family sources all confirm ... Bruce has always been "a simple man" who likes 3 things -- golf, racing cars and RC helicopters. He has always shunned the "Hollywood life" and it makes him extremely uncomfortable.

Kris -- in case you didn't know -- is ambitious ... some say to a fault. One family source put it this way: "She's on a freight train and Bruce finally wanted off."

We're told Kris wasn't the one who wanted Bruce to move out, because it wasn't good for the show or the Kardashian brand. It was Bruce who just got sick of it. It wasn't that he was bossed around or got into big fights with Kris -- it's just that he wasn't happy around her.

Aside from his hobbies, Bruce is now obsessed with re-establishing a relationship with his sons, Brandon and Brody, who were raised by their mom Linda Thompson and her then hubby David Foster. We're told Bruce and his boys now have "an adult relationship" and are finally getting along -- and that's what is making him happy.

Kris and Bruce Jenner The Show Will Go On!

Kris and Bruce Jenner may have split, but hey, business is business -- we've learned not only will they continue shooting "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the separation will become a major plot line of season 9.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... on Tuesday, after announcing the separation, Bruce went off to shoot scenes with Kylie and Kendall.

We're told the upcoming season will show Bruce and Kris living separately but coming together at various points for family events ... and there will be a lot of them.

What's more ... we're told the family is very conscious of the fact that they can make more in syndication.

And that's why it's called Show Business.

Lamar & Khloe Reunite and Rally for Mom But Marriage Still on Life Support

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian finally came back together in public -- for the first time in months -- and all it took for them to reunite was Kris Jenner getting separated.

Khloe and Lamar were photographed driving together -- she had the wheel, he rode shotgun -- near her mom's home in Calabasas ... right around the time news broke about Kris and Bruce Jenner's split on Tuesday.

Nothing too warm and fuzzy about the look on their faces in the SUV ... but it is the first time KK and LO did anything together -- besides discussing his drug addiction -- since early summer.

Despite the fact they appear to be rallying for Kris ... our sources say Khloe and Lamar's marriage is still much closer to being over than reconciled.

Even momager Kris might not be able to fix this one -- plus, she's got her own issues now.

Kris and Bruce Jenner Separated

4:01 PM PT Sources say Bruce and Kris have been separated since June and they are reiterating what we are told from others -- that there is no plan to divorce.

3:39 PM PT
Sources connected to Kris and Bruce tell TMZ ... Kris -- who is the moving force in the separation -- has NOT contacted a divorce lawyer. We're told as of now she's fine with the status quo. Fact is ... they've been separated for awhile, and Kris and Bruce don't want to screw up their reality show ... which is raking in $40 mil for the family.

Kris and Bruce Jenner have separated.

The couple issued a statement saying, "We are living separately and we are much happier this way."

Sources connected with the family tell TMZ ... Bruce has been living in Malibu full-time and spending a lot of time with his sons Brody and Brandon. Kris is firmly planted in Calabasas with her daughters.

We're told Bruce has privately told his sons living away from Kris was just the way the relationship evolved.

In their statement, they say they will continue to have love and respect for each other.

It's unclear how the split will impact their reality show.

Shortly before news of the split came out, Kris was spotted cruising solo through Calabasas ... or as she and Bruce now call it -- her side of town.

Bruce Jenner 'I'm Finally Free'

Bruce Jenner told people at an event over the weekend, "I'm finally free to do what I want and live life the way I want."

Bruce and his sons were at Virginia International Raceway -- Bruce was racing a Lamborghini during the events. Bruce was hanging at the Lamborghini tent with a bunch of girls.

Bruce made it clear to several people in the tent ... his life is now different from the way it had been for years. He said he was getting closer to his sons -- something he hadn't done when they were growing up, which caused a major problem in their relationship.

Bruce did not reveal he was separated from Kris, but the people present said it was shocking how open he was about how different his life was now, and how open he was in "flirting" with the girls.

One last thing ... a well-placed source who works on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" told us Bruce became extremely open about living on his terms after his most recent cancer bout last month ... which could explain why suddenly Bruce and Kris revealed the separation.

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