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Jenner Separation

Happy Kris,

Sad Bruce

10/9/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jenner split has become a tragicomedy ... Bruce can't seem to muster a happy face, and Kris can't help but smile.

The separated duo both showed up to a production office in L.A. today, wearing drastically different expressions -- just one day after announcing they were living apart.

Both have said they're happy with the current arrangement, but Bruce was cursing like a sailor yesterday about it ... and appears to be clinging to his wedding ring. Unlike Kris.

Still, gotta respect their work ethic.



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Ofcourse he can't muster a smile. Give him a hottie, he'll pop a boner which will pull his taut face into a smile.

342 days ago


where does Kris go from hear ? the closet human to Bruce looks would be Richard Simmons

342 days ago


Who flipping cares this is all being done for ratings for there stupid TV show. You have a mother you makes her money off of whoring out her children by making sure she is there manager. In local businesses in the surrounding area where they film at they approach business and pay them nothing for filming and have actors or extra's in the businesses where they shoot. They expect everything to be given to them for FREE. Child services should have stepped in a long time ago and taken the minor kids away, this entire family is all about being relevant in which they're not. They're the most superficial family conceived and for what because the late Robert Kardashian was OJ attorney. This whole family is all about milking it so they can get rich off of ratings to sum it all up Kris is a madam each children is her whore and well there is Bruce the whipping boy.

342 days ago


OMG! it just hit me, Damn right it's all for show!!! just watch and the wedding and all will boost the ratings...
Bruce desurves to have hair like that! You reep what you sow ewwwwaaa now on with the parade of men and women ready to swallow

342 days ago


Bruce Jenner is the only decent person in this whole disgusting, disturbing, morally bankrupt family. You are a winner in my book, Bruce, and an all around great guy. I know he has made some mistakes, but he has a heart and soul, and nice demeanor. I hope he can leave Kris behind him and continue to cultivate a loving relationship with his sons and try to make up for lost time. It is never too late. Go out there and live, Bruce. And live a full, rich, rewarding and meaningful life. Not the false life of these enormously shallow "reality stars". You are head and shoulders above that. Go back on the motivational circuit and do what you do best. Which is motivate people to reach high a achieve the enormous success you did earlier. You are way too good for this.

342 days ago


I wish they would just all go away this world would be a better place without them

342 days ago


Was Kris not happy that everyone was saying how happy Bruce is? Guess she wanted to spin the story to make herself seem happy and him miserable.

342 days ago


dude!!! cut ur hair!! pleeeease

342 days ago

your own luck    

In this photo, Bruce looks like Renee Richards. Renee Richards was a male tennis pro who became a female tennis pro.

342 days ago


Bruce looks like Corky from Life Goes On. I can't believe no one else noticed.

342 days ago


Kris has to appear happy, because it's all about faking how things really are. She doesn't want to "ruin" her brand, so she'll act like life is all cheery. I think Bruce has contractual obligations for the show, but he's about done with the fake life.

342 days ago


I read that their latest ratings were the worst ever...I hope they get cancelled...or maybe all this drama is stages to bring back ratings...

342 days ago


Why are there two ladies pictured?

342 days ago


Weird. Why does the man look like a woman, and the woman look like a man?

342 days ago


Bruce is sad because he knows he wasted so many years with the Kardashian-trashian. And he lost the respect of his own children. If they gave out Gold Medals for stupidity, he would win easily.

342 days ago
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