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Lamar Odom

Flying to NYC

For Basketball Meetings

10/9/2013 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:20 PM PT
-- Lamar bailed on the flight to NYC. We're told he became uneasy about making the trip after we posted this story about his plans -- and he has not rescheduled.

Lamar Odom is flying to New York later today ... to meet with honchos from several basketball teams, and he's carrying what he claims is proof that he's clean and sober ... sources connected with Lamar tell TMZ.

Our sources say on Tuesday ... Lamar underwent blood and urine tests for drugs, and he tested NEGATIVE for drugs.

This is consistent with what other sources have told us about his time with the Kardashians on Tuesday.  We're told he was lucid and showed no signs of being under the influence of drugs.

We're told Lamar has had private conversations with execs from several teams who have expressed interest in him, provided he could show he was clean ... and the purpose of the trip is to meet with them and possibly strike a deal.

Our sources also say Lamar wanted to go to New York to visit his family, and get away from "the negative energy."

And finally, our sources tell us Lamar says he's had his fun with drugs and is ready to re-start his basketball career.  Fact is ... he's done that before.


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From a purely business point of view I think he is going to have a hard time pulling this off. He might be testing negative today, most drugs clear the system pretty fast and it's usually only tests on hair that keep a kind of 'drug record', but that doesn't mean he can stay that way, especially if he will be in a drug heavy culture without a wife/family to help keep pushers away from him and vice versa. Also, he will also have to prove his skills are still up to par because his recent track record is less than stellar and he is older and the drugs will certainly have had some impact that only a great deal of dedicated training will overcome. Third, I reckon the potential teams will have a huge problem getting insurance and that is very much the bottom line. No insurance, not hired, at least not by any major teams. I really would like to see him turn this around and it is probably an excellent idea to get away from his current environment, but in my never humble opinion he would do better to concentrate on restoring his health and working with a trainer for a while rather than leaping back into the kind of high pressure and stressful environment of being the new guy on a team which will make the drugs very tempting indeed.

342 days ago

Mr Bob Dobalina    

Who needs a reality show when you have KMZ?

342 days ago


coke clears out of the system really quick- like in under a week so him testing clean only means he hasn't done any in the last 3-5 days.

342 days ago


omg... he is fine! things have been EXTREMELY exaggerated I'm sure! Let the guy get back to what he does best!!

342 days ago


Harlem Globetrotters must be hiring..

342 days ago

Ozzie X    

Ha, an admitting crack head thinking a team will hire him.

342 days ago


No guaranteed money in the NBA so no harm in testing him out

342 days ago


if it is in fact true that Lamar is going to NY to meet w/ b'ball teams, that could be the final blow to the Trash-Kanians.
Think about it, they've humiliated and emasculated ALL their men but Lamar has suffered the most. If he got a position on a team that would COMPLETELY an utterly undermine the evil done by PimpGranny and her Whores. PROVING THEM to be LIARS once and for all. TMZ's credibility will take a hit too.
NOT ONE SOUL would believe or trust ANY Kardashian/Jenner.....and WHEN it all comes tumbling down, it will be The Pimp who's ultimately at fault.
AND if you REALLY think about it....this GOOD NEWS for Lamar comes on the heels of Kon-yeahs "forgive me" appearance on KIMMEL, Khlooey's filing for divorce, PimpGranny and her lezbo husband splitting (Bruce leaving the Crypt Keeper)....its just too coincidental that ALL these things happen...and BAM Lamar is en-route to NY to talk B'ball......which completely contradicts TMZ's "reporting"
I really hope we're about to see the END of Trashkanians

342 days ago


Gonna play for the New York Crack Heads.

342 days ago


TMZ likes to point out the "facts". The real fact is that Harvey is Kris Jenners bitch. That is the only thing they have proven to me.

342 days ago



341 days ago

prince of the city    

Does anyone else smell a rat here...? For months TMZ has been telling us what a crackhead Lamar is and now he's flying to NY with a clean bill of health? Something ain't right here..

341 days ago


Yeah, right..."meetings". He's as delusional as he is fugly.

341 days ago


Lamar is the only one in that family that had talent! Thank god he is putting that whole kartrashian in the trash where they belong with are their drama! He does not need them He was and is Lamar Odom, he dose not need these talentless fake family who take pimping and gold digging to a new level!!!!

341 days ago


Lamar just needs to get away from the toxicity of the Kartrashians, and then he won't feel the need to do drugs in order to numb himself from the life he lives.

341 days ago
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