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Prime Minister of Belize

Our Government's BETTER Than Yours

10/18/2013 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

READY FOR SOME INTERNATIONAL SMACK TALK??? The Prime Minister of Belize was last night ... telling us what's wrong with our government ... on his way out of an L.A. restaurant.

Dean Barrow was leaving Madeo last night, flanked by personal security, when he was asked if he had any advice for the U.S. government to avoid another shutdown.

His response -- "You have to switch to the parliamentary system."

Boom. Smack talk!

FYI -- Belize operates on a parliamentary system (a form of government with no president, in which the leader of the majority party is the leader of the country).

Now, Belize has its problems, too -- according to the various media reports the country has a Caa1 credit rating -- which essentially translates to "piss poor."

But we hear the snorkeling is spectacular ...

7:47 AM PT -- Turns out, Dean Barrow has a serious celebrity connection ... 'cause his son is the rapper Shyne!

According to reports, Barrow and his son are estranged ... but after Shyne was convicted of attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment several years ago, his dad petitioned the governor of NY for a pardon. But the request was denied, and Shyne was deported back to Belize.


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Celeb Gossip Addict    

I don't care how poor it is I love Belize. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people. Meanwhile in America we will beg, borror and steal to appear to have wealth when the vast majority can't afford to save for the years when we will be unable to work while a small few take all of our money for their bullcrap services and laugh at us while they are on the gulf course. Us Americans are blind to our own BS and have the nerve to look down on others.

334 days ago


You are SO right, Mr. Prime Minister! Your government IS better than our socialistic, dictator-run government.

334 days ago


My recent trip to Belize...

Not a single road in good repair
Slum-like conditions everywhere
They use US currency over their own
Murder rate 4x that of the US
Disease & pestilence abound

Yeah, they're better....

334 days ago


Who? Where's Belize, in the ocean somewhere? Hate to break it to you Belize but North Dakota has a larger annual budget then you do.

334 days ago

Mrs. G    

TMZ you are really trying to make a story and in the process you all appear a bunch of imbeciles. After watching that video one can clearly see that the Prime Minister was not smack talking anyone. If you are writing an article make sure you do proper research so as not to appear as an airhead to the educated public. Belize isn't even considered a third world country anymore. I am Belizean and I can tell you right now, the people in Belize have a healthy and civilized lifestyle. Whoever wrote that article could have benefited greatly from the education system in Belize.

334 days ago


TMZ takes on international politics. Please get me some oxygen, I'm about to pass out from hysterics.

334 days ago


I'm sure we'll invade Belize eventually. We've been gearing up for a show down in Central America since the 70s.

334 days ago


I've lived in Belize for a good portion of my life (on Ambergris Caye to be exact, not in the jungle). The government is corrupt as hell.

334 days ago


Mr. Barrow attends fancy dinners in the U.S. while some people in Belize and his specific constituency suffer in poverty. Mr. Barrow is presiding over a most imperfect and corrupt system.

43% Poverty. 30% Unemployment. 2nd Quarter of Deficit and no Economic Growth in 2013. High crime. And corruption.

Right now Mr. Barrow is struggling to cope in huge scandal about how - using our PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM, one of his Ministers illegal signed away NATIONALITY and PASSPORTS, including to a South Korean national who was sitting in jail in Taiwan. All requirements of nationality and passport application were subverted.

So much for your perfect system Mr. Barrow. TMZ should have smacked right back.

334 days ago


Yeah ..but your country is a ****hole...filled with jungle people, terrible drugs, UK dogmatic views, no culture and foul smelling living areas.

334 days ago


A leader from a country in Central America judging our country's government is laughable. Every single country in Central America starting from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, down to the heavily influenced by the uS Panama are WEALTHY in natural resources yet poor economically regarding its people. Every country in Central America extremely vulnerable to drug lords from above in Mexico pushing down and drug lords in South America pushing up is corrupt. Drug lords run those countries and most importantly run their government officials. Advice from Belize is certainly an opinion. A useless one. The government robs from the people, the drug lords rob from the people and government. Not a place I want to live. He should probably never speak again.

334 days ago


I always laugh when leaders of corrupt, third-world, sh_tholes try to tell us how to run our own country. We've been under the same government for 224 years now.

334 days ago

Carl Fredricksen    

I'd rather have a parliamentary system, rather than this ****ty media driven, catch phrase, photo op, gov't system that doesn't have the balls to legislate...

334 days ago


You need a government lesson - as does the official from Belize. The President serves by the vote of all Americans. Congress serves at the vote of their state. Most of Congress doesn't represent me or my opinions.

334 days ago


That may be true but our country is a LOT better than yours!!!

334 days ago
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