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Kim, Kanye SUE

How DARE You Leak Our Proposal Video!

10/31/2013 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West think private events at major baseball stadiums should stay private ... and that's why they're suing the guy who allegedly leaked Kanye's precious, private proposal to a video-sharing site.

In the lawsuit ... obtained by TMZ ... their lawyer, Eric George, trashes Chad Hurley, the guy who co-founded YouTube and sold it to Google for $1.65 billion.   Kim and Kanye claim Hurley is the one who schemed to post the video on his new Internet venture, MixBit.

K & K go for the jugular, saying Hurley was desperate to find a "second act," after 2 flops following his YouTube sale.  In the lawsuit, Kim and Kanye claim Hurley wasn't even invited to AT&T Park in San Fran but manipulated his way in. 

Kim and Kanye say they let him stay, but only after he signed a confidentiality agreement.  And get this ... they even got him to take a pic holding the signed confidentiality agreement, which is attached to the lawsuit (below).

The couple say, "Hurley proceeded to try to turn the event into one starring himself, broadcasting the images he knew were the exclusive property rights of someone else."

Specifically, Kim and Kanye say he posted Kanye's engagement proposal on MixBit and tweeted it to nearly a million followers.  He then had the audacity to issue a press release, touting his video trophy.

Kim and Kanye are suing for unspecified damages ... including punitives.  Even though Kim and Kanye don't say how much the video was worth, they mention it was destined for MC Cable Television, which is an arm of Bunim/Murray and E!, which produces and broadcasts "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."



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That video is worth ZILCH. Didn't even watch it.. Kim and ****ye are disgusting.

295 days ago


This piece of sh!t actually believes his hype. God what a ****in' douchebag. I laughed my ass off when this d!ckhead was walking with his head down, holding that fat pig's hand and knocked his head into a lamp post. Kanya, you are a laughably pathetic piece of trash with NO talent whatsoever. The fact he thinks his sh!t doesn't stink is sad enough. But proposing to that fat assed b!tch thinking it means something to nail a piece of trash like Kim is beyond befuddling.

295 days ago


Oh god,,,get a life you 2,,,NO ONE cares anything about you two.

295 days ago


Which proves to the world that "I was so surprised" is the biggest Hoax lie in the world...and it was all staged and filmed for their show and everything they have put out is a bunch of bullshyt KLan Con....
talk about cutting your nose of to spite your face.....LOLOLOLOL

295 days ago


Effing LOSERS N TRASH... Kim should become an actress.. She belongs in a trailer with her duck lips and all the drama she thrives off of.. Can't wait for the NASTY DIVORCE!!! Lol

295 days ago


I wanna sue for being subjected to her ugly plastic face and hi pitched annoying voice

295 days ago


How dare you take a leak on our proposal video! That was for us to do, bitch!

295 days ago


There's a huge difference between paparazzi and billionaires... Paparazzi will bad mouth you, and push unflattering material... Billionaires will crush your entire existence... West & Kardashian are merely peons to the somebodies of the world...

295 days ago


What a slimy thing to do. Doesn't matter if you like K&K or not, this was a theft. It is no different from stealing any other product. The laws apply to everyone equally, even the ones you don't like. I hope he gets his hat handed to him with his two-faced head still in it. Disgusting. He pushed his way into an event he was not invited to, signed a nondisclosure agreement and then, because he is such an honest and up standing person...he used the trust given him to self promote and profit off of others....You may not like Kim because she is annoying and makes more money than you, but this dude...he is a lying liar who lies and a thief.

295 days ago


Kanye= Humphries

295 days ago


Oh Lord, get an effing life!!!

295 days ago


I wonder how many takes did they have before the final proposal was perfected for tv. Take 1, take 2, take 69.. Kim screams take 69 was perfect.. It's a wrap

295 days ago


I call bull****.

295 days ago


Honey boo boos family dressed up as the Kardashian's.. It's hilarious. See the article on TMZ.. It's priceless

295 days ago

my 2 cents    

I want to see that confidentially agreement !

295 days ago
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